Basketball Shoes History

Nowadays, it’s very prominent that different sports support different footwear. But I don’t think any footwear is as famous as basketball shoes on or off the field. Unlike most sporting ones, these shoes are fashionable and trendy at the same time.

From classic to cool or high top to the foamy sneaker, basketball shoes have an exciting line of words behind it. Lively evolution, like any other man-made line on the earth. But who knows or wants to know Basketball Shoes History? We all are busy, only having them. But the story of the decade behind this always becomes unnoticeable.

History of Basketball:

Basketball Shoes History

It was 1891 when Basketball was originated. Later it took 26 years to reveal a specific Basketball oriented shoe. Converse unveiled their first All-Star basketball shoe. Since then, evolution turns into a billion-dollar industry.

Converse All Star:

Since 1907, Converse was the name synonymous to the Basketball. By 1917 all professional players became the owner of at least one pair of Converse All-Star shoes. For almost 40 years or more, this classic canvas with a rubber sole was like hotcake among players.

Shortly after all-star hit the market, Chuck Taylor, the renowned basketball star, joined the league and let converse use his name with one of its lines.

From 1920 this high-top shoe was widely known as “Chuck Taylor” or only “Chucks.” It was unbeatable in popularity among the players and skaters and teens. In contrast, ordinary people make it a fashion statement throughout the century.

“Chucks” remained the unannounced king at its reign until other Sneakers started to spread its magic.

1970: The magic of Puma and Adidas In:

It’s the time when basketball shoes come with extra swag. The 1970s was the era when these shoes go through radical diversity. All popular brands which we know now become the leader of a new road. Puma, Pro Ked, Nike or Pony, no one could escape the enchantment of business and comes out with their line.

Adidas introduces Superstar on the stores, whereas Nike comes with Blazer. Pony and Pro Ked were not behind, though. Pony brought the Top star, and Pro Ked released the Royal Master.

But it was Puma who rocks the market. They gave their line a name after the legendary point guard Walt “Clyde” Frazier. And that’s how The Puma Clyde was born, the first signature shoe ever in basketball history. This Superstar enchanted people in full tilt with the swag. The word though not invented then.

However, the modification of suede upper and more full sole makes Cylde, one of the most popular basketball shoes, till the dates. Besides, it found the way out of the court to the streets. And become an integral part of converse culture eventually—still a very few of us about the basketball root.

1980: Michael Jordan and Nike collaborate:

Some terrific players era by era blessed Basketball. It was the 1980’s when the world was amazed to see a legend. Yes, the curtain raised for Michael Jordan himself. His Airness changed the game forever. Not only his techniques but his unique elegance and smoothness on the ground portrayed him as an inhuman avatar. And so does his signature shoe.

1980 was the time of Nike. They cut the ribbon for their Air Jordan line. Especially the Air Jordan 3 was the finest one. Tinker Hatfield, the designer, made it a perfect combo of performance and fashion. As it blends the creative patterns and premium materials. And the top technology these days.

Other stars like Charles Barkley or Moses Malon was not forgotten either. They represented Nikes Air series and other popular brands as well. Converse made Larry Bird and Magic Jonson their face, whereas Adidas endorse Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Patric Ewing.

1990: New and Old mix up:

The next-generation line of shoes means next-generation NBR stars. While Michael Jordan was in the frontline dominating the court, somewhere, New stars made a debut in the scene. Nike introduces arguably the most beautiful Air Jordan XI at this time.

Talking about Basketball Shoes History and we didn’t mention the Air penny, is quite impossible. Penny Hardaway, the second famous NBA star at that time, endorsed this fresh Nike line. He wore the Nike Air Foamposite One, the most unique and spectacular basketball shoe the world has ever seen. And it was in 1997.

The designer Eric Avar was an otherworldly person, who thought of a futuristic concept of liquid crystal. Thus it still pops out in 2020.

During the days’ Reebok made deals with some spectacular players like Shawn Kemp, Shaquille O’Neal and bad boy Allen Iverson. Nevertheless, Nike still reigned supreme for most of the players for these Foamposite and Rodman’s Air Shake Ndestrukt.

2000: The Glory Continues:

Nike was undoubtedly the brand that tries to give its best to the players. And so did the same in Peking Olympic games. They launched their very own first Hyperdunk. The brand hits the bull’s eye adopting the US-based color theme and express their support to Team USA.

It’s the Hyperdunk that changes the future design pattern for basketball shoes. Proved itself as a performance machine and became the most popular shoe in the reign.

Besides, a new face entered into the court with AND1 Tai Chi. And he is no one, other than Vince Carter. Yet Nike continues its venture Nike Air Zoom Generation, which collaborates with LeBron James, who made HistoryHistory later with Elite NBA clubs.

Current Days:

As it is said, not all rulers rule forever. Nike has to share its unstoppable journey with another giant Adidas. The explosive entrance with Adidas Harden Vol.1 is one of the exciting instances in current years. And yes, the line is named after none other than the Shooting guard Harden.

These three stripes are giving fierce competition to the brand from Portland. However, the same old Nike is still the ultimate choice of every basketball player for a good reason. Well, if you think the originator lost its way to the jungle, wake up. They made a massive comeback with non-skidding All-Star Pro BB in 2019. Well, not bad at all, I guess.

Interestingly, from Converse to Sneakers, a drastic change is seen with so many ups and downs in the basketball shoes. And that’s only for that unavoidable business they made from it. But at the same time, many spectacular wizards had exposure with the brand to flourish their techniques and performance with a creditable lifestyle.

The Evolution of the Basketball Shoe

Conclusion of Basketball Shoes History

Find your que sera fit that melts the brewing performance. Climb your dream trails with your sole pair. Just keepFrom Converse to Nike’s new-gen line, all basketball shoes are changed only in techniques, materials and designs. But that old shape remains the same. It is seen throughout the History. And still, it remains with us.

So, I always give a salute to Converse for making it out whatever the new techniques come. Old is gold to me. But its also the good to adopt the new one that comes in your way. Better bend it than leave it. All is for us, the players. And if you are one, know the root of that mesmerizing footwear you now wear in the court.