Best Combat Boots for Running Reviews

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Are you a military or a civil defence volunteer or just a random person who had to run through tough terrains? If the answer is yes, then you should always opt for the most hardened boots available out there in the market. You can ace the most rugged terrains like a pro if you have the right pair of shoes on your feet. This is why you should never compromise in buying sturdiest boots for your running session.

So to make it easier for you to choose the best combat boots for running, we have listed down the top 12 combat boots of 2020.

Check Top 12 Best Combat Boots for Running

1. Danner Men's Tachyon 8 Inch Coyote Military and Tactical Boot

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This one is commonly known as the best tactical boots for running.  This leather boot has got super some unique qualities which help it to stand out among the crowd. 


Yes, even though it is hard to find full leathered boots but you can always count on this boot. The fabric of this boot is super active built, and the coyote colour of the leather goes exceptionally well with the military uniform. So, if you are searching for an aesthetic, durable leather boot, this one from Danner Men’s should be the first in your checklist.


One of the prime to the reason for this boot being so demandable is its sole. The sole of the shoes is made up of pure rubber. This rubber in the soles provides the shoe better traction, which ultimately makes it slip-resistant. Therefore, no matter how slippery your terrain is if you have this, you will never slip off.


As a military person, you will be spending your lot of time in wet places there can be live wires. This is why this boot is designed to be shockproof.  It is beneficial in keeping your feet from shocks. The midsole of this boot is EVA infused, so it protects you from getting electrical shocks while giving you ultimate comfort.


If you want airy boots to run smoothly, then this is a great option to consider. You will never feel that you are wearing combat boots; it will just feel light like your regular jogging shoes. These are the lightest boots in the whole market industry. 



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2. Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots

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If you ask me to suggest the most stylish and durable combat boots at an affordable price then without any second thoughts, I will simply name this boot. 


Are you someone who wants a boot which you even wear at hangouts with your friends besides working in rough terrains? Yes, this boot has a great style like converse and comes in two beautiful colours- metallic black and brown. So you can even wear this boot during off working hours. 


Want to make your working days comfortable? Then this boot will be the perfect one for you. It has an excellent arching system like steel shankunderneath EVA midsole system. It helps to give comfort and safety even in the toughest terrains.


The boot is extremely durable in nature as it is solidly built. The fabric of this shoe, such as leather and nylon makes it ever everlasting and sturdy.


The outer sole of this shoe is made up of rubber in a unique design, and this rubber makes the shoe slip-resistant. So without any worries, it is wearable in the roughest places.



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3. Bates Men's GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Boot

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Bates is quite famous in manufacturing the best military boots for running since 1885. They have a bunch of collection for combat boots, but this one is special among all of them. Men’s GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Boot is one of the great combat boots for running. This shoe possesses some great features, which makes it extraordinary. 


Do you need to stay in wet places every now and then? Then this boot can be your ultimate saviour. The unique waterproof system will keep your feet always dry and clean even in the dampest areas.


The boot has a breathable mesh design. This feature helps the feet not to feel suffocated and heavy. So if you have breathable shoe mesh, then you can always run freely without feeling any kind of suffocation and weight on your feet.


Being a military or law enforcement, sometimes you might end up in hazardous situations. But if you have these shoes in your feet, its cement construction design will help you in passing security checkpoints smoothly.



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4. FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Men's Tactical Military Combat Ankle Boots

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You can understand from the name of it that it is specially designed military and soldiers. It has a rating of 4.3 on Amazon and hundreds of positive reviews about it from the customers. So now let dig into and see that what actually made it so winning.


Looking for great comfort? Then you can try this boot. Even if you want to wear these shoes all day, still you would not feel uncomfortable. As it is designed with high technology, so it is able to keep your feet moisture-free 24/7.


It is ultimately a stable pair of boots. This boot is able to protect from water, electric shock and oil. Thus if you have them in the shoe closet, you will never have to think about slipping off or shocks.


Even though the shoes are laced ones, but it has buttonholes of copper. This makes it super easy to wear. Thus it will save your time also in comparison with other laced boots.


This boots insole is removable, and this allows you to take out the sole from the shoe. Hence, if you want to clean, dry or replace them with new ones, it is possible here.



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5. Dr Martens Men's Combs Nylon Combat Boot

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This boot not only looks good but it is also one of the top-rated and demandable mid boot. If you are curious to know about its unique qualities, then simply scroll down. 


This shoe has an AirWair sole which gives enough amount of traction to keep the user safer from slips and trips. The better the friction will be, the more reliable you can be in harsh terrains.


It offers a perfect fit for everyone. When the shoes are a great fit, it will let you move and run without any obstacles. 


The synthetic sole of the shoes with 1.5 inches heel makes its shoes look really posh and modern. So you can also wear this boot in casual meetings with your friends and family besides work. 


 Still being heavy-duty boots, this weighs just like a feather. Thus you can comfortably wear this shoe for longer hours without feeling exhausting.



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6. Maelstrom Men's LANDSHIP 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper

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These boots are for the one who wants to get amazing quality at a good price. There are many benefits of this boot which is why it is highly demandable among enthusiastic people and law enforcement.


Yes, this specific boot has a side zipper, and this is what makes it easy to wear. Therefore anyone who wants to avoid the hassle of tying laces of boots can consider this one as their choice.


Isn’t it uncomfortable when the stiff sole of your boot continuously comes in contact with your feet? That is why this shoe has been specially made with a soft cushioned insole to give you the ultimate comfort. 


The manufacturer of Maelstrom has definitely by taking customers’ comfort as their topmost priority. The reason behind saying this is the foam padding. The foam padding is very breathable, so it keeps moisture away from your feet.



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7. Maelstrom Men's Tac Force Military Tactical Work Boots

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Buying boots of this brand is indeed a good idea as well as a noble one. As they donate one dollar for every single boot that has been sold by them. Also, this particular is the toughest comfy combat that you will ever find.


If you got bored of wearing one single specific colour of boots, then you can opt for this model of shoes. It comes in different colours so you will have the option to pick any one colour instead of the monotonous ones.


Yeah unlike random boots this boots can be polished. So when the leather and nylon get a bit dirty with dirt and soils, you can make your boots brand new again simply by polishing it.



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8. UnderArmour Men's ValsetzRts Military and Tactical Boot

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Starting from teenagers to oldies, every single person knows how famous the shoe brand Under Armour e is. This model of boots is popular for being rough and tough but also at the same time for its comfort.


It has a feature of UA Clutch Fit which provides great support by covering the ankle. Though it will wrap up your ankle, you would not feel any kind of heaviness on your feet. 


The shoe is made up of synthetic leather, and the upper side of it is also welded. This is how the material of this shoe is strong enough to make it resistant and durable. 


The sole outer material of this shoe is elastic. This feature helps the shoes to get a good grip so that you can be safe in dangerous situations also.



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9. Under Armour Women's Valsetz RTS Military and Tactical Boot

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Are you looking for a shoe that just fits on your feet perfectly? Then have this one for the best possible fitting. With that, you get some other features with the shoe as well.


Built with synthetic leather, this looks pretty smooth in the eye. The upper is textile and comes with a welded abrasion-resistant film surrounding the perimeter of the foot. This gives you a protective layer around the whole shoe.


This one features a UA Micro G foam that gives you a great experience in the cushioning of the shoe. With that foam, you can just land and take off without feeling any pressure against your ankles. Great for long run drills. 

Perfect fitting 

With Under Armour’s clutch fit technology, you get the perfect accessory from these shoes. It feels like your feet is wrapped with just a new skin, not a shoe. This feels really great on your feet. The lightweight TPU shank ensures support in the mid-foot.



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11. 5.11 Tactical ATAC Men's 8" Leather Jungle Combat Military Coyote Boots

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If you are looking for a boot, you can wear for various purposes. I would suggest you get this one. It has a lot of impressive features.


This boot has got a sturdy leather construction. You can wear it year after year, and you won’t notice any wear or tear. You can use these shoes for everyday purpose as well as on rough outings.

Perfectly designed 

Leather always looks good no doubt about that. So, good looks here are a given. But with looks, you get a high quality built on this as well. It has got a dual-density insole along with an Orthlite x25 foam on the bottom layer. This provides proper cushioning and comfort. 

Military Safety 

These boots feature safety with military standards. So, they can protect from any kinds of hazards around the workplace.  



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12. Thorogood Men's 8" Side-Zip Jump Boot Gen-flex

[amazon fields=”B002QQ8U80″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Thorogood Men’s 8” Side Zip Jump Boot Gen-flex”]

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This is one of the best hard-working boots out there. You get stylish looks, comfort and durability everything in one shoe.

Great looks

These shoes have a great outlook. You can wear them with anything and go wherever you want. It has got an oil-tanned upper layer with a high-shine polished toe cap and heel counter.


The shoe comes with extreme comfort as well. It has got a removable polyurethane footbed. So, you can adjust it any time you want. With that, it has got an EVA cushioning system to enhance the comfortability of the shoes.


Slipping can be painful and embarrassing at the same time. This one has treaded rubber outsole with no marks and complete slip resistance.



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Combat Boots for Running Buying Guide

The first suggestion is to do not get confused by seeing so many choices and options for combat boots. The boots which suited your friend or sibling perfectly don’t also need to suit you. Not every boot is for everyone. Especially when you want robust boots for running purpose, you should consider a few things before you buy it.

Weight- You should always go for the boots, which are the lightest in weight.  Running in tough terrains is already a hard activity itself. So definitely you would not want to take another extra hassle of carrying heavy boots in your feet. Also, air shoes will help you to run faster when you encounter dangerous situations. 

Resistant- One of the essential things that you should keep in your mindwhile buying combats boots that it is weatherproof. That’s because when your boots are water-resistant, it will keep your foot always dry from dirt and water. If you have watertight boots in your possession, you will never have to worry about clumsy wet feet or frostbite.

Durability- You must pick the sturdiest ones while selecting running combat boots. The prime reason to choose combat boots instead of regular ones is that you have to wear them in rough areas. You should go for the most sturdy ones which can last longer. So that even in the toughest, your boots would not get damaged.

Security- Remember to select boots which will provide you with safety. It is a vital factor that you should consider. As if the combat boots which you bought for running is not safe enough, you might end up in a hazardous situation. For example- If you are in the army and most of the time you will stay around damp places. So your shoes need to be electrocution proof and slip-resistant.  Besides water-repellent otherwise, you might be injured.

Fabric- You must be careful in identifying the combat shoe fabric before you buy them. Combats shoes should be robust in nature; therefore, you should pick the ones whose material more robust such as Teflon or leather. Note that your boots should have a breathable mesh as it is a sign of reliability. 

Height- The length of the boots is a crucial factor if you want to buy the most suitable boots for yourself. There are mostly two lengths of combat boot are available – mid-top and a high top. You need to choose the length of the shoes according to the place you are going to stay in.

You must go for the mid-top if you are living area will be damp and cold. But if your living area is puddled and has chilled snow, then you can opt for the high top ones which will cover above your calves.

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Here you go I came up with a list of the best combat boots for running. These boots are enough to serve all the purpose of a combat boot. And these are the best ones out there with all features packed in.