10 Best Crossfit Shoes Womens 2020

ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 26 (D) Running Shoes, 6.5W, Piedmont Grey/Silver
Skechers Women's Summits Sneaker, Navy/Pink, 7 M US
Nike Women's in-Season TR 8 Cross Training Shoes (8.5 M US, Gunsmoke/Guava Ice/Metallic Red Bronze)
ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 26 (D) Running Shoes, 6.5W, Piedmont Grey/Silver
Skechers Women’s Summits Sneaker, Navy/Pink, 7 M US
Nike Women’s in-Season TR 8 Cross Training Shoes (8.5 M US, Gunsmoke/Guava Ice/Metallic Red Bronze)
Consistent Cushion Support
Memory Foam Technology
Comfortable And Durable
Dual-Density, Sturdy Midsoles
Smooth And Glassy
Perfect for Outdoor Exercise
ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 26 (D) Running Shoes, 6.5W, Piedmont Grey/Silver
ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 26 (D) Running Shoes, 6.5W, Piedmont Grey/Silver
Consistent Cushion Support
Dual-Density, Sturdy Midsoles
Skechers Women's Summits Sneaker, Navy/Pink, 7 M US
Skechers Women’s Summits Sneaker, Navy/Pink, 7 M US
Memory Foam Technology
Nike Women's in-Season TR 8 Cross Training Shoes (8.5 M US, Gunsmoke/Guava Ice/Metallic Red Bronze)
Nike Women’s in-Season TR 8 Cross Training Shoes (8.5 M US, Gunsmoke/Guava Ice/Metallic Red Bronze)
Comfortable And Durable
Smooth And Glassy
Perfect for Outdoor Exercise

For decades, Crossfit is renowned for high-intensity physical workouts and proven fat-burning and toning results. Nowadays, we can see different types of the best Crossfit shoes womens in the marketplace. It’s now a global phenomenon, and the Crossfit Games are a popular fixture on the sporting calendar. The workouts combine routines like gymnastics and Olympic style power lifting into one grueling regimen.

These short bursts of high-impact exercises help strengthen tone and condition the body. It’s popular among former athletes, fire, police and military personnel, professionals, and ordinary men and women. The right type of shoes is vital to help cushion the impact.

Check Top 10 Best Crossfit Shoes Womens

1. Ryka Women's Vivid RZX Cross Trainer

Ryka Women's Vivid RZX Cross Trainer

For high-impact workouts like orangetheory fitness, the lightweight, yet flexible trainer is the ideal ladies Crossfit shoes to help absorb the shocks. They provide lots of cushion comfort in the heel and forefront, which helps minimize injury on impact.

Some studies show the RykaCrossFit trainers design and technology help them to conform to the natural shape of womens feet, build, and movement. The style is trendy, sporting a splash of attractive colors, combined with exclusive laces and adjustable cords for comfort and safety.

Some users also enjoy the extra-wide circumference at the top of the shoe. They provide lots of room around the toes for additional comfort.

These shoes are lightweight, yet sturdy and flexible and allow lots of support for the heels and lower legs. There is a slight arch for raising the feet at the correct angle to help minimize foot pain. The pivot points on the ortholite insoles are sturdy and help with smooth footwork, spins, and turns.

Studies also reveal that more than 50 percent of actual users find the shoes are comfortable, stylish, and supportive, and value for money. Besides, they also boast about the perfect fit, spaciousness, and vibrant colors of the shoes.


  • Vibrant, trendy colors and shape
  • Sturdy, flexible rubber insoles
  • High-impact cushion support
  • Value for money
  • Custom-built mesh, laces, and cords


  • The loop on the laces may fray
  • The toe box is too small

2. ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoes

The ASICS technology and design combine to provide a shoe with a range of unique features and benefits. The SpevaFoam technology offers a soft fabric with rubber insoles for lots of high-density shock-absorbing support. The shoes are comfortable and lightweight, with natural nanofibers that offer additional cushion support in the midsoles.

Besides, the GEL technology offers extra bounce and flexibility for smooth movement, heel, and toe protection. The shoes are super-absorbing, comfortable, and ideal for long-lasting support when working out. There’s also the EVA inner sock lining that provides significant rebounding support during high-impact movements.

Close to 75 percent of actual customers especially enjoy the high-quality design and an array of unique features of the shoes. They also like the technology which pays attention to every aspect of the shoe for ease of use, comfort, stability, and durability. They are high-support arches that help reduce foot pain.

The AHAR rubber-like sponge material also helps minimize wear and tear to prolong the lifespan of the shoe. They are among the trainers recommend shoe today. DUOMAX technology also provides two separate layers of dense materials to help minimize the incidence of bunions and flat feet.

There’s also the Guidance TRUSSIC SYSTEM technology that adds another level of stability to conform to the shape of the midsole. However, although some customers feel the shoes are expensive, they also appreciate the features that create a one-of-a-kind womens CrossFit shoe.


  • Lots of unique features
  • High-density heel and toe support
  • Stable and durable
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Good arch support


  • They are expensive
  • Slightly smaller than other sizes

3. Skechers Women's Summit Sneaker

Skechers Women's Summits Sneaker

The synthetic sole and fully-textile shoe is a slip-on, no tie sneaker with a stylish, navy, and pink color scheme. The user-friendly design can also support standard laces if you so desire. It is lightweight and soft with a flexible sole and low-lying shaft along the top of the arch.

Sketchers rank among the 30 best in Womens Fashion Sneakers. Studies also show that close to 75 percent of customers also rank them in the top shoes category. The rubber soles are sturdy and slip-resistant, and the sneakers are also machining washable for convenience.

The rubber soles also provide excellent traction, especially on wet surfaces. They are highly-recommended and fit reasonably well. They offer overall excellent foot support and comfort. Many customers reveal they like how stylish and classy the shoes look on their feet.

The shoes are highly recommended and fit reasonably well. They offer excellent overall foot support. The memory foam footbed is comfortable and cradles the feet to help protect against blisters.

Also, the memory foam comfortably conforms to your weight for stability, and the shape of your foot to help protect against blisters. They are very well made and are comfortable enough to wear all day or when working out.


  • Comfortable memory foam footbed
  • Flexible insoles
  • Slip-resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Competitive price


  • The toe box may be too tight
  • They may be a bit wide

4. New Balance Women's WX577V4 Cush+ Training Shoe

New Balance Women's WX577V4 Cush+ Training Shoe

The New Balance training shoes are available in a stately black and grey design. The leather sneaker has a removable rubber insole. The extra-wide interior offers additional comfort for the toes and heels during strenuous exercise.

New Balance Women’s WX577V4 trainers rank in the top 10 best Womens Cross Training Shoe category. It boasts a memory foam, cushy insole, and about ¼-inch heel to toe drop.

They also offer lots of comfort for high-impact workouts, jogging, and walking. Research also shows that up to 70 percent of all users are satisfied with the quality and performance of the shoes. Moreover, they are comfortable, affordable, and very stylish.

The shoes are very light, yet firm, and fit very well on the feet. The insoles are sturdy and durable. Apart from women, they are also the ideal choice when searching for girls Crossfit shoes.

Studies also show that many customers recommend the shoes for their affordability and ease of use. Among actual users, they rate highly on this Crossfit wear list. They help provide excellent support for the ankles and heels during high-intensity exercises. The cushion-comfy insoles also allow lots of air to circulate to help keep the feet cooler.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • A comprehensive, comfortable toe box
  • Highly recommended
  • Memory foam technology
  • Attractive quality design


  • The cushion may wear down quickly
  • Provides little arch support

5. Nike Metcon 4 Women's Running Shoes

Nike Metcon 4 Women's Running Shoes

The Nike Metcon running shoe has a sleek design that includes a mesh material overlay and a rubber sole. It is made to endure the rigors of cross-training and provides super abrasion resistance and durability. It ranks among the top 100 Womens Running Shoes and is in the top 10 best Womens Cross Training Shoe category.

They offer a snug, yet comfortable fit with lots of room for wider feet. They are very stable to help withstand high-intensity movement. They also help provide much-needed balance when lifting and squatting. Also, they support women with higher foot arches, provided you add extra insoles.

The shoes are also stable enough to help keep you in line when performing single-leg and other lunging routines. Many customers consider them among the best choice for womens stores currently offer for sale.

Another quality is the low-top shaft measurement that runs from the top of the arch for added stability. There are also flywire cables that combine with the laces for a more comfortable fit. A drop-in insole and removable foam insoles also help provide a steady heel and a more flexible forefront.

Furthermore, research also indicates that over 75 percent of users are highly satisfied with the level of support, quality design, and stability of the shoes. They especially enjoy flexibility, sturdiness, and snug fit.

However, some customers report that while they are ideal for high-impact routines, they may not be the best shoes for running.


  • Removable foot insoles
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Flexible forefront and heel support
  • Highly recommended
  • Roomy interior


  • May not be suitable for running
  • Exterior rubber lining may peel over time

6. New Balance Women's 608v5 Casual Comfort Cross trainer

New Balance Women's 608v5 Casual Comfort Cross trainer

The Womens Casual Comfort Cross trainer is available in black, with 100 percent leather upper and rubber insole. It sports a classy design that helps provide long-lasting comfort and support. They rank #1 in Womens Cross training Shoes and list among the best 15 Womens Fashion Sneakers.

No wonder the majority of customers rate the New Balance among the Crossfit trainers recommend. Some studies show over 70 percent of customers like the shoes for comfort, balance, and slip-resistance. The relaxed fit molds to the natural shape of the feet for additional comfort and support.

They also provide lots of comfort, stability, and durability. Although they are leather sneakers, they are not as light as other trainers, but still offer a stable, yet comfortable fit. The shoes are also wider than some other brands, which help reduce pain and discomfort during workouts.

The mesh layers on the shoe also allow additional airflow to help keep the feet fresh. They come in sizes ranging from narrow to wide to accommodate a variety of foot sizes and shapes. The wide toe box also helps users adjust the fit, especially if they have problems with bunions. They are comfortable and well-balanced, with lots of hell and ankle support. The soles are flexible enough to support a variety of exercise movements.


  • Highly flexible and sturdy
  • Lots of comfort and balance
  • Good arch support
  • Removable insoles
  • Cooler, roomier interior


  • Some sizes are too small and narrow
  • Not happy with the re-designing

7. Ryka Women's Influence Cross-Training Shoe

Ryka Women's Influence Cross-Training Shoe

The multi-color, attractive Cross-training shoe has a rubber insole and synthetic and textile material covering. There is cushion comfort on the tongue and logo along with low-lying arch support from the shaft. It is the ideal shoe for high-impact exercises.

The design also helps support the shape of womens feet, their build, and muscle movement. The flexible, removable insoles provide additional support for the arch and heel. Pivot points on the ball of the feet also help you turn and twist easily, safely, and comfortably.

The mesh and synthetic fabric covering provide lots of breathability and comfort. Ryka Womens Influence Cross training shoes rank #3 in Womens Cross Training Shoe category and are among this Crossfit shoes groups recommend.

The shoes also offer lots of balance and stability when performing burpees, jumping ropes, and lunges. They also fit very well and have lots of toe room and cushioning. You can use them for Cross-training as well as running.

Research suggests that more than 70 percent of users report they especially like the wide toe box, excellent arch support, and roomy interior. Moreover, they also have a slightly higher layer around the heel and ankle for additional comfort against injury.


  • Lots of heel and ankle support
  • Flexible and sturdy
  • Durable
  • Attractive design
  • Provide the right balance and stability


  • Not suitable for narrow feet
  • Not enough arch support

8. Nike Women's In-Season TR 8 Cross Training Shoes

Nike Women's In-Season TR 8 Cross Training Shoes

The Nike TR 8 cross-training is amongst the best shoes for womens, light in weight designed for a brisk workout. It has a breathable mesh upper and smooth closed-hole mesh both on the heel and forefoot that offers extra comfort. The Flywire cables that chain, together with the laces, provides midfoot locked-down to safety reasons.

Besides, the shoe is also designed with a dual-density foam midsole that gives perfect responsive cushioning. The heel is correctly raised to support your ankle while walking or working out. The shoe is suitable for the gym because its outsole is constructed with flex grooves that respond well to the foot motion. All these features make them perfect Crossfit trainers womens shoes.


  • They are breathable.
  • Very stable and provides support.
  • Have bootie-like construction that offers comfort and support.
  • The shoe can bend and flex due to the flex grooves.
  • Constructed with dual-density foam to absorb shock and offer comfort.
  • Great value for the price.


  • It can run a bit small.
  • The trainer seems very soft to provide the required lateral support.

9. New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Cross Trainer

New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Cross Trainer

FuelCore Nergize V1 cross trainer is amongst the top of this shoe list.  Manufactured by New Balance, the shoe is lightweight, breathable, and can be put on or removed quite quickly. This shoe is perfect for beginners and advance level both. Features slip-on silhouette makes the shoe one of the versatile ladies Crossfit shoes.

The sole of this shoe is made of rubber while the New Balance Memory Sole Comfort insert offers support. Also, the sole comfort inserts molds according to the shape of the foot. The V-dip collar design, on the other hand, provides flexibility and agility to the ankles.

The New Balance is designed with a clean-lined and slip-on upper with extra lace-up support. The midsole has REVlite cushioning that makes it light in weight adds extra comfort. It is made with additional lace-up support that keeps the feet in position while running or walking.
These shoes come in beautiful colors that are catchy to the eye.

Therefore, the most striking colors are burgundy, light blue, and olive. New Balance also offers other color options for shoes like grey and black. It has a white outsole creating a perfect match with the colors on the upper.

The FuelCore Nergize womens cross-trainers have the most uncomplicated design but have a lot of benefits. Useful cushioning and stability is one of the uncomplicated constructions of the shoe. Besides, they are convenient and stylish shoes on this list. The shoes also have some downsides. It has inadequate support and sizing accuracy issues but first, let’s have the pros:


  • Has an excellent clean-lined and simple upper
  • Multi-purpose shoe for both gym and streetwear.
  • Features a slip-on design
  • Has additional lace-up support that keeps the feet in position
  • Comes with effective cushioning that makes it lightweight
  • Simple but very attractive.


  • The sizing is a bit ambiguous
  • The trainer's support is not adequate.

10. Reebok Women's CrossFit Grace TR Cross Trainer

Reebok Women's CrossFit Grace TR Cross Trainer

The shoes are for female athletes with a narrower profile than other girls Crossfit shoes. It is made of synthetic and has a rubber sole. This shoe is uniquely designed footwear for women who want to run faster.

Reebok Womens Grace is one of the best Crossfit shoes with precise ultra-lightweight design from the Reebok sports gear company. The upper is neatly woven with mesh and synthetic to allow free airflow and to eliminate bad odor.

The Grace of the shoe is low-cut under the ankle for maximum free movement. Besides, it is designed with a contoured secure fit so that slipping or missteps don’t occur. It is a great looking shoe constructed with attractive color patterns. The shoe can be used in or out of the gym and comes in different sizes to choose from.

This shoe offers maximum protection on the toe section, and you can look for it as cheap womens Crossfit shoes. It is comfortable with a cushy sock liner, perfect for any athlete woman.


  • The low cut design offers freedom for movement.
  • This shoe features the Tection and rope pro to make it sturdier
  • It has a roomy toe box
  • The shoe is breathable, thanks to the mesh and synthetic design.
  • They are designed with a contoured secure fit to prevent sliding as well as missteps.
  • It has a heel tab for more carefree wear.


  • Not stylish as expected
  • Has a poor arch support

Crossfit Shoes Buying Guide

A group of women with flat feet pass through tough experiences when choosing this shoes. One of the tough experiences is discomfort while walking and after walking. Most mature women find it uncomfortable walking or standing for an extended time. They, therefore, need the right walking shoe for their feet. Without Right Pair of shoe it has big possibilities for Plantar Fasciitis of heel pain.

Moreover, it is a common factor that crossfit shoes for women are designed with arches to absorb shock while walking, running, or playing. The following are essential factors to consider when selecting perfect walking shoes for flat feet or Crossfit:

Low And Supportive Heel

A small and supportive heel is the first factor to consider when choosing shoes for flat feet. When people with flat feet walk or stand for long, they experience pain due to twist and a bend. Shoes designed with a low and supportive heel are a perfect solution to this condition. Supportive and little heel shoe helps to protect the ankles from twisting and reduce strain on the spine as well.

Wide Toe Box

When walking, pressure and squeezing are usually exerted on the toes. This can experience a lot if you have flat feet. In this case, you should consider shoes with a full toe box to withstand squeezing and pressure. However, shoes with ample toe boxes add comfort and will help you walk or stand for an extended period.


The material used to make any shoe is another factor to consider when selecting the perfect crossfit shoes for women. The material used should be made reliable and of high quality. Also, it should allow air to circulate freely to eliminate bad odor and make it extra comfortable. It should also be waterproof to withstand the wet environment.


Any shoe designed for any purpose should be comfortable to wear and walk or run with. It applies the same for flat feet shoes for walking. The shoe should be designed with maximum cushioning to make it more comfortable.

Arch support

It is also not right to neglect arch support as one of the factors to consider. It should be regarded as essential for people with flat feet. Precisely, shoes are made with different arches for different feet arches. It is therefore advised to choose a shoe that fits your arch.


Materials of which shoes are made to determine its sturdiness. Choose shoes that will last longer to avoid reckless expenditure every time.


Crossfit is among the world’s most high-impact and exciting exercise routines. For women who want to get and stay in shape, the right shoes can help protect the feet from injury. The best Crossfit shoes womens coaches recommend will offer much-needed comfort and support.

In this review, we highlight cheap and best on the market. The majority of customers love the versatility, flexibility, stability, affordability, and durability of the shoes under review. Each shoe has many unique features that help you select the best shoe for your Crossfit regimen and fitness goals.