Best Lacrosse Cleats for Attack

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Throughout my entire life, I have been a sporty person. Among all the sports that I have taken part in, Lacrosse was also one of them. Even though I am not a professional lacrosse player, but I am an expert in researching several products and provide genuine reviews. So, in this blog, I will be providing you with the best lacrosse cleats for attack, which has been used by me as well.

If you live in the US or in any other part of the world where people play Lacrosse, you know how exciting the sport is. Players who participate in the game are enthusiastic and extremely flexible, as well as fit. As the sport requires speed, skill and players have to take a lot of turns at high speed, it requires great cleats.

Cleats are the shoes that Lacrosse players wear for traction and durability. If you are a professional Lacrosse player or have started playing the sport recently, you will need to find the best lacrosse cleats for defense as well as an attack to be successful. That is why you need to read the blog carefully to know about the top braces trending right now.

Check Top 5 Best Lacrosse Cleats for Attack Reviews

1. adidas Men's Adizero 8.0 Football Shoe

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This model of cleats by Adidas is quite popular among not only Football players but Lacrosse players as well. As the product comes with an outsole with 9 cleats that make sure players get to perform exceptionally well in their game.

The product comes with Primeknit Textile upper, which allows you to wear the braces comfortably for a long duration. As the product comes with a synthetic outsole, you will get the much-needed traction while playing Lacrosse.

The product comes with laces that allow users to adjust the fit of the shoe according to their comfort level. These cleats come with heel and tongue pulls that allow players to slip in and out of the shoes quite easily. Even though the fasteners are exceptionally sturdy, they are quite lightweight.

If you are a Lacrosse player, you will be able to perform quite well in these cleats because of the breathable fabric, and it is made up of. You will be able to find these cleats in many designs, and all of them are quite gorgeous.



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2. Under Armour Men's Breathe Trainer Football Shoe

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These model of cleats by Under Armour is one of the best lacrosse cleats for wide feet because they come with high-cut ankle collars that offer excellent protection to the user’s ankles. As the product is made of Clarino microfiber leather, it is incredibly durable and runs for a long time.

The synthetic material of the cleats makes sure the shoes are completely breathable and can be worn for long durations without any discomfort. As the product comes with GORE-TEX construction, it is 100% waterproof and perfect for playing in wet and muddy grounds.

These cleats are perfect for more full feet as they come with E sizing. Through this feature, you will be able to order shoes according to your size before buying them. Despite having so many unique features, these cleats are quite lightweight. If you are a Lacrosse player, you will be able to wear them in a humid climate without feeling any discomfort.

Most braces for Lacrosse are incredibly stiff, but these are not. They offer a great fit while being extremely comfortable to wear.



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3. New Balance FreezeLX 2.0 Cleat - Men's Lacrosse

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As these cleats by New Balance cover up your ankle pretty high, they offer great support to your ankle while playing Lacrosse. You will be able to wear them if you have had any injury in your ankle previously. The outsole of the cleats has a large number of fasteners on a TPU plate that offers dual-density.

Not only are these cleats extremely stable, but they offer excellent traction to you while playing on soft and wet fields. As the tongue of the fasteners is fuller, the product will fit you quite perfectly and comfortably. The upper part of the shoes come with a synthetic mesh that allows your feet to breathe comfortably and let you play for hours without any problem.

The interior of the shoe comes with a heel pad that allows your feet to be entirely stable while running and moving around. As the product has Lamitex material, it would not change its shape over time. For years, the form of the cleats will remain the same and will offer the same level of stability. It is one of the best shoes for box lacrosse because of its mesh collar. The collar provides players support and comfort at the same time.



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4. Under Armour Men's Spotlight Mc Lacrosse Shoe

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As these cleats by Under Armour come with TPU plate at their bottom, they will offer its users excellent traction and protection in the field while playing Lacrosse. It is one of the top lacrosse cleats for attack because not only is the product extremely durable, but it is quite lightweight as well.

In case you are a professional Lacrosse player, these cleats will come in handy for you because they fit like a sock on to your feet. The toe box of the shoe comes with an extra coating to offer your feet additional protection.

As these cleats come with ankle collar, your ankle will receive great comfort while wearing them for hours. The synthetic sole of the shoes makes sure your feet can breathe properly in hot and humid conditions. With insoles made of fluffy foams, your feet will be able to rest pretty well while running. The soles absorb shock pretty well and allow you to turn in any direction at full speed.



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5. Nike Women’s Hyperdiamond softball cleat

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With 12 different cleats, this pair of shoes by Nike is a perfect choice for you as a woman who plays sports. Not only can you play softball by wearing these, but you can also play lacrosse by wearing them. The cleats produce the required traction that is essential for these cleats.

As the shoe is made from a combination of synthetic leather and TPU upper mesh, you will be able to wear these cleats in the rain as well. These cleats will offer you excellent service for a long. Some users even use them for several years after buying with proper care.

Usually, when people go to buy cleats, they cannot get the perfect pair if they have wide feet. But with these cleats from Nike, you will not have to worry about the fit, as the shoes are quite perfect for people with larger feet.

As the midsoles of the cleats are made from Phylon, it is exceptionally lightweight. You will not even feel the heaviness that is usually associated with lacrosse cleats.



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Lacrosse Cleats for Attack Buying Guide

Playing Lacrosse can be quite exciting and tiring at the same time. Apart from your skills and ability, your cleats will play a significant role in allowing you to play the sport efficiently. While shopping for Lacrosse cleats, you will have to consider the following points. Some of the important ones are provided below for buying the lacrosse cleats for attack.

Stability and traction of the cleats

Almost all Lacrosse cleats come with studs at the bottom of the shoes that offer you the friction that is essential for you while playing. But as there are two categories of studs, you will need to choose between them.

While playing on wet grounds, you should select the rounded studs, but if you have to play laterally, you should go with the blade-like studs. These studs will allow you to be stable on the ground and avoid slippage on a wet surface.

Stiffness of the cleats

Though it might seem strange to buy a pair of shoes that are stiff, while choosing the correct wedges for playing, you need to find the stiff one. By wearing rigid cleats, you will be able to transfer the power to your feet from your leg quite quickly. The more the power your feet get, the faster you will be able to maintain your stability while playing.

Comfort level of the shoes

Lacrosse cleats are notorious for being uncomfortable, but nowadays, some braces are made of synthetic materials that offer breathability to your feet. These cleats are quite lightweight and let you play comfortably in humid weather. Though these shoes are not as waterproof as the upper part of the braces, they have meshed. Many players love to wear leather cleats that are heavier than the synthetic ones but are waterproof.

Cut of the cleats

Nowadays, Lacrosse cleats come in three different cuts, namely low, mid, and high cut. The reason for the variations in the cuts is that it accommodates players with different kinds of injuries. Some wear low-cut cleats because of their ankle injuries, while others wear high-cut braces when they undergo severe ankle sprains. Depending on the level of your damage, you should choose the right cut of fasteners for you.


All these cleats mentioned in the blog are exceptional in their way. They are not only comfortable, but they offer excellent service for many years. Many professional athletes and Lacrosse players have used these shoes over the years. But while trying to choose the best lacrosse cleats for attack, you should always consider the shape of your feet.

Many people tend to buy shoes that are more popular but always consider the condition of your feet first. If you have any physical injury, you will have to choose the right shoe wisely because you do not want to get yourself hurt while playing Lacrosse.