Best Nike Shoes for Standing All Day

Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 Black/White 942838-001 Men's Running Shoes (10.5 D US)
Nike Men's Running Shoes, Multicoloured Black Gunsmoke White 001, 8.5 UK
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Sz 13 Mens Running Pure Platinum/Anthracite-Cool Grey-Black Shoes
Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 Black/White 942838-001 Men’s Running Shoes (10.5 D US)
Nike Men’s Running Shoes, Multicoloured Black Gunsmoke White 001, 8.5 UK
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Sz 13 Mens Running Pure Platinum/Anthracite-Cool Grey-Black Shoes
Wide Width Sizes
Carbon Fiber Plate
Suede Sole
Roomy Toe Box
Lightweight Breathability
Dynamic Fit
Good Arch Support
Bootie Construction
Fitsole Sockliner Conforms
Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 Black/White 942838-001 Men's Running Shoes (10.5 D US)
Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018 Black/White 942838-001 Men’s Running Shoes (10.5 D US)
Wide Width Sizes
Roomy Toe Box
Good Arch Support
Nike Men's Running Shoes, Multicoloured Black Gunsmoke White 001, 8.5 UK
Nike Men’s Running Shoes, Multicoloured Black Gunsmoke White 001, 8.5 UK
Carbon Fiber Plate
Lightweight Breathability
Bootie Construction
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Sz 13 Mens Running Pure Platinum/Anthracite-Cool Grey-Black Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Sz 13 Mens Running Pure Platinum/Anthracite-Cool Grey-Black Shoes
Suede Sole
Dynamic Fit
Fitsole Sockliner Conforms

Numerous studies show that standing all day can affect your health in several ways. Some issues can include ongoing back pain, poor circulation, and joint and muscle strain. Workers who stand for long periods on the job include teachers, health-care providers, sales associates, chefs, bank tellers, and security personnel. So the best Nike shoes for standing all day is very much essential for them.

However, studies also show that wearing the right type of shoes can help reduce pressure and provide more comfort over the long term. Our review highlights some of the best Nike shoes, so you can choose what’s best shoes for your work needs.

Check Top 10 Best Nike Shoes for Standing All Day

1. Nike Men's Free RN Flyknit Running Shoe

Nike Men's Free RN Flyknit Running Shoe

The Flyknit Rn running shoe represents what some customers consider good Nike shoes for standing all day. They are a traditional lace-up sneaker with a fabric and synthetic outer covering. They also have removable foam insoles and rubber shoes. They are available in a trendy navy and white color design. Customers also tout them as good Nike shoes for standing all day.

Research shows that close to 80 percent of actual users find the shoes are very comfortable and lightweight. They also note they are versatile for standing all day, as well as running and walking. They are soft, light on the feet, and very supportive around the heels and ankles.

The back of the shoe is stretchy and lightweight, and help cushion the pressure from standing for long periods. The secure-grip insoles are plush and work with the natural rhythm of the feet to provide additional stability and support.

Moreover, customers also like the way the air flows throughout the shoes to help reduce sweating, especially in hot weather. They are available in a wide range of sizes and provide high levels of comfort for tired, achy feet. Many users also consider them among the best Nike shoes for work.


  • Versatile and fashionable
  • Very comfortable
  • Flexible insoles
  • Good airflow
  • Removable footbeds


  • They are expensive
  • The soles tend to wear out quickly

2. Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit Men's Running Shoe

Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit Men's Running Shoe

The fabric sole and synthetic body look very trendy in a black, white, and grey design. There is a high level of bounce in the forefoot and lots of cushioning on the insoles. They are also available in models for both men and women.

The shoes offer lots of room and are durable and stable. They are ideal for standing for long hours at home, work, school, or play. The fabric is breathable and helps keep the feet fresh.

The shoes also fit very well, with lots of toe room for larger feet. Within the Nike brand, the Flyknit ranks among the right Nike shoes for standing all day. The shoes are affordable, comfortable, and lightweight, and the long back flap offers a secure fit around the ankles and heels.
Studies show that more than 75 percent of all users are satisfied with the shoes. Some users report the Nike Flyknit shoes do not seem as stable as other brands. However, they still find them much more comfortable and affordable than others.

Research also shows customers support the brand throughout North America and as far as Japan. The rubber soles also provide much-needed traction on varying surfaces, especially at work. You feel safe and more stable, standing for long periods.


  • Durable and stable
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Highly recommended
  • Trendy design


  • The shoes take a while to break-in
  • They tend to be smaller in size

3. Nike Men's Lunarglide 9 Running Shoe

Nike Men's Lunarglide 9 Running Shoe

If you stand all day on your feet, then you need lots of comforts and overall supports. Nike Men’s Lunagardeshoes are ideal for persons who spend long hours on their feet.

The shoe design is of mesh and synthetic materials with a rubber sole. The recently upgraded model is very light on the feet with lots of cushion comfort and protection. The shoes offer excellent arch support and a wider upper for larger foot sizes. It is listed as one of the best Nike shoes.

They are versatile and well-balanced shoes, not too hard, or not too soft. However, the bottoms seem to be slightly softer than some other brands and may wear out faster. The interior elastic straps help hold the feet securely in place.

The shoes also provide a reasonable amount of arch support. The Lunar Glide foam technology offers high levels of cushion comfort for all-day support. You can also wash them in the machine but will have to remove the insoles beforehand.

They also provide great overall comfort and support whole standing all day, and especially for persons with flatter feet. The inner elastic straps hold the feet in place, and the fabric is breathable.

This shoe is one of the favorite choice for overweight walkers.


  • Breathable FABRIC
  • Lots of stability and support
  • Memory foam technology
  • Lots of toe room
  • Highly durable and functional


  • The decal tends to peel quickly
  • The soles are too hard

4. Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe

Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe

There’s much to offer in the classic-style men’s Air Zoom Pegasus shoe. They provide superior traction for most surfaces, as well as lots of cushioning for standing all day. The super-soft mesh fabric makes the Air Zooms comfortable Nike shoes for work.

Although the shoes are slightly narrow, they come with standard laces so you can adjust the fit to your comfort level. They are durable and stable with a cage-like lockdown design in the midfoot. This helps keep the foot steady for additional support.

Studies also show the shoes offer a 10mm drop and are very comfortable and durable. Max Air technology makes the fabric breathable to provide extra comfort while minimizing heat and sweating. Many customers like them for their comfortable fit and recommend them.

The material is soft and flexible and will stretch to accommodate more extensive foot sizes. They are lightweight with excellent cushion support to help minimize pain and soreness in the feet. Studies also show that over 70 percent of all customers recommend the shoes for their wide toe box, extra-roomy width, and generous arch support.


  • Soft, cushy breathable fabric
  • Help reduce foot pain and soreness
  • Flexible and supportive
  • Lots of traction and stability
  • Responsive cushioning technology


  • Expensive
  • Some shoes arrived with defects

5. Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe

Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe

The stylish Nike women’s Air Zoom shoes are the ideal shoe for women who stand all day. They are lightweight with rubber soles and offer lots of support for tired, aching feet. The design comprises excellent foam padding, removable footbeds, and lots of toe room.

Although the rubber soles end to be a bit smoother than other similar brands, customers report they still offer reasonable stability and support. Studies show some customers say they experience fewer blisters since the back is extra-high and comfortable. They also like they can use other orthotic inserts for extra support for persons with foot injuries.

The shoes are easy to clean and are machine washable. They fit very well, even on persons with narrow feet. They also provide reasonable support and overall comfort to persons with flat feet or those with tendonitis.

One customer review states the shoes helped to reduce her foot pain by as much as 90 percent. They are highly recommended, especially among professionals, and rank among the best Nike shoes. Another benefit customers also like the beveled heels that provide added protection against blisters.

The extra toes space in the upper also helps relieve tension, tiredness, and cramping in the foot and calf muscles.


  • Cushy, comfortable insoles
  • Machine washable
  • High-quality design
  • Beveled heels for protection
  • Help relieve cramping


  • The bottoms are too smooth
  • The laces are too short

6. Nike Women's Air Max Zoom Wildhorse 4 Trail Running Shoe

Nike Women's Air Max Zoom Wildhorse 4 Trail Running Shoe

The Wildhorse 4 trail running shoe is a combination of fabric sole and synthetic mesh and textile materials. There are layers of woven fabric that provide a sturdy upper that’s ideal for withstanding harsh surfaces. The shoes are durable and sturdy. The Flywire cables also offer extra strength to the laces to help stabilize the feet while standing all day.

Besides, some customers report they experience no soreness or blisters while wearing the shoe. They also offer excellent support for the ankles and heels. Other customers also note the Wildhorse 4 shoes are a lot wider than some other Nike brands available.

They fit comfortably and are lightweight and easy on the soles of the feet. The rock plate design in the forefoot offer protection from debris, stones, and other rough materials. The fabric is breathable and allows air to flow through to help keep the feet cool and comfortable.

Some customer states they are on their feet at work 12 hours a day, and the shoes provide lots of support. Moreover, the shoes also offer lots more wiggle room around the toe areas and give excellent arch support and slip-resistance.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Long-lasting comfort and support
  • Protective forefoot design
  • Super-comfortable foam insoles
  • Excellent heel support


  • There's some pressure around the midfoot
  • The laces are not working well

7. Nike Men's Air Zoom Wildhorse 4 Running Shoes

Nike Men's Air Zoom Wildhorse 4 Running Shoes

The stately design comprises black, anthracite, and a few more attractive colors. The upper incorporates a mesh material covering with rubber soles. The shoes are very comfortable with lots of traction for additional stability.

The shoes fit very well, with lots of overall support. They are lightweight, cushy, breathable, and durable. Customers range from territories like the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, and Germany.

Studies show that more than 50 percent of all users report the shoes also help provide excellent grip and cushioning. They also say they experience fewer blisters, especially after long-time wear. There’s lots of room in the toe box for additional support, especially when standing all day.

For this reason, many satisfied customers consider them the top Nike shoes for standing all day. Some customers also report the shoes also offer excellent support across the instep and help distribute their body weight more evenly. However, some customers say they are not ideal for persons with more large foot sizes.

Many customers also recommend these shoes for their outstanding comfort and support. Furthermore, some even experience great overall satisfaction with the product. They are also highly durable, with lots of support while standing all day.


  • Highly recommended
  • Top-quality design
  • Good traction
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Breathable fabric


  • The straps are defective
  • The shoes are too narrow

8. Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 Mens Running Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 Mens Running Shoes

The Men’s Air Zoom Elite shoes are attractive and available in a range of medium sizes. They comprise of synthetic, breathable leather over a durable upper. The lace-up straps are adjustable and fit very well.

The padding on the shoe is soft, lightweight, and cushy. However, they are not as thick as some other Nike brands, and the arch support is inconsistent. While some also report the laces may come loose occasionally, they still experience the right level of comfort.

Studies also show the shoes provide a snug fit without any issues of pain or soreness. They are also highly-responsive and comfortable. More than half of all users think the shoes are the most comfortable Nike shoes.

The shoes are comfortable to put on, with adjustable straps to keep you healthy. The fabric is also breathable for long-lasting coolness. However, the laces run along the top of the tongue and may be hard to pull. Some customers even say they are narrow around the toe box, and there’s no extra cushioning along the edges.


  • Very comfortable
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to put on
  • Lots of cushioning
  • Durable and stable


  • They are not suitable for wider feet
  • The laces come untied easily

9. Nike Women's Air Zoom Elite 9 Running Shoe

Nike Women's Air Zoom Elite 9 Running Shoe

The Nike Lite 9 running shoe represents the ultimate in women’s footwear. They come in a range of attractive, trendy colors, including black and white lava and hot punch. They have rubber soles with synthetic and mesh fabric on the upper.

Over 60 percent of customers are highly satisfied with the shoes. Many believe that the best Nike shoes provide lots of cushioning and stability. There’s plenty of room in the foot box, and they are durable and lightweight.

One satisfied customer reports the shoe is one of the most comfortable they own. The rubber sole has grooves for additional traction and overall stability. For this reason, they are great for supporting body weight when standing for long periods.

Although they are very light, they still offer a great deal of cushioning and are very comfortable. The forefront is roomy and ideal for all-day wear. Many customers like that the shoes are stylish, comfortable, durable, and highly responsive.

The heel and midfoot also provide lots of additional protection to help reduce pain, soreness, and tiredness, especially when standing all day. They also fit very well and stay securely in place.


  • All-day comfort and support
  • Highly responsive
  • Lots of stability
  • Durable
  • Lightweight design


  • The uppers wear out quickly
  • They are too tight

10. Nike Women's Lunarglide 8

Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe

The Women’s Lunarglide 8 shoes are available in attractive colors like metallic bronze and green glow. They also feature thick heels and rubber soles. The outer covering is fully lined with Flywire and mesh fabric.

The uppers are thin and lightweight with a waterproof reflective finish for use in most weather conditions. They are also available in a range of full and half sizes. They are very comfortable, and the woven fabric is soft and smooth on the feet.

The lace-up shoes also feature a roomy toe box for added comfort, especially when standing all day. They are stable and ideal for users with high arches. Also, they feel light and cushy on the feet. Many customers rate them as the top class Nike shoes for standing all day.

Research also indicates many customers with foot issues report the shoes also help ease the pain even after wearing them all day. Further, over 65 percent of actual users say the shoes also offer excellent support and cushioning in the heels.

Besides, they also remark how well they help reduce soreness. In contrast, some customers also feel the shoe is a bit narrow when they compare them with some other brands.


  • Very comfortable for wider feet
  • Removable footbed
  • Soft, cushy, flexible insoles
  • A waterproof and reflective coating
  • Reasonably priced


  • The soles have deep cracks that hold pebbles and gravel
  • The design is inconsistent

Nike Shoes for Standing All Day Buying Guide

We have many shoes on the market with great designs and manufactured by famous companies. Out of the many shoes, Nike has the most comfortable shoes with many designs customers can choose from.

When purchasing the best Nike shoes, there are factors you need to consider. The same applies to the rest of the best athletic shoes for standing all day. When you consider these factors, deciding on what are the best Nike shoes for work becomes quite easy.

Comfortable Nike shoes should offer the desired support and the right padding. Also, they should have the right construction materials and make of slip-resistant soles. These are essential factors to consider when buying the best Nike shoes.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather has been used for shoes which are used by people who can stand all day long. This factor counts for a reliable and long-lasting shoe. These shoes are also very comfortable and are designed to keep your feet stretched throughout the day. Besides, they offer protection to your feet against excess sweating.

Padded Shoes

When buying the best Nike shoes, it is essential to consider padded shoes. They should have the right amount of padding to offer maximum protection and comfort to your foot.

Arch and Heel Support

The best Nike shoes should have the desired arch and heel support. In this case, a shoe that has heel-to-toe differential is always the right one. Compared to barefoot-style shoes, arch ad heel support shoes are the best. Arch and heel support shoes reduce excessive tension from the feet when standing all day. They should have the right amount of arch support to avoid other health issues.

Rubber and Synthetic Materials

Looking into whether the shoe is made of synthetic or rubber materials is essential, especially for people who don’t like animal products. Comfortable Nike shoes for work can be made of synthetic and rubber material. Shoes made of these materials are highly durable and protects the feet from dirt and other hazards.


This is also an essential factor that should be taken into consideration when buying shoes for standing all day. Shoes that have heels are not suitable to wear when standing all day. They are generally uncomfortable and might cause you much pain. Shoes with low or no heels are considered ideal for people standing all day.

Cushioned Shoes

When you are used to standing all day, you need to be comfortable throughout the day. This means that you should buy shoes that can support your feet. Such shoes should be made with required cushioning and high-quality midsole. Cheap shoes have a poor quality midsole and might not offer decent support to your feet.


People who stand or walk all day require shoes that are lighter in weight so that they don’t feel tired. When purchasing the Nike shoes for standing all day, the weight of the footwear is a crucial factor. Shoes for standing all day are designed to make you feel comfortable and reduce pain. Select a pair for the right activity when buying Nike shoes.

Difference Between Nike Shoes & Other Shoes

Each manufacturer has unique features on its products designed for different purposes. They do this because they want to beat the stiff competition that is there in the market. When you compare Nike and other shoes, there are notable differences in terms of design, value, comfort, and price.

In areas of endorsements, Nike shoes are a premier choice shoe designed for basketball and running. The Nike Air VaporMax is a good example that is designed for running. They also manufacture super light varieties of footwear intended for basketball like the Nike Air Zoom.

In terms of quality, Nike shoes are different from other shoes because they are ahead of all of them globally. It is only Adidas that comes in second, and most people who want quality shoes prefer buying Nike outfit.

The logo on the Nike shoes is different from other logos that make them more appealing. You can identify the Nike shoes effortlessly in a collection of several outfits from other shoes. Also, the designs of Nike shoes are quite attractive too from the rest. They come branded with a selection of unique colors and styles. It gives the customers an easy time to choose from.

Another difference Nike shoes have from other shoes is that Nike’s outer sole is made of rubber and has sole diverse patterns to offer maximum traction.

Benefits of Using Nike Shoes

Nike shoes come along with a bunch of great benefits, and they make them different from other brands. Nike shoes are much flexible and provide maximum support for the user. When you use Nike shoes, you are guaranteed of excellent support and elusive flexibility. The herringbone pattern and solid rubber are what gives the user support and comfort.

Another benefit of using Nike shoes is that they are lightweight and sturdy. If you are a sportsman, Nike offers the right shoes for the sport and provides enough service for the money.

Nike shoes also offer maximum protection of your feet against injuries. Nike Company designed the shoes with features that minimize the possibility of getting foot injuries. Nike shoes can also be used for casual outings other than for walking and running activities. This makes Nike shoes the best for any event.

Why Do You Buy The Nike Shoes For Standing All Day?

The famous Nike Inc. footwear manufactures Nike shoes. The company is known for its simple and recognized logo, together with the ‘Do It’ slogan. Many people buy the best Nike shoes mainly because they are comfortable and durable. Besides, the shoes manufactured are of high performance in almost all areas.

Most comfortable Nike shoes for standing all day are lightweight and durable. Sometimes it is tedious to choose the right shoe for the right activity. Some of the activities we carry out require us putting on more weight on the feet. A shoe that cushions us against extra pressure exerted on the feet and hazards is necessary.

There are reasons why you need to buy Nike shoes because they serve the purpose perfectly. Wearing the wrong shoes might cause discomfort to some of your body parts. Issues that can arise include sore muscles, fatigue, and pain in the feet, low back pain, and so much. When you buy good Nike shoes, you reduce the chances of exposing your body to such issues.

Nike shoes are always high and fashionable in appearance. Compared to other brands, Nike shoes for different sports activities are affordable and come in many designs. Below is a recap of some of the reasons why you should buy Nike shoes:

Design and Performance

When buying shoes, design, and performance are primary motives that drive you to purchase them. Shoes by Nike company have a great design, and besides, they are made to last longer than other shoes. This is what has made most customers purchase Nike shoes.

Comfort, the Status of Brand and Price

People buy Nike shoes because of the three factors mentioned above. Even though they are considered secondary motives, you can find the top Nike shoes for standing all day from the Nike Company. When people buy Nike shoes, they consider comfort, price, and status of the brand as the last motive. Nike shoes are comfortable to wear and affordable.


While reviewing the best Nike shoes for standing all day, the response is overwhelming. Many customers enjoy the quality and range of features of the Men’s and Women’s Lunarglide shoes. The shoes also feature many innovative designs and advancements in technology. Overall, they boast a wide range of comfort, support, stability, and protection for standing all day.

When these factors are taken into account, shoes purchased are of high quality, comfortable, and offers excellent protection and support to your feet. So we think this review would be very much effective to choose the perfect Nike shoes for you.