Best Nursing Shoes for Women

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Women working as a nurse are the most occupied person in any hospital. They have to move here and there inside the pharmaceutical compound and sometimes outside as well. From a maternity case to a push of injections, they do a lot of things. After a Physician, they are the one who keeps knowledge of every tiny detail of a patient. They take care of patients, but they don’t have time to look after themselves. They feel exhausted but don’t make time to rest.

Unlike other professionals, Nurses are all on their feet which says a good pair of shoes should be an integral part of their regular attire. Also, studies show that most of the women from this sector suffer from musculoskeletal disorders for their prolonged working hours. These are mainly caused by footwear, as most of them wear low heels without an arch. Most of them do it unintentionally, and unfortunately, they don’t know without the best nursing shoes for women they cannot handle this hurdle.

But, no problem. To less their agony, I have enriched this article to help you out with a list of some female nursing shoes. You don’t have to search blindly from store to store to find your ideal one. Just pick one from them and order it online or collect it from nearby physical stores. I bet you will be the happiest one.

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As I mentioned earlier, this list is an effort to lessen your worries among thousands you handled every day. If it helps its’ my pleasure.

1. Dansko Women's Professional Clog

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Dansko is always a trusted name in professional footwear, especially for Nurses, Physicians, etc. This specific one is not any exception. You can find almost all the features you needed in comfy footwear.

Spacious & Comfortable:

First of all, this one of the top nursing shoes for women in my list. It comes in full, narrow, and regular fits. All kinds of toe shapes can fit in. It is made of 100% leather, sometimes in fabrics as well. The upper part is curved and padded smoothly from inside. Not to mention you won’t feel any hurdle while slipping into it or walking. Also, you can twitch your toe freely in the spacious toe box platform.

Full Arch Support With Excellent Stability:

The sole is made from Polyurethane with 0.75 inches diameter platform. This outsole is the shock absorber. No shaft measurement. You can feel firmness from inside.

Furthermore, full arch support for this foot-bed from heel to toe is a mind-boggler coupled with 2 inches of heel. It offers excellent stability with gentle care on your joints. If you are scheduled for a day-long stand-up activity, just slip in it, and you are set to go.

Colors & Designs:

This pair has a different range of colors for different ages and tastes of women. All in all, it has a professional yet sleek and stylish look that you cannot ignore.



Well, not all great things come in one package. If I corner these two drawbacks, this pair is a mind swashing add on to Dansko’s closet for professional women. You can spend an extra penny on a better option. After all, it is nothing but a necessity rather than a luxury.

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2. D'Lites Original Non-Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker

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Skechers made this sneaker perfect yet straightforward for professionals. It has all features of sneakers combine with little modification of professional clog to be on our list.


It is made of 100% leather with a rubber sole. Creased body lining makes them look stylish. The outsole is non-marking for excellent traction and scratch-free toe support. Your heel is protected from hard landing on the surface. Also, your back gets help from it. For a prolonged hour, it is justified to wear it.


This pair appears in a wide and regular fit. But narrow fitted people can also use without any hindrance. Heel measurement is 1 ¼ inch long, has a firm grip on the ground. A pull tab is placed at the edge of the outer heel cover so that you can comfortably pull off.

Extended Range of Colors:

It comes in first shades like blue, black, white, navy, silver, etc. with a little lining of vibrant colors like pink, green, and others still it looks bold. It is designed as lace-up in the front body. You don’t have the hassle to tie up the lace accordingly, yet you can fancy having them.



This easy to put on sneakers is an excellent choice for those who like to have their feet in a good sole but at less price. As it is very affordable comparing other female nursing shoes. On the above, you don’t have to compromise your quality of that.

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3. Skechers Work Sure Track - Trickel

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If you feel a perfect comfort at your feet, you can just step out and conquer. Trickel is one of that kind which increases your confidence and makes you do more. Let’s see why it is so appreciated.

Design with Passion:

It is a silhouette to your most busy body part from SKECHERS relaxed fit with the low cut heel design. It’s a custom-fit footwear. It has conventional lace-up closure. You can adjust it to your desired fit. The top is off supple leather for easy pull-on/off; a pull tab is for you at the outer edge of the heel.

When Security & Comfort Come Together:

Most of the injuries at the workplace are for slipping, and to avoid this, SKECHERS designed their shoes with nitrile rubber. It has significant traction on the surface. Also featured with shock absorber midsole and removable foot-bed. The foot-bed is memory foam cushioning. They assured the outsole by examining wet and oily surfaces. That is why it is EH, safe rated. The cheery on the cake is the ventilated lining on the upper form combine with water and stain-resistant. Padding is on the tongue and collar for more protection and support.



SKECHERS, as you know, are very prominent on what they say for any line they introduce. They always try to upgrade their shoes to meet up the customer’s test. This one is not and exception. Besides, this shoe line is very precisely designed for the workforces. It is a unisex kind of shoe. Men or women can peak it. You will feel like you have full control over your day with ultimate comfort after slipping it in your feet. This optimum peak will add another feather to your success.

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4. Timberland PRO Women's Renova

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When I say Timberland, stunning, shiny, delicate design footwears are dancing in front of my eyes. But wait, they offer a vast collection of professional ones like PRO Women’s Renova Slip-On for you ladies.

Perfect Finishing With Significant Measurement:

The outer part of this shoe is of premium quality full-grain leather which means, the leather that is used to make these shoes is not chemically softened. This unique quality makes this shoe breathable and edgy. Soles are made of Rubber with approximately 0.75 inches of diameter. 1.75 inches of the heel is there to support your landing on the ground.

When Technology Added to Amplify The Advantage:

Timberland Pro offers a significant anti-fatigue technology to all active ladies out there. It aids your back and leg while you are doing a long-standing job. It is prominent in shock absorption. Rocker sole is an annex to decrease the pressure on your talon. Bi-Fit Tri-density foot-bed is there for you to provide you maximum support.

Looks Come With Safety:

You have already read. It has full-grain leather finishing, but which I didn’t mention is the microsuede linings in the upper part. The rawness of the leather and the coatings combine a result of artistic presentation with durability. Furthermore, the sole supports you to step out in any conditions like wet or dry with a secure grip and slip resistance.



You have to embrace the flaws like you loved the unique features of this particular pair. You will find it cheaper for most of its kind which makes it very affordable for everyone.

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5. Alegria Women's debra Slip-On

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Debra is another slip-on in our list which is very diversified and high quality. Though Alegria is not as renowned as Dansko in professional clogs, they tried to give their best to serve your busy feet. Let’s see what it has to allure you in its catch.

Comfort Comes With Roomy Foot-Bed:

This comfy slip-on is manufactured with pure leather and no mix in addition to wide, narrow, and regular fit. Imported synthetic is the crucial ingredient of the sole. This makes the platform of this shoe very soft and spongy. Enough room in front foot-bed to wiggle your toe finger. Elasticity in upper foot cover makes it easy to slip on or off.

Perfect Measurement:

The platform is of one inch dense to ease your step and let you not feel the handle of the surface. Heel measurement is approximately1.5 inches long in a combination of the leather patch around the upper edge. It holds your feet steady and gives you a good grip.

Stunning Look:

This slip on the line of Debra is unlike another professional clog. It is diversified by funky prints and catchy shades of colors. On top of that, it has a contrasting lining in every pair, which makes it more attractive. Even if you are not buying it, you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes. A relief to neutralize your boredom in the working envoi.



I think you cannot find a perfect pair with all your requirements. You must have known how to minimize your expectations upon one thing. It is not that supportive in long hours, but at the same time, you cannot find such funky eye-catchy finisher in any other collection. Sometimes these fun pairs will add a positive vibe to your work area. Think about it.

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6. AnyWear Women's Zone Clog

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This Zone clog shares more or less the same characteristics of an ideal clog. It is from a slip-on clog type. Besides, it has some extra add on which makes it a bit special than other nursing shoes for Women.

Common But Important:

Like others of its kind, it is made of 100% rubber. Soles are from rubber ones. It is anti-slippery. The compound is much flexible and exceedingly lightweight. The outsole is anti-slippery, which reduces the chances of accidents by slipping.

Easy On/Off:

It is a slingback design means not covered in the back. A swiveled back strap is there to support your ankle. Moving the belt on the front makes your clog a slip-on. The front part covered your upper feet very comfortably.

Durable Insole:

The inside part is not padded. Still, you can move your feet inside and won’t feel any unease. You can rely on the durability of this pair on different surfaces. On the top, it is an easy wash type with warm or cold water. You can clean dirt anywhere you feel like it.

Vibrant Looks:

OH, another important thing is color and prints. It is stocked with a variety of prints along with the basic shades of colors. You can step outside with it if you are set for a meeting or any casual hangout as well.

Now, what’s so special about it?

What makes it an unlike among its familiar allies? You can remove its insole. Yes, you read it right. You can remove the insole whenever you like. It can also mold the well-cushioned insole. It gives your feet a feel like heaven, even with the arch from heel to toe. Also, after removing the insole, you can still wear it without any trouble with or without socks.

Now that’s called a super addition.



It will be an excellent cost-effective choice for the nurses who are not paid enough to manage a pricy branded piece. Also, you don’t have to pay more for a good shoe piece. You must consider your health first, focusing on your feet. Anywear is out there to serve you with all possibilities. Just go and grab it.

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7. Nurse Mates Women's Dove Oxford

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This shoe is a proud member of the Nurse Mates Lites gang. It is also not a well-known name in this ground, but their name specifies them best. They have introduced this range only for the people who work in healthcare.


It is very sheer in weight. The top form is made of full-grain leather. Also, it does not share a good bonding with stains. They are not allowed to sit on the shoe to destroy the freshness. It implies easy to wipe off wash.


EVA outsoles featured this pair as anti-slippery and anti-skid. It is supportive steel made shank at the bottom for best arch support. Though there is a steel shank, it does not increase the weight at all. Moreover, it reduces fatigue when you are working for longer.

Fit & Measurement:

The heel is high of 1.5 inches and provides undoubted support to your heels, back and legs.

It comes with medium and wide fit with enough room for moving your toe inside. The upper collar is arched and padded with elastic support if needed it to widen the place when you slip your feet in it.

It comes only in the color of white and black. As you see, Nurse Mates has targeted specific classes of women like a nurse.



If you are doing a nursing job, you already handle a lot of physical stress as you run here and there, walking all around. In a word, a tedious schedule is always there for you. Don’t brainstorm much to pamper them. Leave your feet to Nurse Mates. They have designed this shoe in such a way, and you have to come over and over again.

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8. Women's Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker

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Don’t go with the name. Fashion is just an adjective to lead you the wrong way for this pair. It offers all features of a sneaker with considerable professionalism to be the top nursing shoes for women. Let’s take a look at what we get in it.

Material Matters:

Made of faux leather and mesh fabric, it is produced in the USA or sometimes may be imported. Rubber sole has anti-slippery property. The outsole is of groovy flex. Top mesh has bungee laces. Accompanied by stripe midsole, not a tie-up but put on style. You will feel like your feet are breathing while walking with this, and you find the insole is of memory foam. This foam is well known for air passing. So, your feet will be dry.

Super Durable Accompanied by Stability:

This sneaker is washable. Well, I am mentioning it, because I have heard that a person has thrown this pair in a washing machine! It has survived the machine that makes it super durable. It comes with a medium and wide fit. It lands softly on the surface. Though it is not designed with such fancy, it will serve the purpose in a definite way. You will feel firm. Suitable for long working hours. You can choose from different colors.



Sketcher always tries to give people the right choice with diversified design and high quality. People who are not very fond of clogs can quickly shift to this particular one. This affordable shoe line demands a second thought when you are out for a professional pair, but you have to remember it is not for any orthopedic patient.

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9. Dansko Women's Pro XP Clog

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Dansko again! There are few in the footwear industry who likely to design a professional one.SO while looking for options, you will find one above another among these brands. They introduce lines after lines to provide you comfort and trust. They think about making your life easier and healthier. Have a look at its features and decide.

Spacious & Comfortable:

It also comes only in regular fits. They fabricate this shoe with 100% leather. It shares the same inner like the above one, curved but not padded. Easy slip-on and off no discomfort feels without padding.

Full Arch Support With High Stability:

The sole is of Rubber made featured with 0.75 inches measured platform. Firmness inside is intact. Apart from this, full arch support with 2 inches of heel height. Rocker finishing makes it anti-fatigue, and leather mule foot-bed is roomy like others. It offers memory foam insole accompanied by well cushioning. You can remove the sole as well. Excellent support for your feet, legs, and back from stress.

Colors & Designs:

This design offers print and colors. The lining is the same stapler finishing. Not to mention, this lining is very lucrative.



This iconic clog bows to you all hardworking lady. It makes you feel good on your feet with the excellence of comfort and blend of confidence. It gives you the freedom of choosing both looking good and feeling better. Now you bow to your closet after having it one.

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10. Dansko Women's XP 2.0 Clogs

[amazon fields=”B07DX3QQM4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Dansko Women’s Professional Clog”]

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You are talking about professional shoes; avoiding Dansko is like writing without punctuations. Punctuation is something that changes the meaning of a sentence. If you missed it, you ripped it. Dansko is one of that kind in the world of Professional Clog. You can find all the features as the others have in Dansko.

Spacious & Comfortable:

First and foremost, let’s begin with the fit. It comes only in regular fits. But still, all kinds of toe shapes can fit in. It is made of only 100% leather. Likely of its kind, the upper part is curved but not padded. Undoubtedly you won’t feel any hurdle while slipping into it or walking. Besides, it has the same space toe box inside to twitch your toe freely.

Full Arch Support With Excellent Stability:

The sole is of synthetic this time with 0.75 inches diameter platform. Same feeling with the firmness inside. Apart from this, full arch support for this foot-bed from heel to toe with 2 inches of heel coupled with rocker finishing. It offers excellent stability and protects your feet, legs, and back from stress.

Colors & Designs:

These female nursing shoes have an elegant yet aristocratic cluster of colors. This time lining has constructed stapler finishing. It added an exceptionally sleek look to this pair.



You may get confused as I mentioned the same name at the beginning of the list. But Dansko clogs all are different from each other under the same tag. The common thing is they shared some Dansko DNA-materials with the motto of promoting safety and care. So that you can grow higher and better.

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Nursing Shoes for Women Buying Guide

Nursing shoes are unlike other fancy footwear. They are specially designed and manufactured with the finest materials. They take care of your comfort, fit, supports and performance altogether. That is how they become your best mate.

I came to know that nursing shoes come in a wide range with their uniqueness. Mostly four silhouettes are seen in the market:the best criteria but tries to see which fits you the most.

It is also necessary to know which criteria you choose your Nursing shoes. Your primary focus should not only the comfort but also how they aid you in health issues.

Midsole Management:

First of all, the midsole is a part of your shoe that lies between the inner and outer sole. It works as a shock absorber.


Insole and outsole materials are equally important for a good pair. Your outsole should be made of such material, which gives you comfort with firm support on the surface. The insole should be thick, soft and must be able to hold your feet at the right place. Above all, in any case, both should be gentle on your joints.

Rocker Bottom:

The most important feature of a nursing shoe must-have. The bottom of the pump must tickle like a rocking chair. You can step your feet moving up and down. It soothes your feet while you are on the go. You feel no pressure from heel to toe even if you are continuously walking.

Arch Support:

Another important feature, your shoe must-have. Your shoe arch must be adjusted to your foot arch. Then you should be able to move your heels up and down without facing any hurdles. Without a perfect arch, a nursing shoe cannot give you the provision it is made for.


The outer sole should be Anti slippery and anti-skidding as you are always on the move. If it is not, you may end up in an accident when you are in a hurry. This quality makes it reliable even on a slicked surface.


Your shoe is no less than a spare car. It covers all essential aspects but makes you feel like wearing a 5 kg weight on your feet. They should be sheer like a feather. Otherwise, you will start doing load lifting with it or else shelf it up in the closet.

Also, you should consider a perfect fit based on size, width, and length and heel height. You may not find your shoe, which combines all the best criteria but tries to see which fits you the most.

Nursing Shoes for Women Video Guide


After this brief discussion on the best nursing shoes for women, I hope it would be easy for you to pick the right one among them. This nursing shoe selection may vary based on your expectations or physical requirement.

If you ask my personal favorite, though, I am not a nurse, I am also a working lady, and I have to work day long as you. My closet is enriched with Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog, and believe me, it fulfills all of the traits it promises. I have no guilt to spend a little extra when I go out with this and feel that my feet are thanking me silently.

So it’s better to choose a brand from these 10 choices and treat your feet. Your life will become safer. Your health will be taken care of, and you will feel confident on your feet. Rock your world, rock your patient’s world. Left the stress behind and enjoy.