Best Shoes for Burning Man

Demonia SWI221/BCA-VL Women's Boot, Black Canvas Vegan Leather, 6 M US
WWOODTOMLINSON Men's LD Lightweight Combat Boots Military Tactical Boots,Black,5.5 M US
Minnetonka Men's Front Lace Knee High Boots 6 M Black
Demonia SWI221/BCA-VL Women’s Boot, Black Canvas Vegan Leather, 6 M US
WWOODTOMLINSON Men’s LD Lightweight Combat Boots Military Tactical Boots,Black,5.5 M US
Minnetonka Men’s Front Lace Knee High Boots 6 M Black
70% Canvas, 30% Synthetic
Rubber Sole
Heel Measures Approximately 5″
Rubber Sole
High Quality Alternative Footwear
Light Weight & Slip Resistant
Slip Resistance
Demonia SWI221/BCA-VL Women's Boot, Black Canvas Vegan Leather, 6 M US
Demonia SWI221/BCA-VL Women’s Boot, Black Canvas Vegan Leather, 6 M US
70% Canvas, 30% Synthetic
Heel Measures Approximately 5″
High Quality Alternative Footwear
WWOODTOMLINSON Men's LD Lightweight Combat Boots Military Tactical Boots,Black,5.5 M US
WWOODTOMLINSON Men’s LD Lightweight Combat Boots Military Tactical Boots,Black,5.5 M US
Rubber Sole
Light Weight & Slip Resistant
Minnetonka Men's Front Lace Knee High Boots 6 M Black
Minnetonka Men’s Front Lace Knee High Boots 6 M Black
Rubber Sole
Slip Resistance

Burning Man is a life-changing experience. For an event this special that brings all celebs, activists, philosophers, and people from every spectrum together, you need to be specific about what you wear. Moreover, since Burning Man takes place in the Black Salt desert, you must have the best shoes for Burning Man to walk on the drylands.

Comfort is relevantly the first thing to come to your mind when you buy the shoes for Burning Man. You can opt for something that will be cute outwardly but would they be of any help in a festival that demands a lot of walking?

Moreover, being in a desert itself calls out for special apparel to stand through its topography. Hence, you must opt for shoes based on where you will be going and what you will be doing there. Make sure that when you buy them, they can stand through both without wearing off easily.

Check Top 10 Best Shoes for Burning Man Reviews

1. Demonia Women's Swing-221/BCA-VL Boot

Demonia Women's Swing-221/BCA-VL Boot

The last but not the least is the Demonia Women’s Swing-221/BCA-VL Boots. These are definitely the most remarkable shoes for a festival like the Burning Man that you can own. The boots seem to be over-the-top but in a good way. The length of the shoes has a shiny and smooth texture, embellished with silver buckles at the top.

The shoes have a versatile use too. Clubbing, cosplay, parties or festivals, you can use them for all. These shoes are extremely easy to wear despite their complex appearance. You can simply zip and unzip it through a trail from the calves to the ankles. A Lace-up closure detail is added so that you can adjust the fit even better.

The platform heel of these boots is approximately 3 inches and the heel height is 5 inches. This gives the shoes a more bold highlight that will without a doubt make heads turn towards you.

These are a pair of comfortable shoes with a boot opening of approximately 12 inches. Made with high-quality vegan materials, these shoes boast a synthetic sole that is extremely durable. The boots give all the sexy, untamed and extremely sensuous vibes They scream fun like no other shoes.

Built with cushioning and lined insole, these shoes are also very comfortable and durable. For the bold person in you, these shoes are a must-have.


  • High-quality Vegan shoes
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Stylish platform
  • Sexy and sensuous looks
  • Buckles and Lace-up for extra adjustments
  • Zip for easy wear and take-off


  • They are not much breathable
  • Not extremely flexible

2. WWOODTOMLINSON Men's LD Lightweight Combat Boots

WWOODTOMLINSON Men's LD Lightweight Combat Bootst

The WWOODTOMLINSON Boots are a wonder on their own. The reason behind these boots being one of the best shoes for Burning Man is the comfort they can provide to you regardless of what the climatic conditions are. They can endure extremely hot weather without burning your feet.

Since they are built with microfiber materials, these boots tend to be extremely breathable. Even in a fest like the Burning Man, your feet will be free of sweat. These shoes are available at an extremely affordable price range.

But, that does not mean that they compromise with quality. The shoes are known for both comfort and flexibility. For areas like the desert, these shoes are perfect as they tend to keep a firm grip on the land.

The inner lining of the shoes is slip-resistant which helps you stay stable. They are available in four monochromatic shades: black, tan, black mesh and tan mesh. These boots are lightweight and come with a low heel of approx. 1.7 inches. The platform is of approximately 0.95 heel height. They are extremely durable.

Other than that, the shoes provide a very snug and comfortable fit. You can style them with anything and everything you wear. These durable and lightweight shoes make one of the most comfortable shoes for Burning Man.


  • Made of microfiber
  • Extremely durable even in hottest weather
  • Snug fit
  • Available in four stylish looks
  • Low heel height
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Flexibility
  • Sweat-proof and Breathable


  • The laces need to be longer than the provided length

3. Minnetonka Men's Front Lace Knee High Boot

Minnetonka Men's Front Lace Knee High Boot

The Minnetonka Men’s Front Lace Knee High Boots are another pair of best boots for Burning Man. Built with 100% leather, these shoes have been designed keeping in mind the quality and the comfort for the wearer. They have several amiable features.

For instance, the shoes have been handmade and hold a very vintage design. Even with the vintage design, they look extremely trendy as the designers kept a balance of modernity in the shoes’ colors and textures.

The leather is so soft and comfortable. You can wear them from continuous long hours and your feet will still be snug and secure. The outsole is made of rubber textured to be slip-resistant. The shoes have a Lace-up closure that helps you in adjusting the fit as per your feet and leg size.

These festive shoes are perfect for an event like Burning Man. With stylish fringes adorning the boots’ upper area and years of research, these boots provided a chic look without compromising with comfort. They are durable even after repetitive uses.

One thing you can be sure of is that these shoes are so cushiony that you will be feeling like you have been walking on clouds all along. The softness is what makes it such a good pair of shoes. The shoes run true to size and come in two colors: tan and black.


  • 100% leather made
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Good traction
  • Stylish fringes and Lace-up details for size adjustments
  • Soft and cushioned
  • Available in two colors
  • The perfect combination of vintage and modern
  • Long-lasting


  • They are not the most versatile pair of shoes

4. Bruno Marc Men's Military Motorcycle Combat Boots

Bruno Marc Men's Military Motorcycle Combat Boots

The Bruno Marc Men’s Military Motorcycle Combat Boots are known to be biker boots. However, these boots are versatile enough to be used in the Burning Man fest. The boots have an undeniably outstanding fashionable look which is fit for an event as happening as the Burning Man.

Made with faux leather, these boots are meant for both vegan and non-vegan consumers. Besides using them for biking and as desert apparel, these boots are also wearable in clubs and pubs. The boots can endure harsh environmental conditions and are equally comfortable to work in for hours.

The stylish ankle-length boots can be worn with the best socks for Burning Man to make them extremely comfortable. Furthermore, the boots have a zip lining that facilitates easy wear as well as take-off.

These boots have soles lined with cushions that give your feet an endless comfort along with a slip-proof outsole keeps you balanced on the ground. These Bruno Marc boots are available in multiple remarkable solid colors that you can match with almost all of your outfits.

Dark brown, brown, Engle-blacks, Engle-browns and Engle-greys are few of options in style and color that you will find in the market.

For vintage fans, these shoes are just perfect as they bear the classic boot design. The rubber sole is extremely durable and flexible. The Lace-up closure helps in adjusting the fit as per your feet’s size. The shoes also have a buckle on either side that gives them an even more edgy outlook.


  • Versatile boots
  • Made of faux leather
  • Lightweight, flexible and Cushioned
  • Lace-up closure
  • Buckles and zipper on sides
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Affordable


  • It is ankle-length. So, your leg will not be protected

5. Nature Breeze Harley 12 Womens Military Lace up Studded Combat Boot

Nature Breeze Harley 12 Womens Military Lace up Studded Combat Boot

The Nature Breeze Harley 12 Women’s Military Lace up Studded Combat Boots are undoubtedly one of the top shoes for Burning Man. Their strongest point is that they are extremely comfortable. These shoes are lightweight, stylish, comfortable and affordable.

The shoes have a very large fan-following because of its quality and affordability. The outsole of these shoes is made up of leatherette. Leatherette is mostly prepared with vinyl or plastic. This is a more environment-friendly replacement for leather. Because of leatherette, the shoes come off as more durable as well as resistant towards scratches and marks.

These shoes are designed specifically to give that edgy biker appearance. They are endowed with spikes at the ankle portion. The side zippers work both as a mark of style and for easy-to-wear or take-off purposes. Made with synthetic material, these shoes stand out even in hot weather for their durability.

These Natural Breeze Harley 12 boots have very comfortable built. The mid-calf portion of the boots is detailed with laces and the shoes also come with a toe cap for extra support. These vintage boots are slip-resistant, have a chic distressed finish and keep your feet secure from any hostility.

Even while performing tasks that need intense movement, the shoes help your feet stay snug and painless. These are lightweight and flexible shoes with a well-defined appearance. Of course, they are one of the most comfortable shoes for Burning Man.


  • Made with synthetic material
  • Leatherette sole and upper
  • Details like zipper and spikes
  • Stitched toe cap
  • Lace-up
  • Knee-length boots
  • Distressed finish


  • The boots tend to look a little wider than usual

6. Allegra K Women's Platform Chunky High Heel Lace Up Combat Boots

Allegra K Women's Platform Chunky High Heel Lace Up Combat Boots

Chunky and extremely stylish, the Allegra K Women’s Platform Chunky High Heel Lace Up Combat Boots make one of the best boots for Burning Man and are meant to steal hearts. These boots will fit your feet perfectly if you size up. The boots tend to be very comfortable for all-day wear.

The boots are inclined more towards a sexy appearance and are available in so many dazzling colors. Gold, burgundy, red, white and black are the chief colors you will find in the market. The boots have a vamp polyurethane built which is why they are quite flexible.

You will have to break-in to get to the more comfortable phase and once you do, these shoes will be your next favorites. These beautiful boots are so lightweight that despite the block heel, you can run or walk or dance in the shoes comfortably. They are quite breathable, and the sole is made of PU.

Because they are given such a chic appearance, the shoes can be worn on several occasions. You can dress them up for Burning Man, you can use them for cosplay, and you can even wear them for a casual night out at the club.

The lace-up detail and the side zipper on the shoes help you in adjusting the size of the shoes as well. The insole has been padded with cushion for extra comfort and support.


  • Made of polyurethane
  • Side zip and Lace-up details
  • Versatile
  • Sexy appearance
  • Padded insole
  • Breathable, flexible and lightweight


  • The chunky heel might not be easy to walk with on sands

7. Wild Diva Womens Knee High Boots Lace Up Riding Boots

Wild Diva Womens Knee High Boots Lace Up Riding Boots

The wild diva women’s knee-high boots lace-up riding boots are exactly as catchy as they sound. These boots have a stylish knee-length combat boots kind of appearance. The upper area is made of synthetic material.

The shoes have a very clean, suede sort of appearance. There is a zipper from the lower ankle portion to the top on either side of the shoes for easy on and off. The boots also have a Lace-up closure detail.

However, this design works more as a style feature than for size adjustments. The boots come in a large variety of colors, namely: Cognac, Brown, Premier Brown, Brown 220, Brown PU, Cognac PU, Premium Black, Cognac 282, Black PU, Brown 282, Black and Premier Cognac.

Imported and made in the USA, these shoes are a stylish choice for both vegan and non-vegan customers.

These Wild Diva boots scream Femme Fatale with their stylish appearance. The heel height tends to be almost 1.25 inches. This is why they are comfortable enough to be Burning Man footwear. The shaft is approximately 16 inches from the arch. This helps create a balance for your feet and also supports your ankle as well as back.

It is also really easy to clean as all you need to do is polish the surface with a damp cloth and you are done! The soles of these shoes have good traction and are extremely comfortable as well as durable.


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Made of man-made materials
  • Low heel height
  • The shaft is 16 inches away from the arch
  • Available in a large variety of style and colors
  • Customized fit with Lace-up closure
  • Zipline for easy-to-wear
  • Easy-to-clean


  • The shoes can be a little bulkier than other shoes in the list

8. DailyShoes Women's Military Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots

DailyShoes Women's Military Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots

The DailyShoes Women’s Military Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots Mid Knee High Exclusive Quilted Credit Card Pocket shoes are another pair in this list of top level shoes for Burning Man that has a combat boots kind of appearance. These shoes are highly compatible with all kinds of wear at a festival.

Furthermore, you can also wear them as biker boots or boots for clubbing. These shoes are extremely durable Burning Man festival shoes and the comfort provided by them is indisputable. In case, you still want more comfort, opt for the best socks for Burning Man that will help you feel like walking on clouds.

These are an iconic pair of stylish shoes that come in a surprisingly affordable range. The most unique feature that it has are the pockets. The shoes boast pockets for storage like keys, credit/debit cards or even charging cables. Isn’t that just amazing?

If you are someone who looks for colors, these shoes come in wild colors. Black PU Ellery01, Quilted Beige PU, Tan PU Ellery01, Red PU Ellery01, Purple PU Ellery01, Quilted Ivory White PU, Quilted Red PU, Quilted Hot Pink PU are few of the options that you can get your hands on.

Built with durable synthetic materials, these shoes come with a padded insole and durable rubber sole. These are flexible, comfortable and affordable shoes that you just can’t miss.


  • Made of synthetic
  • Durable, flexible and comfortable rubber sole
  • Pockets for storage
  • Padded soles
  • Available in beautiful colors
  • Affordable


  • The shoes are not water-proof

9. PUMA Women's Eskiva Hi Metallic High-Top Fashion Sneaker

9. PUMA Women's Eskiva Hi Metallic High-Top Fashion Sneaker

These Puma Sneakers come first and foremost in this list of finding the best shoes for Burning Man. These imported shoes have flexible slip-resistant outsoles that are built with the “fearless Eskiva High Metallic”.

The upper material is made of waterproof premium leather with an iconic boxing style that ensures your feet’ safety even during the toughest desert weather. These are meant to be used in Desert areas. They are especially durable, safe and comfortable.

Designed with 10 eyelets for Lace-up closure, these boots can be adjusted to your feet size. The boots have a plush lining that keeps the sand from entering inside. These are the best boots for Burning Man. They are extremely lightweight (weighing no more than 1 lb 1 oz).

The shoes have a heel tab that facilitates easy take-off and easy wear. The tongue is perforated which means the shoes are ventilated for a more breathable experience. Apart from these, the boot’s tongue also has a chic gold logo placed at the top for a more edgy look.

The cushions placed inside the shoes give extra support and comfort. The shoes also have a very low heel which is perfect for a festival like the Burning Man. You can also pair them up with socks for an even more comfortable experience. They look pretty and feel pretty to you.

Overall, these are the perfect shoes for Burning Man, and you should add these in your cart already!


  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Leather made
  • Breathable because of perforated tongue
  • 10 eyelets for size adjustments
  • Lightweight
  • Heel tab for easy take-off
  • Stylish
  • Low heel


  • Sizes vary and therefore you will need to check sizes before you purchase. They usually run a little large.

10. Maelstrom Men's Tac Force Military Tactical Work Boots

Maelstrom Men's Tac Force Military Tactical Work Boots

The Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Military Tactical Work Boots come next in the list of top 10th shoe. These shoes are super flexible, super comfortable and easy to wear. They are also water, chemical as well as spill resistant which makes them quite a durable pair of shoes.

A few highlights that make it one of the best burning man footwear are the shoes’ toe box and the safety they provide. They will help you walk for hours in the desert land without destroying your feet. These shoes are slip-resistant which makes it even more comfortable to walk in.

Once you break into these shoes, you will find that the shoes provide a very snug fit. The shoes have a lining that wicks moisture off of your feet and keeps your feet ventilated. Even in the hottest and the most humid weather, the shoes are bound to keep your feet dry and odor-resistant.

The shoes are available only in two colors i.e. black and tan. But, despite its monochromatic simplicity, these Maelstrom shoes ooze style. They come with a thick tongue that protects your feet further even after walking for extensive hours.

The insole is shock-absorbent and so are the midsoles. With an oil- and abrasion-resistant outsole and easy-to-clean properties, these make one hell of a pair of shoes for Burning Man.


  • Chemical-, water- and spill-resistant
  • Oil- and abrasive-resistant
  • Comfortable, flexible and lightweight
  • Thick protective tongue
  • Shock-absorbent insole and midsole
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Breathable
  • Moisture-Wicking, odor-resistant properties


  • The shoes lack arch support

Shoes For Burning Man Buying Guide

Burning Man is a festival. It means you will hardly be sitting at a table sipping your best shot of Margherita quietly. We have come up with some smart tips to help you decide:

Opt for Boots

Walking in a desert is not like walking on a beach. There are some people who might be brave enough to walk barefooted on desert sands. However, protection against desert sands is still advised the most. A pair of boots can be the best Burning Man footwear. They will protect your feet from the harshness of the desert and will also look stylish on you.

Avoid Heel Height

Heels are never helpful in a desert. A heeled shoe will never let you walk on sands. Shoes will zero or low heel height is your go-to shoes when it comes to going to the Burning Man festival.

Snug Fit

For any pair of burning shoes, the trick for comfort is a snug fit. Comfortable boots for Burning Man are those that will fit your feet just right. Even if you want to buy a pair of shoes that come with an open toe, make sure that they fit your feet perfectly. With a shoe that does not fit your feet size, you won’t be able to walk for far.

Keeps Desert Sand Out

Look for the best boots for Burning Man that come with a lining between the tongue and the body of the shoes. This lining will act as a barricade for your shoes and keep sand from entering.

Comfort Cushion

Besides sand, the desert also has hard, dry, rough surfaces. Stones and pebbles will also hurt your feet if your shoes lack cushions. Buy a pair that provides cushioning to your feet. Also, buying the best socks for Burning Man will help in providing that extra comfort and protection to your feet.


You should never be careless about getting the best shoes for Burning Man. A lot is kept at stake You need your shoes to look good, but you also want them to be comfortable. At the same time, they should also be durable and easy to wear. You have the options in the market.

After reading the needed information through the list above, which shoes do you think would be most perfect for you? And if you have them in your mind, why not get them already? So, go ahead and have a mind-blowing shopping!