Best Shoes for Desert Hiking

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My friends had been making a plan to visit Africa and most specifically to visit the SAHARA and nearby attractions. Shoes were the first thing in our mind as we had learned that for hiking in the desert, we were going to need suitable shoes. So here’s my list of top 10 best shoes for desert hiking which might be helpful for every fellow travelers.

There are some significant features for well-made hiking shoes. These shoes have to be well-padded, preferably high ultimately for ankle support and protection against the sand. Simultaneously, it would feel better if the shoes are light in weight. So, most shoes are made keeping all these features in mind to make walking and hiking more comfortable.

Check Top 10 Best Shoes for Desert Hiking Reviews

1. Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

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This is another top favorite hiking boot in the market. This is most popular among the womenfolk. These shoes provide durability and comfort and suitability.

Product Key Features

It Dries off Quickly

This fast-drying feature is an attractive feature to look out for, having not to worry about wet shoes as it will instantly dry off.

Top-notch Comfortable Shoe

This shoe is built keeping the high comfort of the user in mind. The shoe feels comfortable for its light sole which provides a higher cushioning effect.

Advanced Traction Technology

This high technology built in the sole for providing higher gripping capacity by the shoe in the desert or hiking terrain. It ultimately is responsible for our comfortable walking as well.

Lightweight and a High-performance Sole

This advanced sole is responsible for the higher cushioning effect that imparts comfort to our feet. And the impact absorption and gripping effects are all results of this top-notch sole.



This is another popular shoe in the market for its highly attractive features and also for its long-lasting time, for high comfort and heavy gripping in every kind of terrain make this is a very good quality boot to be used.

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2. Salomon Men's X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots

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This is one of the top desert hiking boots for hiking in the desert because of all the attractive features it presents! It is waterproof & it is built with descent control technology to help you hike efficiently and comfortably!

Product Key Features

Descent Control Technology

This new technology which is used to make this shoe help people hike very efficiently, especially in tough descents and in wet places too!

Waterproof Shoe

This is waterproof meaning it will dry off in a very short time, as it will absorb all water with its advanced built-in technology and material quality

An Advanced Frame of the Shoe

The frame inside the footwear which is surrounded by foam and cushioning makes the shoe very stable and fit and makes it very durable.

The Advanced Chassis, surrounded by foam cushioning for comfort, connects directly to the sole to stabilize your heel.


This unique feature in the footwear helps in keeping your feet dry all the time, which is a very comfortable aspect in a shoe. This feature alone can make you feel attracted to it.



This is a very popular shoe with very attractive features, helping to keep your hiking adventure as good as it can. This is one of the top favorites in the market now. So this shoe is a good fit for everyone.

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3. KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid Wide Hiking Shoe

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A popular brand coming with good quality Shoes like KEEN is a good choice to look for.

Product Key Features

Leather and Rubber

Good quality rubber sole with good quality leather helps this shoe to be used for a long duration. Any good shoe must have good leather and rubber quality. And this shoe provides that quality.

Keeps Leg Dry

It comes with the feature to keep your legs dry and makes you feel very pleasant. This helps to keep wearing the shoe for longer than necessary.

Standard Arch Support

It provides good arch support for the legs and provides comfort to the user. This arch support is helpful for the ankle as the ankle is kept well due to this support.



This is one of the top class boots for desert imparting much pleasure to the user.

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4. Clarks Men's Bushacre 2 Chukka Boot

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This shoe which is a product from a popular brand “Clarks” is another well-known good quality shoe. These shoes have been built from imported materials to ensure their top quality.

Product Key Features

Good Fitting

These branded shoes are well fitted which is a great attribute in a shoe. These will grip your ankles well to make you very comfortable.

Branded Shoe

Branded Shoes are always top quality providing great comfort to the user. These shoes are always made to be top-notch as they are made of durable materials keeping user comfort in mind.


High quality imported materials are used to make this shoe. This is the reason for its long-lasting duration.

Complete Synthetic Material

Synthetic leather makes the shoe very comfortable to wear and it lasts for a long time.



If you are looking for the best shoes for desert hiking, having good quality material and synthetic leather and something to last for a long time, then this might be suitable for you.

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5. Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

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This is another good quality long-lasting good looking shoe. Timberland is a famous brand which has gained popularity for good quality and good looking Shoes. So you definitely should check it out!

Product Key Features

Can Dry Itself Fast

This drying fast property something we all want in a shoe. Because it helps to keep the shoe lasting for a long time and it doesn’t compromise with the comfort of the user.

Good Quality Rubber Sole

The shock-absorbing feature is a must for any type of workout sneakers. The rubber sole ensures a shoe’s capability of absorbing shock or impact that acts on the shoe surface. Because no matter how large the impact is, this rubber sole will reduce the rate of impact and makes the users comfortable.

Good Quality Leather

It is a definite must top priority requirement check, having 100% good quality leather. These branded shoes have good leather as popularly known.



These branded long-lasting, good-looking, good quality shoes are a popular choice in the market. These shoes are a definite plus!

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6. Under Armour Men's Valsetz Rts 1.5 Military and Tactical Boot

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This lightweight good looking footwear having long-lasting synthetic leather might be a good choice for all as well. Because this shoe comes with eye-catching attributes. This is popular as one of the good army desert boots.

Product Key Features


This property of lightweight is always preferred by everyone, as it ensures comfortable walking in the desert hiking boots for the users.

Ankle Support System

This shoe was built with a unique ankle supporting feature that helps the user to walk comfortably and freely without any fear of an accident or damaging the shoe.

Toe Cap Protection

This toe cap is provided for extra protection, to make it durable for a long time. This is something to look for in a shoe.

PU film

This property also helps to make the shoe long-lasting. This film surrounds the shoe and helps for resisting abrasion and makes the user comfortable.



This is a well-made shoe with special features that make it a good brand to check out as one of the good army desert shoes in the market.

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7. Danner Men's Mountain 600 4.5" Hiking Boot

[amazon fields=” B01N9MAMXY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5″ Hiking Boot”]

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Now, let’s talk about one of the most popular branded companies with very good quality footwear. This is one of the best pair of shoes for desert hiking. This Danner company product is really popular in the market with its fabulous attributes.

Product Key Features

Quality Leather

These shoes have high-quality leather. So it keeps it protected against the big amount of walking and running, simultaneously providing solace to the user.

Made by Shipping Materials

These desert hiking boots are made from good quality foreign materials making it durable. These foreign materials give a good duration of lasting to the shoes, side-by-side providing good quality leather.

Outsole with Mega Grip Technology

The shoes comes with the prominent quality sole which provides the user with heavy and tight gripping to ensure high stability and comfortable walking.

Good Quality Insole

To make walking comfortable, the insole needs to be good quality as well in the desert hiking boots. These shoes have that quality.

Good Quality Midsole

For providing max comfort, support and stability and grip midsole need to be of good quality. These shoes provide that quality.

Quality Heel Frame

This top-notch heel frame gives required support to the ankle of the shoes. This heel frame helps to get a good grip as well and helps the user to use the shoe with pleasure.



This top-notch fabulous looking good quality Shoes with high-quality attributes is a must to check out before buying one. This is one of the top favorites of people, so one should keep it at the top of the list.

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8. Merrell Mens Moab 2 Mid Tactical Waterproof

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This shoe brand comes with top-notch hiking shoes that provide comfort and long-lasting shoe to the user.

Product Key Features

Breathable and Water-resistant Shoe

This shoe doesn’t get too hot and it keeps leg dry and also the water-resistant quality keeps the shoe dry and imparts solace to the wearer.

Durability and Comfort

This shoe provides a very comfortable feeling to the user and it lasts for a long time if taken good care of.

Stylish Design

These shoes look good and come in different types of styles. The shoe comes with quality leather and beautiful designs to catch your eyes.



These branded shoes are known for good looking design Shoes and it has long durability too. So for these features, this is in the top list too.

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9. Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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This is another popular brand with high-quality shoes. All these features make this shoe in this top desert hiking shoe list.

Product Key Features

Top class Leather & Materials

This branded shoe comes with top quality leather and it has high lasting compatibility as it is built from foreign materials.

Air cushion for Shock Absorption

The cushion inside sole helps to reduce stress by absorbing shock to give comfort.

Standard Midsole & Insole

This midsole is responsible for desired high stability and gripping in the ankle for pleasant walking. And the high-grade insole is responsible for giving pleasant feeling to the user.

Toe cover for Standard Protection

The toe cover is provided to protect the shoe better and quality insole for high comfort.



This popular brand shoe that comes with high-quality attributes makes this is top priority shoe. So it should be checked out!

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10. IODSON Mens' Ultra-Light Combat Boots Military Tactical Work Boots

[amazon fields=” B074QQZC5Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”IODSON Mens’ Ultra-Light Combat Boots Military Tactical Work Boots”]

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This is another good quality shoe from a brand company that is popular among people for its attributes. This is also topper among army desert boots.

Product Key Features

Long-lasting Super Fiber Mash

The shoe comes with a top-class fiber mash that ensures the long-lasting condition of the shoes. For the longer duration of the shoe, this fiber mash plays a big role and helps for comfortable movement.

High-Grade Outsole

The outsole of these desert hiking boots are built to provide good ankle support and extra stability while talking and firm grip.

Stylish Design

This shoe comes with many varieties of styles and design and all looks good. So it provides many choices to decide from, making you feel pleasant.

Light in Weight

This shoe is light in weight compared to many shoes in the market. These lightweight shoes ultimately make you feel solace. Because it puts less burden on your legs.



These shoes are good quality shoes with quality attributes provided for long durability. So keep this in your shoes buying list.

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Shoes for Desert Hiking Buying Guide

There are some necessary things we need to keep our eye on before finalizing our decision. These features ultimately make the best desert boots. The features we need to look out for are.


Branded products have better and sufficient and good quality products. So definitely, we should begin our search from the branded footwear shops.


The utmost essential feature of the shoes is that this footwear needs to be comfortable, trialed and tested well until they are on their last legs. We should allow plenty of time before the hike to research and to find the best shoes for desert walking.


There definitely will be occurrences on a desert traveling adventure when people will walk against the rough desert surface. Some footwear has upper advantages of a strong sole at the medium or base that provides with anti‐bruising on uneven ground.

Keeping sand out of the boot

Walking in the desert ultimately means that your shoes are going to be full of sand after several steps. This is a really important design feature for your shoes.

Ankle support for feet

It is a must needed and important feature in any shoes, especially hiking shoes. Even without ankle problems, ankle support is something that needs to be integrated for traveling.

Heavyweight and lightweight

The heavyweight boot is going to make your legs feel heavier and hotter. And lighter boot means they are to fall apart but it won’t make the legs feel heavier.

These are the contributing factors that make a shoe more reliable for walking and especially hiking in the desert.


We need to review all the pros and cons and features of a commodity before finalizing on a particular product. We always want to find the best shoe with the best possible features at a good price. That’s why a good review is always needed and appreciated.

So, this review about shoes is dedicated to all the fellow travelers, so that they can find the best pair of shoes for themselves and go on to the amazing journeys ahead.