Best Shoes for Kickball

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Kickball is a popular sport with similarities to American baseball. It also combines some aspects of softball and soccer. The game of kickball seeks to lay the groundwork for younger children to get the basic skills for playing baseball. But you should choose the best shoes for kickball for your needs.

Apart from children, adults of all ages also play kickball. It involves running and kicking a ball over a softball field and other appropriate surfaces. Therefore, players must ensure they wear shoes that will help absorb the impact and other rigors of the game. Our review will guide you in choosing the perfect shoes for kickball to support your feet.

Who Are These Shoes Designed For?

Check Top 7 Best Shoes for Kickball Reviews

1. adidas Women's Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe

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The highly attractive women’s soccer shoe is available in Easy Coral, White, and Energy Blue colors. The lightweight design helps players move faster while providing lots of control and traction, especially on dry, natural grass.

Over 90 percent recommend the shoes for their roomy interior for wider feet. Besides, more than 6 percent of users like the high arch support the shoes provide. Moreover, close to 75 percent of actual users are very happy with the product. These rave reviews make the Women’s Goletto VI the top shoes for kickball you will ever purchase.

Many customers report they fit as expected and they are very sturdy. Players also enjoy the excellent grip and comfort of the shoes.



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2. ASICS Men's Lethal Tigreor 4 IT Soccer Shoe

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The product is a fully leather and synthetic upper, with a synthetic sole. It’s lightweight but offers lots of comfort and stability. The design and technology of the shoe represent more than 40 years of high-quality, reliable manufacturing.

The 100 percent leather upper is flexible and durable and will make the ideal addition to your kickball gear. It also provides excellent overall traction as well as a good feel and ball control. The raised back supports the heel and ankle from scrapes and taps and shields the back of the foot from wet, dirt, and filthy conditions.

Many users like the comfortable, glove-like fit while wearing the shoe. Besides, the leather also stretches to adjust to the natural shape of your foot. It is lightweight, weighing only 2 pounds, with a thick, removable sock-liner footbed.

More than 50 percent of all customers are fully satisfied with the features of the shoe. The cleats are rugged and durable, and many customers also rate them as the most excellent shoes for kickball available on the market.

Although some customers report the shoes are a bit narrow, they are, however, very comfortable overall. The shoes are easy to break-in and are ideal for broader foot sizes. They are comfortable, and customers report the cushy insoles also help reduce pain in the foot and lower limbs.



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3. Under Armour Men's Highlight MC Football Shoe

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The high top, attractive red, white, and black design soccer shoes are suitable for boys and girls. The synthetic upper offers excellent arch support.

The upper is lightweight and comfortable with breathable, flexible mesh fabric. They are soft and feature some of the best turf shoes for kickball. The lace-up design provides additional comfort and helps to keep the shoe in place during play.

The insoles and midfoot design also offer excellent arch support when moving around. Under Armour Men’s Highlight, MC Football Cleats rank among the top 15 Men’s Football shoes in their category. Moreover, close to 80 percent of actual users also regard them as the best shoes for kickball games.

Some customers also report the shoes also provide excellent support for players with flat feet. Customers also like the affordability, durability, and overall fit of the shoes. The cleats offer a good grip with the round plastic spurs on the bottom.

At the same time, however, other customers report the shoes are a bit narrow and may take a while to break-in.



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4. Adidas Performance Men's Gloro 16.1 FG Soccer Shoe

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The shoe is available in colors like metallic silver, black and white. They are affordable, and the design combines modern technology with a classic style for a highly desirable soccer shoe.

Synthetic leather covers the heel portion of the shoe and offers a great deal of stability and softness for a comfortable fit. The k-leather fabric is also flexible and molds to the shape of the feet for a snug yet comfy fit. Besides, the inner lining provides lots of comfort from the get-go.

Apart from comfort and stability, the shoes also offer a high degree of ball-touch and shock absorbency over varying terrains. Some of the cleats also feature either plastic or rubber stud for durability and stability. Many customers also attest to the lightweight feel of the shoe, and they rank them among the best cleats for kickball.

The shoes also stretch to help keep the feet comfortable over the long term. Research also shows that close to 75 percent of actual users are fully satisfied with the product.



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5. adidas Men's Football Training Boots

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The sleek, stylish, synthetic, and fabric uppers are comfortable with EVA insoles. They feel great from the first step and offer lots of cushioning and a secure fit. Players will experience superior ball feel and a stable, durable product.

The shoes are available in red, white, and black colors. The upper features a lace loop along the middle that helps ensure you get a unique, glove-like fit. Also, they sport a, stitched toe box for comfort and stable toe support.

Studies show more than 75 percent of overall users love the design and range of features the shoes offer. Some also report the cleats fit very well, and they experience no blisters or foot pain. The high-quality, attractive, classic design is is also a hit with many users.

The leather fabric is soft, and many customers report they are comfortable, long-lasting, and some of the best kickball shoes on the market. The bottom of the shoes also features round studs for lots of traction on impact. They are suitable male and female kickball players, especially for those with broader foot sizes.

Furthermore, research also shows the shoes are solid with a tremendous touch-ball effect. Although the fit is a bit narrow, many customers also like the level of comfort the shoes provide. The shoes are easy to clean and mold to the shape of the foot for additional comfort.



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6. Mizuno Women's 9 Spike Swift 4 Fast Pitch Metal Softball Cleat

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These fully synthetic uppers are available in white and grey colors. The sole is also synthetic and sports a lace-up design and full-length midsole. The inner lining comprises a perforated, breathable mesh material.

The cleats weigh less than 3 pounds and rank in the top 30 Women’s Baseball and Softball Shoes category.

Comfort is a priority with these shoes since they have a cushy inner lining with lots of support for the heels and forefoot. The laces are durable and help keep the shoes from slipping off. The lightness of the upper allows players to move around the field faster.

Most customers appreciate the quality and design of the shoes. They especially like the affordability, excellent comfortable fit, and attractive colors. In our review, some customers also note they did not experience any pain or discomfort while wearing the shoes.

They are highly durable and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Further, many customers also report the shoes are ideal for fastpitch softball. Besides, the shoes fit well on players with more large foot sizes.

More than 70 percent of actual users are happy with the look, feel, and general performance of the shoes. However, some sizes are smaller than some similar brands, and some customers report they are a bit harder to break-in.

Overall, these shoes are a definite hit with persons who play fastpitch softball, and also rank among the perfect shoes for kickball and softball players.



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7. adidas Performance Women's PowerAlley 2 W Softball Cleat

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The shoe is available in white, carbon, and black lace-up designs. The material comprises 100 percent textile, leather, and synthetic fabric. They are the right shoe if you are looking for lots of comforts, grip, and speed on the softball patch.

The Adidas Women’s Power Alley shoes have lots of unique features that make them stand out among the paramount shoes for kickball games. The textile lining is very comfortable, and the EVA design in the midfoot and inner shank plate offers lots of stability. The sock liner also features Ortholite moisture-wicking support to help reduce sweating during play.

There’s also an outer heel clip that helps protect the ankles and heels while moving around. The shoes also rank in the top 35 Women’s Baseball & Softball shoe category. The metal cleats are very comfortable and durable.

However, while some customers say they fit a bit smaller than some other soccer shoes, others report they hold up better than some other brands. Further, some actual users also report the comfort level of the shoes to help cushion the feet against pain and soreness.

Moreover, the level of comfort, style, and color scheme of the shoes rank highly among most users. To this end, over 50 percent of all users are satisfied with the women’s kickball cleats.



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Shoes for Kickball Buying Guide

Before you purchase your kickball shoes, ensure you look for these qualities:

Heel support: Choose shoes that offer lots of ankle and heel support.

Stability: Look for durability and traction on the spurs.

Positioning: Check to see whether your choice is ideal for the type of movement you need and the position you play.

Responsiveness: Opt for shoes that provide right feel/touch for the ball.

Comfort: Choose breathable fabrics, and offer lots of cushioning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the best cleats to buy?

A: It depends on the type of turf and the position you play. It’s best to purchase longer studs for grassy fields, and shorter studs for artificial lawns.

Q: How do I get the right fit?

A: Sizes vary depending on the make and model of the shoe. For some brands, you may need one and a half over your regular size, depending on the shape of the shoe.

Q: What type of material is best?

A: It depends on your style and comfort level. If you experience pain or soreness, it may be best to choose a synthetic upper that’s a bit softer on the feet. Conversely, leather will adjust to the shape of your feet as you move.

Q: What types of shoes are suitable for kickball?

A: The type of shoe depends on the level of play, and position you hold on the field. You may also consider the shape of your foot, and the level of support and protection you require.

Q: Do soccer shoes differ for men and women?

A: Women’s sizes tend to be smaller than men’s sizes. Some color schemes may also vary, and will appeal to the unique tastes of both sexes.


Kickball is a game that’s suitable for children as well as adults. It requires lots of speed, movement, and traction. The right shoes are essential to helping you enjoy the game with as little and discomfort as possible. They must also fit well feel secure as you move and provide the type of support for the position you play on the field.

The best shoes for kickball will include elements of style, comfort, support, stability, and durability. They will also be manageable and lightweight to give you a high level of speed and traction you need to score big.