Best Shoes for Scoliosis

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As a scoliosis patient, I know the Back pain while using high heels. You should think of almost your health before your stylish gaze in this case. I have to constantly think practically the Best shoes for Scoliosis. I’m talking about the abnormal curve spinal cord that is directly related to our body structure.

Therefore Scoliosis is a medical condition in which you can find a very abnormal bend vertebral column. The reason for this structural disorder is generally unknown. In the USA 2%-3% of people that are around 5 to 9 million cases, find the abnormal curve of their backbone.

Consequently, adolescent girls suffer this problem but boys also have an abnormal spine. The treatment is bracing your spine, which is so much throbbing pain. The people who have extreme Scoliosis like C-shape or S- shape curve they need bracing.

If you have a less curve spine that might be Thoracic, lumber, thoraco-lumber or combined you can survive. The most vital issue in scoliosis cases is that individuals have to care about their feet. Because feet have direct influences on our spinal cord just look at this image:

influences on our spinal cord

So, the best pair of shoes can give a great deal of support that aids you provide fewer burdens on your back. Although you have scoliosis discomfort you can feel improved and can work properly.

Check Top 5 Best Shoes for Scoliosis Reviews

For the best pair to support my back pain, I tried many shoes. From there, I give here 5 best shoes that provide an effective result.

1. Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe

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The people who have extreme Thoracic and combined scoliosis need to give their foot less-pressure. It can only possible with a well-designed and innovative midsole like cloud wave technology.

Arch Support with U4ic

The midsole is designed with U4ic technology and the centered heel area is soft. As a result, you can feel less pressure with your every gate.

Adaptive fit

The shoes are constructed with stretch mesh ideas so you can get an adaptive fit. The foot size can easily fit immediately after wearing the shoe.

Cushioning system

Cloud wave footbed can give you extra cushioning feeling. Mizuno is specialized in this technology. This extra cushioning technology helps you to walk and run even you have scoliosis disorder.


The shoes are made with textile and synthetic fabric with mesh stretch technology. The rubber outsole with grip design gives you more slip resistance and anti-traction feel.

My findings

The shoe can give you great knee support with cloud wave technology. It is lightweight but no difference I found with the previous series.



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2. Nurse Mates Women's Dove Oxford

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Ladies should be more careful about their footwear. To support medical professionals, as well as scoliosis ladies Dove, brings you, Nurse mate. Nurse mate is the best shoes for scoliosis ever since long time. The main benefits of these shoes are here.

Arch Support

Midsole and outsole of these Nurse Mate shoes are connected with steel shanks. Therefore, you can develop perfect arch support to stand in a stable way. This is 1and 1/2inches heel height with EVA midsole and outsole help to give a comfortable gate all day long.

Snug fit

The shoe doesn’t have lace, but it has the goring system. As a result, you can easily put on the shoes without any hassle. The forefoot is a little bit wider as well as the heel area. So, if you have wide forefeet with the thin heel, then get 1/2inches less size of your regular footwear.

Cushioning system

Innersole is made with the synthetic sole as well as EVA technology. It has the extra cushioning inside so that individual can get more comfortable while walking.

Shock Absorbing Technology

The outsole of these shoes is made with Polyurethane EVA materials. In addition, one can able to hold own energy. The PU heel area gives you more shock absorption facilities. The outsole has grip design so it can protect you from slip and traction.


The upper side of these shoes is made with stain-free full-grain leather. Furthermore, the collar and inner side made with sock liner latex materials.

My findings

It is a more comfortable, more balancing but less stylish look. The patient likes extreme osteoporosis and scoliosis they have this one.



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3. Saucony Triumph ISO 5 Men's

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If you want to support your back as well as knee then Saucony Triumph is best for you. The EVERUN assembled shoes give you entire cushioning at the same time you can feel less stress on your knee and back.

Arch Support with EVERUN technology

Saucony made their shoes with EVERUN technology so a runner can feel more cushioned as well. EVERUN thick midsole with neutral construction help to support high arch people. The outsole is made with crystal rubber with an amazing grip system to control your motion.

Cushioning system

ISOFit technology with innovative Formfit helps to give you a comfortable fit inside. The custom fit with the actual footbed help to stable your foot properly. As a result, no tighter feel with an adjustable foot area.


This shoe has manmade fabric upperside with padded tongue and mesh design. The collar and inner side fabric is sock liner.

My findings

The reflective heel area and wide toe box help to stable your foot. The flat feet people may not feel comfortable with these shoes. Best footwear for scoliosis patients as well as supination people.



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4. MOSHA Belle Men Athletic Shoes

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With the unique technology and innovative design, MohsaBelle brings to you a new type of shoes for athletic. But these shoes can be used by any other people who like to run miles of miles. These are herniated disc shoes to support your back as well as your knee while you have a brace.

Unique blade design

The outsole design with a unique technology called the blade rubber. This blade rubber has the hollow with curve design that the feet can give well balance.

Innovative Honeycomb insole

The insole of these shoes is made with honeycomb technology which gives you more sweat-free running. The insole also helps to prevent bad odor because honeycomb soaks the sweat very fast.

Round Toes area

The anti-collision round toe area helps to protect your toe from any accident. The toe area is much wider to give your foot more room.


The upper side covered with one-piece mesh fabric with sock liner inside. The collar and tongue made with foam for extra comfort.

Shock absorb with the blade midsole

The hollow blade rubber helps to protect your feet from any kind of high pressure. The hollow design works against foot pressure. You can walk or run without any fatigue all day long

Our findings

The people who love to wear stylish shoes as well as orthotic they have this one. This shoe is a multipurpose shoe to wear any time for any reason.



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5. Brooks Mens Glycerin 17 Cushioned Road Running Shoe

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If you are serious patient of scoliosis then Glycerin 17 is for you. It has the super cushioning midsole with DNA loft technology. This is well enough to prove, these are the best running shoes for scoliosis. Let’s talk about the benefits and featured that we find here.

Arch Support with DNA LOFT

The midsole of these shoes is made with DNA LOFT technology that gives an individual super cushioning. The people who have scoliosis problem and also want to run they can easily wear it.

Plush fit for comfortable gate

The real fit that can give you no tighter feeling or loser feeling. The Plash fit gives you benefits of stretching according to your foot size.

Shock Absorbing Technology

The DNA LOFT thick midsole with six liner grip outsole gives your energy back. The shoes have super shock absorption quality to work for a long time. Scoliosis patients can feel more balanced with these shoes.


The upper side of this shoe 3D mesh design with synthetic fabric. The inner side is Ortholite sock liner with stretch bootie surroundings. So, if you wear it you don’t feel any discomfort.

My Findings

More motion control with level 3 cushioning can help to stay stable and reduce back pain. The glycerin liner that covers the midsole and upperside gives an extra stylish look.



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Shoes for Scoliosis Buying Guide

Most abnormal scoliosis comparable to combine one ought to treat with bracing. The doctors always recommend picking the best shoes for an individual. Consequently, you must pick athletic shoes or medical shoes.

Therefore your every posture should give back fewer stresses. It only can possible if someone has arch support, extra cushioned shock-absorb shoes. Well-cushioned and shock-absorb shoes can give the best support to work accurately.

The criteria that one’s has to follow before buying shoes for scoliosis are given below.

Arch supportive

There are three types of arch that each person has like neutral, flat and high arches. You have to elect arch supportive shoes if an individual has flat or high feet as well as a scoliosis problem.

Well cushioning

Cushioning is the supreme issue that you must take seriously. A well-cushioned shoe can minimize your difficulties. The shoes without cushion provide a bad impact on individual feet and back. Then you must take more pressure while walking, running or even standing.

Shock absorbing

Well-constructed shock absorbs shoes can give you more comfort and effortless movement. The thick midsole can help to minimize the energy that creates with your every footstep.


Whether anyone is taking a snug fit, adaptive fit or plush fit must care about fitting. It should not be tight or loose fitted. Cause tight fit brings pain to the feet as well as the spinal cord. Similarly, loose fit creates slip inside while walking.

Breathable Materials

The materials of shoes are also important. Therefore, if an individual has shoes with breathability technology can protect own feet from sweat. The outsole, midsole, and insole should be made with prominent quality rubber.


The main reason to find these 5 best shoes for scoliosis is to give some ideas about effective shoes. If you want to work for a long time then one of these shoes will help you.

So, if you have the abnormal spine structure you have to choose cushioned shoes with arch support. Just get the best one to get rid of back pain.