Best Shoes for Swing Dancing

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The first and foremost concern you will face while purchasing the best shoes for swing dancing is what makes them the best out of all. There are certain features that are unavoidable. You will have to understand what those features are and why they are so important.

We have come up with everything you need to help you make a decision you won’t regret.

Type of Shoes for Swing Dancing

When it comes to selecting swing dance shoes for women and men, there is no book or rules to go by. You will need a pair of shoes that can fit your feet snugly. Since the purpose of these shoes is dancing, it is more advisable to get a pair of low heel height. This will help you balance with grace and minimize the risk of injuries or pain.

Another factor that is quite helpful is the availability of t-straps. T-straps are a great way of keeping the shoes intact with your feet. This way, you can dance without worrying about your shoe falling off of your feet.

Check Top 10 Best Shoes for Swing Dancings Reviews

1. Rockport Cobb Hill Collection Women's Aubrey

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The Rackport Cobb Hill Collection Women’s Aubrey shoes are an outstanding pair of swing dance heels. In terms of finding the best festival shoes for swing dancing, the heels are the ideal pick, especially if you are someone who does not prefer sneakers over heels.

Available in extremely affordable price range, these heels can be your go-to shoes not just for dancing but for other purposes like a fancy brunch with friends or a dinner date. Built with extremely durable 100% leather as well as thick rubber quality, these heels are your long-time partner for not just a few routines but through multiple events and days. Added to it is the unique, trendy style that finishes the outlook of the shoes famously.

These Rockport shoes are extremely relaxing to wear as they also have an authentic EVA-die foam, which gives the footbed a very comfortable cushioning. The shoes are thus soft from the inside and sturdy from the outside.

The shoes take inspiration from European styles. The platform height is up to 0.5 inches. This gives you a sense of elevation and sensuousness, and at the same time, it does not kill your feet with pain. The shoes feature an open heel and a closed toe, which gives it a classy appearance.

The T-Strap on the shoes fastens them to your feet snugly. Noting its durability, you can be sure that these shoes are made with top quality material so that you can dance through time effortlessly.



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2. Capezio Pedini Femme Jazz Shoe

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The Capezio Pedini Femme Jazz Shoes are made of 100% leather, which makes it the best shoes for swing dancing. These shoes are for women who dance with all their heart and soul. They are soft and very comfortable to break in. These are classic Capezio swing dance shoes, women, with durability and premium quality. They can easily fit your shoe snugly with stretch fabric.

The material of the sole is of a contoured suede, which seems to be patched. The sole is flexible and not too hard to cause any hurt to your feet. These shoes are two-piece with a patented, split-sole design.

One of the most outstanding features of the shoe is the insole, which is lined with a moisture-absorbent DRZY. The DRZY is also odor repellent as well as an antimicrobial to keep your feet hygienic.

You can find the shoes in three ultra-feminine colors, namely, caramel, light pink, and black. These Capezio Pedini shoes have been trending for all the right reasons. They are super beautiful. They can add grace to your plain-jane look.

Other than that, the shoes are very lightweight for effortless movement and boast a shock-absorbent heel. This way, these non-marking shoes protect you from getting hurt from the impacts made while sprinting. You can own the stage with these shoes.



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3. Jig Foo Women's Pumps Dance Shoes

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The Jig Foo Women’s Pumps Dance Shoes have been swing dance shoes women used by several professional experts of swing dancing. Jig Foo is a brand known for providing high-quality products in the market. These pump dance shoes by the brand are of no exception.

The shoe has a pretty low heel that gives both glamour and support to your dance moves. Because of its “easy to wear and take off” feature, the shoes are widely sought after all over the world.

The shoes are adorned with pretty buckles that help hold in your feet instead of letting them fling out. These straps or buckles can be fit as per your feet size and comfort. The shoes have become massively used for dance forms like salsa.

The low heel is placed over a metal shank that is meant to give you arch support. This way, you are able to balance better without falling, and it also helps in keeping your posture straight.

The shoes are available in a wide range of colors, from black and skin color to tan. The EVA midsole provides extra comfort and support to your feet. Since the shoes are made from lightweight, synthetic material, it is quite effortless to dance in these shoes.

The suede material used in the sole keeps it wear-resistant. Considering all of these features, it is no wonder that it is one of the best shoes for swing dance.



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4. Ollio Women's Shoe Classic Lace Up Dress Low Flat Heel Oxford

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The Ollio Women’s Shoe Classic Lace Up Dress Low Flat Heel Oxford shoes are one of the best shoes for swing dancing. These are a pair of synthetic swing dance shoes, women, with a matte finish look.

For effortless and graceful dancing, nothing can be more suitable than these shoes. The shoes will cover your feet comfortably. The rubber sole is strong against rough use. These shoes are styled like brogues. In fact, the shoes have been very much built, keeping in mind the sensuality of dancing required to prance through the stage.

There are more reasons these Ollio Women’s Shoes are considered to be popular swing dance shoes. The soles are made from shock-absorbent rubber to keep your feet and back from hurting while dancing.

These shoes have a comfortable heel height of 0.4 inches, which makes them even more effortless to dance in. This is also one of the reasons why shoes are preferred so much by the customers.

Note that these shoes are made in China using man-made materials. The shoes in no way support animal cruelty. Therefore, for environmental causes, these shoes are perfect.



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5. Keds Women's Champion Eyelet Sneaker

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The Keds Women’s Champion Eyelet Sneakers are another rare and one of the best shoes to go with your swing dance outfit. These shoes sport classic features like durability and ultra comfortability.

The construction of the shoes is done with 100% soft textiles. It protects your feet from rubbing against the fabric. The shaft is placed approximately low-top from the arch, giving you a better posture and support.

Ideal for vegans too, these shoes have a rubber sole. The shoes appear to be of classic white shoe architectural design. They also have cushioned Dream foam inside that makes the shoes extremely soft and comfortable.

These shoes make really good swing dance sneakers. As a matter of fact, they are quite lightweight and very easy to move in. So, instead of limping with all the blisters on your feet, you will be chilling as your feet relax in the softness of these shoes.

If your rehearsals demand vigorous practice, these shoes will endure it without ripping apart. The sole with cushioned Dream foam is shock-absorbent. Furthermore, the classic white color makes it extremely versatile and is another reason why these shoes are so massively popular.

The shoes are versatile, and apart from swing dancing, you can use them for any casual outdoor activities as well. Whether it’s dancing for long stretches of hours or just walking, these shoes will take it all with elegance.



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6. Linodes Leather Lace Up Unisex Jazz Shoe

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The Linodes Women’s Lace Up Jazz Shoes are exclusively made for swing dance and jazz purposes. These lace-up swing dance heels are extremely comfortable even while vigorous practices. The lining material of these shoes has been built with the purpose of providing comfort. They are durable and perfect for long hours of use.

The shoes boast a leather split-sole. The sole is synthetically inbuilt. Furthermore, the shoes have EVA heel sole. This feature allows the shoes to provide more grip and support to your feet.

Even though the shoes claim to be built for women, they have been very much used as Men’s swing dance shoes as well. However, in the case of men, you will need to buy a size that is almost one and a half bigger than what the regular size is.

These Linodes shoes are so effortless when in use. They have the perfect smoothness to help you glide through the floor. At the same time, they also have the absolute grip to keep you from slipping or skidding on slippery surfaces. These shoes will fit you even when you have wider feet. They are amazing in such a manner that they make you look good while dancing.



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7. Tic-Tac-Toes Women's Swing

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Built by a brand called Gloversville, the Tic-Tac-Toes Women’s swing shoes go perfectly with your swing dance outfit. This brand creates shoes meant for both men and women. Most of the shoes built by Gloversville come in all foot shapes and sizes. The Tic-Tac-Toes shoes, too, have a large range of shape and size.

The soles are built with leather. However, the outsole features a half-inch rubber cushioning. This area has shock-absorbent qualities that keep your feet from being injured every time they make an impact with the ground. The upper leather area is stretchable, and it easily molds itself to the shape of your feet for a comfortable fit. The top lift area makes the shoes anti-slip.

Furthermore, the shoes are extremely breathable. They have a moisture-absorbent insole, which also features antimicrobial properties. This is why your feet will always remain sweat-free and hygienic.

The shoes are extremely durable, thanks to the use of 100% leather. They also have a strap and a buckle that slides at the top to adjust as per your shoe size and comfort. They are available in many colors, namely: Pewter, black, white, champagne, and red. This is why they are one of the best shoes for swing dancing.



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8. DANCEYOU Dance Teaching Sandal Jazz Dance Shoes

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The DANCE YOU Dance Teaching Sandal Jazz Dance Shoes Grecian Split Sole Leather T-Strap Upper Contemporary shoes offer a very good deal. If the size does not fit you, you can exchange or return it for free.

These shoes are meant for women, but they can also be men’s swing dance shoes. They have many interesting qualities. For starters, these shoes are highly compatible with all kinds of swing dance forms (for instance, salsa and ball dancing).

Mostly, Dance shoes are known for being great on the stage, but there are several other features that you would hate not knowing about these shoes. These shoes are extremely flexible. This is because the toe of the shoe is connected to the heel of the shoe with a large piece of elastic. The comfort provided by them is indisputable.

The EVA sole gives more support to these shoes. You can wear these shoes all day and night, and there will be no sign of soreness. It is also durable and can endure through extreme dance regimes. These are an iconic pair of stylish shoes that come in a surprisingly affordable range.

For fashion lovers, it is the perfect between the evergreen and trendy. However, they are available only in 2 colors: black and tan. The shoes are lightweight and breathable. They are made of stretch fabric.

The suede outsole has the perfect grip and yet allows extreme smoothness while moving. This is a whole package to be the best shoes for swing dancing.



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9. Bloch Dance Women's Tap On Leather Tap Shoe

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The Bloch Dance Women’s Tap On Leather Tap Shoes are perfect sling dance sneakers. These shoes look quite simple but in a good way. The shoes are made of 100% leather. The sole is of synthetic leather as well. Because of its 1-inch heel height, the shoes are like a cakewalk when it comes to dancing.

Secured to a resonating board, there is a toe tap that provides tou6 with extra stability. It is extremely easy to wear despite its complex appearance. The rubber pad used in these shoes is slip-resistant. It has Bloch techno taps meant to maintain your balance while dancing.

These are one of the best shoes for swing dancing. They have a strong, sexy low heel and a toe counter to increase durability. The insole is cushioned and shock-absorbent. The elastic straps added to the shoes relieve your feet of the tension built on the instep. These shoes scream elegant beauty like no other shoes.

The shoes have a gracefulness, and at the same time, they look so cute and authentic that you are bound to fall in love with them. These shoes are made so that you can let the dancer in you rise high.



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Shoes for Swing Dancing Buying Guide

Choosing swing dance heels or swing dance sneakers isn’t the toughest job in the world, but it surely needs some expertise. Most sellers are going to promise you A-Grade experience just to con you into buying the shoes.

However, it’s your job to stay alert and be aware of what you want. Thorough research never hurt anyone. Here are some key points you must go by:

Good Traction

The reason why good traction is important is so that it can facilitate smooth spins and lifts while dancing. Therefore, whether they are men’s swing dance shoes or women’s, they need to have good traction.

However, it is also important that the entire sole of your shoe is not smooth. Dancing has serious risks of injuries. Hence, it is also important to keep the sole a little slip-resistant to keep you from being thrown while dancing.

Arch Support

Arch support is a great feature to maintain posture. Swing dancing is all about moving while maintaining a beautiful posture. Hence, you need arch support.

Furthermore, this feature helps in keeping your toes from soreness even after long hours of dancing. Arch support will also keep your feet bound to the shoes. So, instead of worrying about your shoes slipping off embarrassingly, you can just focus on dancing.

Heel Height

Swinging is a dance form that needs skills like speed and flexibility. There are lots of kicking motions. Wearing high heels might hurt your partner while performing such moves.

Apart from taking somebody’s eye out, high heels also tend to be far more painful and unstable. Therefore, the best would be to choose a pair of low heels that will give you the poise without injuring someone badly.


Imagine dancing in heavy shoes. Your feet will be carrying the burden of extra weight while dancing. You will be tired, and above all, you will start dreading dancing completely.

So, opt for shoes that are lightweight. They are easier to dance in and definitely convenient for Multiple purposes.


Dance is a careful amalgamation of beauty and expression. But, how will you express when you are not even comfortable in taking the steps? Hence, shoes play a vital role in helping you express better and soar higher. Knowing what shoes will help you perform better will save you time and money. It will also help you learn more about your feet and your choices.

After going through this article, you must have grasped a general idea of what you need. Your search for the best shoes for swing dancing will ultimately escalate to be better. So, go on and try the newly acquired knowledge practically. That is surely going to give your dancing feet what it needs.