Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel

ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 5-M, Silver/Light Grey/Royal, 8 M US
Skechers Sport Women's Ultra Flex Salutations Sneaker,white/silver,8 M US
Skechers Sport Women's Bright Sky Fashion Sneaker, White/Silver, 7.5 M US
ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 5-M, Silver/Light Grey/Royal, 8 M US
Skechers Sport Women’s Ultra Flex Salutations Sneaker,white/silver,8 M US
Skechers Sport Women’s Bright Sky Fashion Sneaker, White/Silver, 7.5 M US
Synthetic Material
Textile Material
Smooth Leather and Synthetic
Removable sock liner
Synthetic Insole
Rubber Sole
Gel Cushioning
ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 5-M, Silver/Light Grey/Royal, 8 M US
ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 5-M, Silver/Light Grey/Royal, 8 M US
Synthetic Material
Removable sock liner
Gel Cushioning
Skechers Sport Women's Ultra Flex Salutations Sneaker,white/silver,8 M US
Skechers Sport Women’s Ultra Flex Salutations Sneaker,white/silver,8 M US
Textile Material
Synthetic Insole
Skechers Sport Women's Bright Sky Fashion Sneaker, White/Silver, 7.5 M US
Skechers Sport Women’s Bright Sky Fashion Sneaker, White/Silver, 7.5 M US
Smooth Leather and Synthetic
Rubber Sole

From various types and options, it is a little bit tricky to choose the best shoes for tarsal tunnel. This article is designed to help you in this regard. Going through lots of articles, product reviews, ratings and preference our vote finally goes for these top 10 products.

Alleviating your pain in the tarsal tunnel you need special shoes as it offers some unique features. These features are helpful for relieving your heel and foot pain.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome can be turned quite debilitating if not treated well. For this, you need supportive footwear to boost the healing process.

You need to be wise while choosing your tarsal tunnel shoes. At first, consider the quality as quality matters the most. Next check the sole types, the weight of the shoe and the support system.

For having a clear concept go through the entire article and make the best choice for yourself. Let’s start it.

Check Top 10 Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel

1. ASICS Men's GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

Are you an athlete and suffering from tarsal tunnel syndrome? And also Achilles tendon pain?  Then the famous brand ASICS has something special to offer you. That is ASICS Gel-Venture 5 shoe.

Product Key Features

You can easily guess the premium quality from the brand name. Also, the features of the footwear are impressive.


This footwear uses synthetic material and I like this personally. However, you know that synthetic is very durable. As a result, it’ll hold the strain and pressure from athletes. So that you can use it with great ease.

Moreover, it ensures the comfort of your feet. Guess how? It uses porous mesh that also helps to keep your feet cool during use.


I can assure you about the design of this Venture Series shoe. In fact, the design is great to provide your heels gel cushioning. Because it provides a rubber sole as a shield for your foot.

Besides that, it includes a removable sock liner. So for that, you can use this pair even if you are suffering from foot orthotics.


No doubt this has an exceptional outsole. It allows you to walk on almost every surface. For this reason, you can move easily. And this credit goes to its reversed traction lugs too. The raised heels also give stability to maintain the right correct posture.


  • Durable build and comfortable enough
  • Comes with synthetic material
  • Provides stability and right posture
  • Rubber sole
  • Gel cushioning on rearfoot
  • AHAR outsole rubber
  • Porous mesh for cool feet


  • Squeaks loudly
  • Heel wore out too quickly

So if you want to pick shoes for tarsal tunnel syndrome then make this shoe as one of your best choices.

2. ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

This shoe is a great combination of comfort and support. It is a great choice, especially for tarsal tunnel syndrome sufferers.

Product Key Features

Equipped with the athletic features this is a good option. It offers maximum protection and support. Let’s check out the features-


The shoe is constructed with synthetic material. Again the sole of this shoe comes with rubber. So for that, it offers exceptional durability as well as maximum support. It provides the shaft. And it helps to measure approximately low-top from the arch.

Replaceable footbeds

It offers removable sock liner to accommodate foot orthotics. Furthermore, it gives you custom comfort and fit advantage. As a consequence, you can get the ultimate comfort.


ASICS has an awesome outsole. It delivers absolute durability with ASICS High Abrasion Rubber. In addition, the trail-specific rubber outsole has traction. Therefore you get access to outdoor walking as well as running.

Gel Cushioning

You can depend on its gel cushioning system for the impressive responsiveness and comfort. Because this rearfoot Gel cushioning technology helps to minimize shock. So that you can get a smooth transition. Hence you can feel superior comfort too.


It comes with different available colors. Therefore you get variations to choose the desired one for you.


  • Flexible, lightweight and breathable
  • Removable sock liner
  • Rearfoot Gel cushioning system
  • Long-lasting outsoles
  • Reliable traction
  • Comes with synthetic material


  • Not fit for narrow feet
  • May feel bulky to carry

However, this shoe is great for athletes. But if you are suffering from tarsal tunnel syndrome I’ll recommend this to you.

3. ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

Are you looking for the best tarsal tunnel exercises shoes? Then this is undoubtedly one of the best choices. This ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 5 shoe is great in fit and comfort.

Product Key Features

Like others, it also comes with some unique features. And it makes it different from others. These features are helpful for tarsal tunnel syndrome patients.

Gel Cushioning System

A tarsal tunnel sufferer needs proper support in the foot and arch. The gel cushioning system in the forefoot and rear provides that support. It also offers superior comfort along with protection. So you don’t need to worry about these two features.

Removable sock liner

The shoe has a system of removable foam sock liner. Not only this gives a custom fit but also helps your orthotics too. As a result, you’ll get the flexibility and breathability in your shoe.


The outsole is durable and resistant enough for heavy athletic or regular use. At the same time, the high abrasion rubber also ensures the durability and sturdy of the shoe. Moreover, the trail-specific outsole allows you to move in multi-surface traction.


  • Provides gel cushioning
  • Supportive for foot and arch
  • Removable sock liner for custom use
  • Durable and flexible
  • Offers superior comfort and breathability


  • Short life period
  • Heavy to carry

Overall this shoe is a great one for tarsal tunnel syndrome. So choose it to enjoy the free movement.

4. Orthopedic Diabetic Men’s Oxford Shoes Avery Island

Orthopedic Diabetic Men’s Oxford Shoes Avery Island

Do you prefer quality to style? Then this Orthopedic Diabetic shoe is for you. It is considered one of the top shoes for tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Product Key Features

You’ll get all the features that a tarsal tunnel sufferer expects. So have a look at this-


It follows the biomechanical design. And it offers the best footwear solution. As a leather shoe, you can get the highest durability. Alongside this, it has a lightweight rubber sole. This provides the highest comfort to the sufferers.

Minimize pain

This shoe is perfect for minimizing heel and foot pain. The lightweight and supportive sole offers maximum flexibility. Thus you can get great support for balancing your foot.

Money-back guarantee

Can you imagine a 60-day wear test? Furthermore, it includes free shipping and returns policy. This is really something beyond expectations. So try this out as soon as possible.

Pain relief technology

Pain relief technology supports the ortho-cushion system. It includes the anatomical arch support and cushioning heel seat.

Therefore it is recommended for plantar fasciitis, heel pain, tarsal tunnel, etc sufferers. In fact, it is known as tarsal tunnel orthotics shoes.


  • Offers orthopedic solution
  • Provides the maximum comfort
  • Supportive as well as lightweight sole
  • Anatomical arch support
  • Standard quality


  • Not attractive and stylish
  • Little bit heavy

However, the outlook of the shoe may not impress you. Yet you can expect the best support of your feet along with superior comfort.

5. Orthopedic, Diabetic Men’s Oxford Shoes, Gramercy

Orthopedic, Diabetic Men’s Oxford Shoes, Gramercy

Orthopedic, Diabetic Gramercy is another outstanding design shoes. It is not only effective for foot pain sufferers but also suited for outdoor use.

Product Key Features

It is a blessing for those who are suffering from severe foot pain. So you’ll get that kind of features here –

Ergonomic Design

These shoes are built with ergonomic design. It offers the gel padding for making your step easier. Moreover, it adds enough spring to your step. It’ll surely improve your mobility as well as your comfort too.

Orthotic insoles

This shoe comes with orthotic insoles for offering excellent cushioning and support for sensitive feet. As a result, you’ll get great arch support. It’ll not only relieve your foot pain but also reduce the pressure of your foot.

Maximum protection

It follows the innovative biomechanical design. For this reason, you get the maximum protection against your foot pressure point. As a result, it is recommended for diabetes, arthritis, neuropathy, etc.

Wear test

Surprisingly it offers you a 60-day wear test. Alongside it has the free shipping and returns policy for serving the best to its users.


  • Ergonomic stride design
  • Reduce pressure
  • Relieve heel pain
  • Provides enough support to the arch area
  • Making step soothing and easier
  • Extra-depth design


  • Poor interior lining

Finally, if you want to give proper comfort to your shoe then this is it.

6. Orthopedic Bunions Diabetic Men's Leather Shoes, Jackson Square

Orthopedic Bunions Diabetic Men's Leather Shoes, Jackson Square

Orthopedic Jackson Square is a great pair of shoes for alleviating tarsal tunnel syndrome. The shoe is an outstanding one for its performance and quality.

Product Key Features

This is a premium quality shoe and is loaded with some unique features. So have a look at this


The shoe has a unique design. It helps to improve your comfort and ease. Alongside this, it provides unique comfort features to reduce joints stress. Again, the biomechanical design ensures the non-binding relaxed fit as well as protection.

Extended widths

The extended width offers custom and perfect fit. The upper along with fabric lining provide maximum protection for sensitive feet.

Premium insole

The shoe has the premium orthotic insole along with the cushioning EVA. This will not only help to soften your step but also enhance stability. In addition, you will also get a natural foot motion.


  • Extra-depth design
  • Gel padding system
  • Maximum rearfoot and arch support
  • Wide toe box
  • Enhance stability


  • Not good for long-distance
  • Stiff outer sole

Indeed it is a great shoe for relieving your heel pain. So you can choose it for giving the right posture to your step.

7. Skechers Women’s Ultra Flex Salutations Sneaker

Skechers Women’s Ultra Flex Salutations Sneaker

Skechers Salutations Sneaker is the best budget shoe, especially for tarsal tunnel syndrome. It provides the best service similarly to the way its brand serves.

Product Key Features

It comes with several significant features. And it makes the shoe lovely one for its users. Let’s check out the features


The shoe has an attractive and unique design. It is built with 100% textile. So you can guess the breathability and flexibility of the shoe. Furthermore, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Synthetic insole

The synthetic sole with cushioning system offers great comfort and ease. It also uses air-cooled memory foam insole for giving the perfect fit. Moreover, it offers a good shape for supporting the arch.


The shoe material is lightweight enough to walk with. So for that, you can enjoy a comfortable step. Also, it is easy to clean and wear.


  • 100% textile
  • Unique design
  • Air-cooled memory foam
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Synthetic insole


  • Sometimes needs extra padding

Lastly, choose this budget-friendly shoe for giving extra support to your arch. So that you can get enough protection against your feet as per your budget.

8. Altra Men's Provision 3 Trail Runner

Altra Men's Provision 3 Trail Runner

Are you looking for a multi-purpose shoe? Then choose the Altra Men’s Provision for improving your mobility as well as stability.

Product Key Features

Key features are something that makes a product special one. And you will surely get that in this special shoe. So check it out-

GuideRail Technology

The design of the shoe is really special. It uses Guiderail technology to improve your steps as well as running speed. It’ll help you to keep you on track for a long period. Also, it’ll provide support at your peak point.

Dynamic Support

As the sole use Stabilipod technology, so for that, you’ll get dynamic support on every surface. As a result, it is ideal for walking, cross-training, road running, light trail running and so on.

Zero drop platform

It has an interesting feature and that is a zero-drop platform. So for that, you’ll get the full protection against your feet.

Moreover, the tight grip keeps you stable on almost every ground. The inserts of the shoe are fully cushioned. Thus it creates a soft and comfortable lining inside.


  • Non-intrusive support to feet
  • Dynamic support
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Provide an excellent performance
  • Perfect fit


  • Stiff Stability

In conclusion, the features and quality of the shoe make it an incredible choice. So don’t feel hesitant to choose it if you are suffering from tarsal tunnel syndrome.

9. Skechers Sport Women's D'Lites Slip-On Mule Sneaker

Skechers Sport Women's D'Lites Slip-On Mule Sneaker

If you want a custom orthotics shoe then Skechers D’Lites Slip-On Mule Sneaker is for you. In addition, it comes with a great trending appeal.

Product Key Features

The following features make it a great one. Check it out-


It is built with 100% smooth leather and synthetic. So the texture and durability of the shoe is quite impressive. Furthermore, it adds breathability and support to a large extent. As it offers great quality so you can use it with ease and comfort.


The rubber sole provides great support to your arch and support. So that you get a soothing experience of the walk. Moreover, the memory foam insole adds extra comfort and protection against your feet.


The shoe is lightweight to carry. So you can move easily with it. Again, it’ll help to boost your


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Memory foam insole for maximizing support
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Made of leather and synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Durable enough


  • Insole material need to improve

Not only to boost your outlook but also for ensuring your feet comfort choose this unique shoe.

10. Vionic Women's Walker

Vionic Women's Walker

The brand itself narrates the description of trust and quality. Thus Vionic Women’s Walker comes to fulfill the demand of women. Especially for helping the tarsal tunnel syndrome patient.

Product Key Features

This shoe offers the perfect style and fit. Alongside this, it has some amazing features. And these make it a special one. Consequently, you can expect something great from this.


This shoe comes from 100% leather material. Not only this give a stylish look but also ensures comfort with the leather material. Furthermore, you can also easily realize the softness of the shoes.

What do you know about the upper material? Yes, you are right. The upper is also constructed with premium quality leather. Again it ensures the maximum sturdy support and durability.

Arch Support

The shoe design is not only convenient for arch support but also it makes walking easier. So for that, you can rely upon it even in the long-distance. Because it keeps your feet guarded against getting sore. In addition, the great cushioning system provides the much-needed favor and ease.


Vionic Women’s Walker has the acceptance from APMA- American Podiatric Medical Association as an orthopedic shoe. So for that, you’ll get the best orthopedic solution with this shoe.


  • Awesome arch support
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Crafted from pure leather material
  • APMA acceptance
  • Great cushioning
  • Provide maximum comfort and support
  • Color variation


  • Sole doesn’t go long
  • Breathability is poor

So don’t worry if you are suffering from tarsal tunnel syndrome. As podiatrists approved this shoe so you can use it easily. Finally, this stylish design and fittings are perfect for any woman.

Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Buying Guide

As there are tons of options available on the market, you need to be wise before purchasing the right one for you. If you consider some things it will be easy for you to choose the best shoes for tarsal tunnel.

Comfort- Firstly, you need to consider how comfortable the shoe is. As tarsal tunnel syndrome sufferer needs extra comfort so choose a comfortable shoe. In addition, uncomfortable shoes can make your condition worse.

A cushioned insole, padded interior, breathability can ensure the comfort of your foot. So check out these features while choosing your shoe.

Weight – Pressure is one of the major reasons of tarsal tunnel syndrome. So it is important indeed to choose the lightweight shoe. Also, doctors prescribed to use lightweight shoes for immense pressure. However, try to choose a light material shoe as it is helpful for you too.

Support- Your ankle and arch need immense support. Otherwise, you have a chance to suffer terribly. Nowadays shoe manufacturers are designing quality shoes for your arch and heel support. So before purchasing look at this feature carefully.

Sole – The sole type is very important. Especially for the people who are suffers from foot pain. The soft and right sole can reduce your pain and give more breathability to your shoe. Moreover, non-slip resistance and the rubber sole is helpful for tarsal tunnel sufferers.

Fit – The perfect length and width of shoes are important for your feet. Make sure the perfect fittings while purchasing your shoe.

To avert injury and provide support to your feet choose the right pair of shoes.


You need to treat your feet carefully while suffering from tarsal tunnel syndrome. Otherwise, the result can be painful. A right pair of shoes are the best and perfect solution in this regard.

So choosing the right shoes for tarsal tunnel is highly recommended. The above-mentioned shoes are not only come from great brands but also ensure excellent quality.

Anyway, make the right choice and invest your money in the perfect place.

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