Best Women's Climbing Shoes

Black Diamond Momentum Lace Climbing Shoe - Women's Ash 8.5
SCARPA Women's Origin WMN Climbing Shoe, Green Blue/Smoke, 7.5
Tenaya Oasi Rock Climbing Shoe, 12 Men's / 13 Women's
Black Diamond Momentum Lace Climbing Shoe – Women’s Ash 8.5
SCARPA Women’s Origin WMN Climbing Shoe, Green Blue/Smoke, 7.5
Tenaya Oasi Rock Climbing Shoe, 12 Men’s / 13 Women’s
4.3mm NeoFriction Rubber
100% Suede
Medium Flex
Synthetic Sole
High Performance Curved
Lace Entry
Flat Lasted Construction
100% Vegan
Black Diamond Momentum Lace Climbing Shoe - Women's Ash 8.5
Black Diamond Momentum Lace Climbing Shoe – Women’s Ash 8.5
4.3mm NeoFriction Rubber
Medium Flex
Lace Entry
SCARPA Women's Origin WMN Climbing Shoe, Green Blue/Smoke, 7.5
SCARPA Women’s Origin WMN Climbing Shoe, Green Blue/Smoke, 7.5
100% Suede
Synthetic Sole
Flat Lasted Construction
Tenaya Oasi Rock Climbing Shoe, 12 Men's / 13 Women's
Tenaya Oasi Rock Climbing Shoe, 12 Men’s / 13 Women’s
High Performance Curved
100% Vegan

When I was planning a trip in college, I remember spending hours on the internet to find the best quality and affordable gear. I also remember coming across thousands of products, each claiming to be the best climbing gear available.

To help newbies like me, I have prepared a list of the top 10 best women’s climbing shoes.

In simple words, climbing shoes are footwear used for rock climbing. These shoes are a close fit, with little padding, have a sticky rubber sole, and an extended rubber rand. These are not suited for hiking or walking.

Modern climbing shoes usually have multi-piece patterns crafted on the shoes for conforming to your feet. The most common upper material is leather, followed by synthetic and fiber. The soles have a climbing rubber that is specifically designed for rock-climbing.

All the climbing shoes have a downward pointing toe box. It helps in increasing the ability to stand on small pockets and holds. Basically, it improves your ability to smear while providing comfort.

Check Top 10 Best Women's Climbing Shoes

1. SCARPA Women's Reflex WMN-W

SCARPA Women's Reflex WMN-W

This is a 100% Suede made shoes from SCARPA. It is designed for people who prefer comfort over style and want to start climbing. It gives you all that without sacrificing performance and convenience. The dual power straps allow a precise fit.

The shoes have been made with attention to detail and a classic Italian style. You can use it for crag climbing or gym. The Reflex shoes will feel as if they are a natural extension to your feet. They will also be aiding in swift development and progress.

The uppers are made of leather and are lined up for a reliable fit and low stretch. For comfort and versatility, the shoes have a flat toe profile and slightly asymmetric shape. The dual straps make for a precise fit in this women’s rock climbing shoes.

The passive rubber rand provides foot protection and classic performance. The rubber soles provide convenience to the feet. The anatomical, dual power straps make them stiff enough for the slabs and sensitive enough for steeps. This makes it one of the top level women’s climbing shoes.

The low heel tension provides comfort but, at the same time, has enough locks for pulling heel hooks. The shoes have medium stiffness that makes sure that you have a sensitive feel while climbing with support for edging or slabs. The shoes can also be sized for the performance of comfort.


  • Rubber Sole
  • Can be used in crag climbing as well as gym
  • Stiff enough for edging
  • Sensitive enough for steeps
  • Dual power straps that provide a perfect fit


  • Runs small
  • Not very endurable for intensive indoor climbing

2. La Sportiva Miura VS Women's Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva Miura VS Women's Climbing Shoe

These shoes check all the boxes for modern climbing – sensitivity, friction, comfortable fi, and precision on edges. They are extremely effective on small foot pockets, holds, and cracks. For the perfect balance of stretch and structure, the suede upper leather is used.

The shoe is designed with the right amount of support that makes them fit like a glove. You can get a perfect fit, thanks to the fabric conforming to the shape of the foot. The toe box has leather that protects the feet from scrapes and knocks.

Your heel will be protected and locked in place by the rubber in the back. Also, the shoes have an innovative closure system with two velcro straps in the opposite direction. This adds midfoot support by ensuring a locked-down fit. This is what makes it perfect for women’s rock climbing shoes.

The midsole of the shoes is kept a low profile for increasing the underfoot level and saving on weight. It is thick enough to provide cushioning to the feet. The prehensile in the anterior of the midsole provides increased sensitivity and edging capability.

It also has a P3 system that leaves the shoe’s arched shape unaltered. So, even after years of use, there will be no compromise on the original push-power and performance. This is what put this on this list of top women’s climbing shoes.

It is ideal for people who go climbing frequently. The midsole has added adaptability that ensures that you will be able to tackle any climb.


  • Suede leather for providing a supportive structural fit
  • Leather toe box for protecting the feet from scrapes and bumps
  • Rubber heel for locking in the heel
  • A velcro closure system for adding midfoot support
  • LaSpoFlex Midsole for more adaptability and sensitivity


  • Can be too stiff
  • Not true to size

3. Climb X Rock-It NLV Women's Strap Climbing Shoe

Climb X Rock-It NLV Women's Strap Climbing Shoe

This is the narrow, low volume version of the Rock-It series of Climb X. This has a clean and sleek profile, which makes it perfect for the gym or outdoor climbing. It has a high-grade center cut leather that stretches a half to full size after you break in. This helps in providing a custom fit according to the shape of your foot.

It is important for climbing shoes to have a snug fit. The toes should be touching the shoes’ end and must be curled slightly under. These shoes are pre-downsized. So, if you are not used to tight-fitting shoes, you should order 1 size larger shoes. The sizing is in women’s rock climbing shoes. So, men need to order a size larger as well.


  • Contoured arch
  • Neoprene tongue to allow breathability
  • 32 molded heel cup and midsole


  • Can be too tight

4. Evolv Royale Climbing Shoe

Evolv Royale Climbing Shoe

This high-performance shoe from Evolv Sports & Designs Co. is loaded with features that can help you walk and climb. The durable leather upper is made from unlined leather and built-in webbing that allows it to stretch over time for molding to your foot’s shape and eliminate hot spots.

The symmetrical toe box ensures that you have long-lasting discomfort. Thanks to the double layers of rubber, you will be able to wear these shoes for a very long time. It comes with a 4.2mm TRAX high-friction rubber that provides a good grip.

To have a good rubber sole, you need friction in your feet, and the Evolve Royale is definitely one of the tops in this. It can be used as women’s indoor rock climbing shoes as well. The shoes also have an MX-P: 2 mm half-length midsole that ensures that you have comfort and stability all day long while wearing these climbing shoes.

Also, the toe box is symmetrical that provides a snug and comfortable fit, especially for people with large feet. The shoes have a full-length lacing system that you can use for making adjustments to get a perfect fit. Also, the Variable Thickness Rand (VTR) can be used for increasing the shoes’ durability.


  • Symmetrical and comfortable
  • Stable leather shoe
  • Affordable
  • Provides great friction
  • Top midsole
  • Breathable mesh tongue with perforated upper and lace pocket
  • Medium stiffness for jamming and edging support


  • Not for expert climbers

5. Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe - Women's

Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe - Women's

This is an upgraded model of Evolv Elektra. It has a fresh look with an improved anatomical fit. It uses Synthratek VX, a high-quality upper material that provides a sift and secure fit. The new antimicrobial mesh eliminates the build-up of bacteria and odor. It has a flat shape.

The synthetic upper is comfortable and soft. The fitting around the toe feels great. It also has a Variable Thickness Rand (VTR), which means that at the places like toes where the rubber runs out quickly, it is thicker. It reduces toe bulge and prolongs the life of the shoe.

The shoe has a flat shape that makes it easy to slide into cracks. This makes it comfortable and versatile for all-around climbing. The Elektra shoes have a loop closure, a split tongue, and a velcro hook for accommodating different foot shapes. You can put them on easily and quickly. They are comfortable, durable, and affordable.

The VTR makes the rubber lasts longer than the other shoes. These make the perfect first time women’s indoor rock climbing shoes.


  • Synthratek VX provides a soft and secure fit
  • The antimicrobial mesh eliminates odor
  • Better and improved fit
  • It is synthetic which makes it a better option for vegan
  • Flashy, inexpensive shoes with durable rubber


  • Don’t stretch too much
  • Not made for steep climbing
  • Fit around the heel is less than perfect

6. Butora Endeavor Wide Fit Climbing Shoe - Women's

Butora Endeavor Wide Fit Climbing Shoe - Women's

Endeavor is a medium-stiff, medium-flex, durable shoe that can be used for slabby, vertical and slightly overhanging terrain. The leather-upper heel has a welded polyurethane reinforcement. It provides security and stability in the back of the shoe.

In the upper runs across the toe, there is a strip of welded polyurethane that provides increased structure and durability. It prevents your forefoot from caving in or stretching out.

The shoes have opposed double Velcro straps, one latches down on the right, and other on the left. It also has double and triple attachment points. So, when you pull just one strap, you will feel them tightening all around the foot.

It also has leather in the back half for comfort and breathability. In the front, it’s synthetic that prevents the shoe from deforming or stretching out.

Basically, this is a shoe with an all-around performance. It gives you precision and power at the exact place you want it. For the custom fitting, the shoe has an innovative triple fork webbing system. The asymmetrical shape of the toe allows the shoe to fit along the foot’s natural line.

Furthermore, the tongue’s inner layer has memory foam. The shoe is a lining of 100% organic hemp for minimizing odor and stretch.


  • 3D injection-molded ABS midsole that provides torsion rigidity and precision edging
  • Provides custom fit through triple fork webbing
  • Split leather footbed for performance and comfort
  • Organic hemp that controls odor and stretch


  • Not for high-level climbing

7. Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe (2014) - Women's

Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe (2014) - Women's

This shoe from Evolv offers a combination of performance, value, and comfort. It can be used by beginners as well as advanced in the rock as well as the gym. Ideal for people with low-volume feet, Elektra provides bedroom slipper level comfort.

The TRAX XT high-friction rubber is one of the best rubbers on the market used women’s climbing shoes. They provide a perfect balance of edging power and high friction on different plastic holds and rocks. It also performs consistently over a broad temperature range.

The Evolv is working continuously to provide sustainable and environmentally conscientious products. They have developed eco_TRAX. This is a high-friction rubber compound made from recycled products. The technology uses pre and post-consumer rubber waster. This is then reprocessed to make it usable.

The Elektra also comes with VTR3D. This gives the high wear zone of the shoe’s rand more thickness. The low wear areas are thin for reducing hot spots and pressure points around the foot.


  • Best product for beginners
  • Flexible sole and flat profile
  • Good sole sensitivity


  • Not particularly great at anything

8. Black Diamond Womens Momentum Lace Climbing Shoes

Black Diamond Womens Momentum Lace Climbing Shoes

This is a flat lasted shoe with an innovative knit upper and high-quality rubber. It is perfect for first-time indoor as well as outdoor climbers. The soft and cushioned upper provides breathability and comfort. On medium to large footholds, it offers good sensitivity and traction.

The Momentum Lace also has a moderately flexible midsole and a slight asymmetry in the toe box. All these features favor comfort over performance.

This shoe from Black Diamond has a 4.3mm of NeoFuse rubber on the sole. This makes the shoes extremely grippy and durable. The NeoFuse is extending around most of the heel and an inch into the toe box for added traction, protection, and durability.

However, the primary focus of the Momentum is comfort. The flat last allows you to sit naturally for hours. Also, the soft upper is plush and airy. The flexible midsole provides mobility on and off the rock. There is a microfiber lining at the front for comfort when the toe is hitting the rand. The hallmark of this shoe is breathability.

Another great quality of this shoe is the NeoFuse outsole. The Black Diamond heat injects rubber into the foot-shaped mold instead of die-cutting construction. This eliminates the need for glue and increases the dole’s durability.


  • The NeoFuse provides grip and durability.
  • The knit upper makes the shoes comfortable, durable, and breathable.
  • It is available in a vegan option.


  • These are narrow shoes that cannot be used by wide-footed climbers.
  • Flaps under the velcro straps are constructed clearly.

9. SCARPA Women's Origin Wmn Climbing Shoe

SCARPA Women's Origin Wmn Climbing Shoe

This is one of the best climbing shoes for beginners. It offers superior comfort, and with the padded tongue, you will feel like your feet are in a pillow. And even though the sole is flat, it is stiff enough for providing decent support. It is great for multi-pitch and high-mileage days.

The origin provides a lush leather upper that will give you a feeling of padded luxury. You won’t usually find this level of comfort in a shoe used by people for climbing. The relatively relaxed randing offers ease, and a flat profile will make your feet into a comforting cocoon.

It has vision rubber that is sticky as well as resilient to any condition that a climber can experience. This is a proprietary compound of SCARPA that makes this one of the top women’s climbing shoes.


  • 100% leather
  • Passive randing that provides classic performance
  • Flat lasted construction delivering all-day performance and comfort
  • Dual start closure for maximum adjustability


  • Not suitable for bouldering

10. Tenaya Oasi Unisex Rock Climbing Shoe

Tenaya Oasi Unisex Rock Climbing Shoe

This shoe is a perfect combination of comfort and performance. Used by pro climbers all over the world, this is one of the most aggressive shoes of the Tenaya line. They can be used for every foothold.

Thanks to the design and technique used for construction, Osis is able to provide precision in all types of difficult situations. It is versatile and can be used for overhanging or vertical routes as well as for all forms of bouldering.

For a high-performance curved shoe, Oasis is extremely comfortable as well. The angle of the toe box and the aggressively curved shape can help your heel in sitting lower. Also, the Patented Draxtor closure system will provide optimal adjustment to different parts of your shoe.

This is undoubtedly one of the top women’s climbing shoes for aggressive situations.


  • Can be used for all forms of climbing
  • The asymmetric, sharp downturn helps in overhung routes
  • Tacky traction on granite and limestone; thanks to the Vibram XS Grip sole
  • The MRRB system provides a long-lasting, solid downturn
  • The synthetic upper provides enhanced longevity be reducing stretching
  • The dual hook-and-loop can be used for accommodating narrow or wide feet.


  • Can take some time getting used to the feel as it feels unnatural
  • Expensive

Women's Climbing Shoes Buying Guide

When it comes to rock climbing, it is essential to get the best climbing shoes. There are some factors that come into play while buying the right climbing shoes for women:

Closure Systems

A closure system plays an important role in providing the fit for the shoes. There are three options – slip-on, velcro, and lace-up. The lace-up system is best known for providing a nice fit. You will be able to tighten or loosen the shoes with ease.

However, if you want a closure system that allows you to take off and wear shoes easily, you have to go for velcro closure systems. The slip-on closure system is for people who are looking for shoes that they can train with. This closure system offers great sensitivity. These can also be used for slotting and crack climbing.


This is another important factor that you have to consider while buying shoes. Most of the climbing shoes are made of synthetic materials, leather, or both. If you are looking for performance and durability, leather is a great choice.

However, if you want comfort and ventilation, synthetic shoes are the ones for you. With synthetic shoes, you won’t have to worry about odor and sweating. However, if you are not sure about the size, you should go for leather as they expand over time.

Fit & Comfort

When it comes to controlling, safety, and power, the fit and comfort of the shoes are very important. When you climb, your feet swell. So, you want shoes that can accommodate your swelling shoes comfortably.

In most cases, while buying shoes for climbing, you will have to buy shoes that are smaller or bigger than you normally wear. Basically, you want shoes that provide the right fit and comfort, along with the option of modifying it.


The construction of the sole is another important factor. People who have wide feet must have 3mm to 4mm thick rubber soles. This is an ideal thickness for people who want a durable and sensitive rubber sole.


Climbing is a difficult task in itself. When you have to do it in the wrong shoes, it can make the whole trip unbearable. Picking the right shoes is extremely important for keeping yourself comfortable and safe, and enjoying the activity. You need to put in a lot of consideration before buying the shoes.

There are so many choices. It can be hard to start. But, with the above selection, I hope that I have made the whole process a bit easier for you. However, your choice will depend on your personal preference, level of experience, and the type of climbing. It will be your feet on those trails.

Climbing is an exciting and exhilarating experience that can take you to places that you never thought you would see. And it all starts and ends with the shoes. So, buy the best women’s climbing shoes and make the expedition safe and enjoyable.