Best Workout Shoes for Men

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Are you planning to join the gym anytime soon? And your new year resolves to become fit? Or are you someone who is already going to the gym but struggling to find the right pair of shoes? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then my friend you are in the correct place.

In the modern era, men are more conscious of their health and fitness in comparison with women. This is why here in this article, we will review the ten best workout shoes for men as going to the gym informal or usual shoes is next to impossible.

In this article, you will get to know, starting from the buying guide to each every required detail about the best gym shoes for men.

Check Top 10 Best Workout Shoes for Men

1. Reebok Men's CrossFit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

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Do you want to have the comfort of the boot on a pair of sneakers? Then go for Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave. It gives you complete satisfaction from a boot with the relaxed and casual look of sneakers. And it’s not the only thing you get from the shoes.


While you are working out in the gym or outside, you will need a pair of stable shoes. Because you don’t want to slip out from that stance, you are practising. This shoe has a minimal drop outsole for better stability on the ground. This way, your feet stay secured and protected. It’s vital for fast movement on the ground.

Long-lasting comfort

Well, you might choose to workout for a more extended period. In that case, you wouldn’t want your feet get tired and cause pain. So, you will need a pair of shoes that takes away the stress and anxiety coming along with footwear. With the breathable and secure upper of the flex weave, you can get the comfort that lasts long. It can match the comfort level of a boot with its midsole with a moulded sock liner cushion.

Strong foundation

The Reebok Nano 8 Flexweave has got the most fantastic foundation with this price range. It has gained full toe boxes that support your feet for a more comfortable fit. Having a full toe box can also increase performance in powerful movements. With the toe section, you get protection on your toes. This is important for intensive workout routines. You will need shoes that can stand the intensity of the workout. Otherwise buying a workout shoe is a lost cause all over.


The shoe has extreme flexibility. It is a must-have quality in a workout shoe. Because on your workout, you will need to make complex movements with your feet. So, you will need a shoe that adapts to your actions and doesn’t strain your leg at all. The upper of this shoe is just made for that purpose. You will have the most comfortable fitting with the adaptability to every movement of yours.



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2. Nike Men's Tennis Metcon Free 2

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If you are a guy who is looking for the best workout shoes for men, then you should check this one out. This will undoubtedly make it to the list.

Many of the present users have loved how these shoes perform in workouts. They are recommending it to other people as well. Now that tells us a lot about how good these are. We will still go through the reasons for their popularity among people. Let’s get on with it.

Wrap around outsole

This is quite a handy feature if you like climbing ropes. This one has got a wrap-around outsole placed at the right place. So, whenever you are climbing ropes, your shoes won’t get damaged at all. You can’t find this feature in every shoe out there. So, if you are a rope climber, then you can opt for this one. And if you are not, well there is no harm in having an option, right?

Better support in the midfoot

If your workout routine includes weightlifting, then you must need a shoe that supports your midfoot. This one has a relatively large and robust midfoot strap. This makes sure your feet are locked into the shoe completely. This also helps reducing movement in the feet. It’s essential to have this feature on a workout shoe because you will be going through a lot of moves. And you don’t want your boots coming off in the middle of the exercise.

Comfort ensured

These shoes offer the ultimate satisfaction to the users. It has got a lightweight upper. It is both durable and flexible. On the inside, there is a dual-density midsole. It has got cold fusion technology that provides you with stable comfort. So, with this one, you don’t need to worry about support one bit. It has got the perfect amount of cushioning required for a workout shoe.

Natural motion

It can move most naturally according to your feet movements. It has got a laser siped flex in the outsole that lets the shoe keep up with your training. So, your feet won’t have any kind of tension coming from the boots. Now, that’s something you will love in a workout shoe.



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3. Reebok Men's Yourflex Train 8.0 L MT Training Shoe

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Does your workout regime include running? Then you should try this one out. Apart from being a workout shoe, these are great for running too. So, you get to meet two of your needs on a single pair of shoes.

Great inbuilt

The lightweight construction of the shoe makes it easy to carry around. Due to the structure, it feels like a sock but still comes with durability. It has got highly abrasive rubber outsole which lasts longer than usual ones. Also features extra patches on the high-wear areas. So, you can run long distances with ease and for a longer time as well.


Workout shoes demand flexibility in them. So, it’s pretty much a given here. With the 3-D Ultralite technology, this shoe gives you the flexibility to the peak. The material used to make the boots have very less weight. As well as provide the proper amount of cushioning so your feet don’t get stressed or strained. The shoes have a natural multi-directional motion for better reach over different feet positions. It has got various-shaped nodes for better flexible movement both horizontally and vertically. There is no competition in flexibility with this one.


With the lightweight build and flexibility, it already ensures comfort. But it doesn’t end there. The shoes provide excellent breathability with an air mesh upper and a soft lining. Even with the leather and elastic material on the shoe, your feet can stay cool and ventilated all the time. For cushioning there is a full-length EVA foam used. So, the midsole can absorb shock and control the impact from your massive jumps. And then there is the extra advantage of a memory foam you get. All in all, this shoe doesn’t compromise in comfort at all.


The shoe features the MicroWeb Tech lacing system. This helps in providing better support from the shoes. You can make adjustments with the fit to make the shoes feel a lot better than usual. Also, the padded collar and tongue give you a cozy fit, and the low-cut design offers much better support from the shoes. This can take away a lot of stress from your feet so you can have more extended workout periods.



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4. Adidas Performance Men's Powerlift.3 Cross-trainer Shoe

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If you do not have enough room for your feet in your current shoes, then you should shift to these. They feature a new full design allowing the foot to spread correctly. One of the very top gym shoes. And the features don’t end there.

Hybrid Lightweight Design

These shoes are incredibly lightweight and give you the perfect feeling of workout shoes. As you get from the name, these shoes are high for powerlifting. So, having a lightweight shoe can help you get on with powerlifting if you are starting new. This is an excellent choice for powerlifting beginners. Because a lighter shoe will help in quicker foot turnovers. And these shoes are suitable for cross fit style too. So, they can serve both of your purposes.

Lower heel height

Having a lower heel can be helpful at times. A lower heel provides you with better support in feet movements. This is pretty crucial for cross-fit style workouts. But the heels on this one isn’t too small either so you can still have an advantage on the powerlifting and similar activities. The heels are made of high-density EVA, which is a popular heel material for many shoes.


Comfort is ensured in the shoes. The forefoot structure has a wide-open design. This gives the boots a better breathing space and makes the shoes more comfortable to wear for long hours of exercising. The toe on this one is also flexible, so you don’t feel the tension on them. Now, you can make those lunges without feeling anything on your toes. The air mesh collar and lining also provide better breathability. And the cushioning on this one is quite good as well. So, you get comfort coming from every little part of the shoes.


The shoes come with excellent assistance. With the anti-slip rubber outsole, you won’t need to worry about the surfaces you are working out on. So, you get a stable stance on the ground. Along with that, the synthetic upper gives you a smooth movement. The midfoot strap ensures better fitting of the shoes as well. Overall you get maximum support from the shoes.



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5. Reebok Men's Ros Workout Tr 2.0 Cross-trainer Shoe

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With the most simplistic designs and lightweight, this shoe can be your choice for cross-training. They provide great flexibility and comfort for getting on with your workout for hours. And the price isn’t much higher in comparison.

Simplistic Look

The shoe comes with effortless and elegant design. It doesn’t feature any fancy laces or full soles. Neither happens with any new design trends. It’s relatively simple inbuilt with three colours. One primary colour with an accent colour on the outer soles. You can try out many of the colour variants as there are lots of colours available. Even with the simplistic design, these shoes look great on feet.

Good balance

You can wear this shoe and never go off balance. This one offers an anatomical shape that supports your feet for better movements and flexibility. They handle sudden changes very well. Jumping and parkour like movements have minimal effect on these shoes. So, you can use these in a high-intensity workout and be completely satisfied with what you are getting.

Better shock control

The shoe is designed to have better shock absorption. It has got an underfoot cushion that reduces the impact of hard jumps and moves. You can do squats, jumps and weightlifting in these shoes without having to feel any pain.


The shoe has high-quality materials which offer exceptional comfort all around the shoe. With an imeva midsole, you get maximum comfort ensured for your arch. The upper layer is made of mesh textile, which gives the boots better breathability making it easy to wear for longer workout hours. While it may look like there isn’t much flexibility on the boots, it has an excellent elasticity. The shoe is great for cross-fit workouts.

Value for money

To put things simply you can’t get a better deal than this. With all those features you wouldn’t expect the price to go so low on this one. But at this price tag, it packs up the serious punch with it. Workout shoes or running shoes usually come with a reasonably high price tag if you are looking for quality. But this one comes with variety while keeping your budget in mind.



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6. New Balance Men's MX517v1 Training Shoe

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This is the shoe for all the athletes out there. They are great for any exercise and workout you want to try out. And their pricing isn’t that high either. So, in short, you are getting all with the New Balance 517 shoes. The quality of the shoe is praised by many of the customers.

High-quality comfort

This shoe comes with top-notch quality. The upper layer is made of synthetic material. They are very much comfortable with that extra cushioning insole. They have enough space inside the shoe for better breathability and flexibility of your feet. These are great for walking around the neighborhood. Usually, workout shoes aren’t appropriate for walking due to the flat sole structure. But this one takes that drawback away. So, quality comfort is a must ensure the feature you are getting here.


These shoes are made to last longer than the usual pair of shoes. High-quality materials are used in the preparation of the shoe. With their durability, you can rest assured of using these shoes year after year. The insole is removable so you can either change the sole or keep cleaning it every once in a while. The outer sole is of rubber, so you get slip resistance as well. The seams on the shoes are very tough and don’t come off quickly. So, you are getting a long-lasting performance from these shoes.


You wouldn’t expect a shoe packed with all its features to be priced this low and which is the key feature of this shoe. You get all the high-end features of different shoes in one place with a meager price tag. Even if you have no intention of spending much on your workout shoes, you can still get the same features as this one.

All-day shoes

These shoes feel so good on your feet that you can wear them all day. And their durability lets you wear them almost every day. So, it doesn’t matter if you are going for a walk with your dog or just hitting the gym you can wear these for either purpose. And they look quite neat as well so they can go with almost anything you wear.



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7. Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Running Shoe

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Just like the name has Air, this shoe has features that will make you feel like you are running on air. This one comes with so many colour choices and looks that everyone might own one and not match. Along with that high durability is another one of its specialties. This can well be one of the best workout sneakers mens prefer wearing.

Wide range of colour choices

Well, you will never run out of options with this one. It has got an extensive collection of colours and designs. So, if you choose to buy this shoe over and over again, you can still end up with a different colour and theme every time. From a rough estimation, we deducted that it has about 36 colour choices to go through. And shockingly every single one of them looks just stunning. These will surely turn some heads towards your shoes. So, get ready to receive compliments on your shoes.

Ultimate support

The shoe is designed with high-quality mesh for seamless comfort. As the mesh is excellent for airflow, you get proper ventilation ensured on this one. Breathability can make your shoes a lot more comfortable to wear all day long. Then there is dynamic Flywire technology giving you complete lockdown support as well. This helps in better flexibility as well. So, with colour choices, you get the best kind of support too.

Smoother transition

If you are switching between different exercises, then this can be helpful for each change. With the beveled heel, it makes sure to provide a more seamless transition all over. There is a rubber crash rail on the outsole for cushion transition. Along with that, the full-length zoom air unit gives you a smoother transition and creates much more responsiveness. So, you can switch between your exercises without even considering them. As this shoe is pretty adaptive to each of the workouts individually.

Great for running

These shoes are simply one of the best for running. You can feel the difference right after you use them for running. As they are highly durable, you can rest assured of the surface you are running on. It doesn’t get damaged that easily. But they are not only used for running you can use them for workouts as well.



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8. Reebok Men's Crossfit Speed Tr 2.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe

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We have got another one from Reebok on the list. This one specializes in durability. And it has got a lot of features packed up on this one. The unique thing about this one is the fabric used in the shoes. This has the potential to be the best men’s exercise shoes.

Good in construction

The shoes really look good. But with that good look, it’s excellent in building too. This one features a Cordura fabric instead of mesh. This makes the shoes much more comfortable than their predecessors. If you have owned a speed previously, then you will know what comfort is. Well, this one exceeds that comfort too. It has a sturdy construction for holding the heel in place.

Perfect fitting

The shoes fit just perfectly on your fit. With the new upper material, you get the ideal fit with some extra room for breathing. It’s also more comprehensive in the parts where it’s necessary. The mid-part provides great support for flat feet. In short, the shoes will fit perfectly on your feet. So, if you can’t find a pair with perfect fitting then get one of these.

Versatile usage

Although they are great for workouts and running, you can just about do anything wearing them. The platform of the shoe can hold your feet in perfect position all day long all over the place. These shoes are highly responsive and stable. So, you can go for heavy lifting on these shoes as well. And still, they can hold themselves. The outsole has a multi-directional pattern which gives it the right amount of grip. So, you can use them for rope climbing as well.

Flexibility and Comfort

Flexibility and comfort are such turn-ons for shoes. And if you don’t get that on shoes, then there is no point in buying them. You get complete flexibility from the new upper material. This helps you move your feet naturally. Along with that, there is a mid-foot shank that helps in propulsion. These shoes are also very much lightweight which undoubtedly puts the icing on the cake with all those fantastic features we talked about.



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9. Inov-8 Men's Fastlift 335 Weight-Lifting Shoe

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If your workout routine has weight lifting on it, then this can be your choice. It is built with all the features supporting weight lifting. Along with that, it’s suitable for other workouts as well.

Wide toe boxes

The shoe has got more full toe boxes that help your feet to have the right amount of space. As weight lifting requires a lot of control, you will need to have that extra space around your toes. It helps in getting a perfect balance while you are lifting weights. So, if you have more full feet and want to go on with your weightlifting, then this is it.

Flat sole with a raised heel

It has a flat bottom with a raised heel. This is like the perfect setup you can ask for from a weightlifting shoe. Because a flat sole will provide you with a sturdy foundation and help you keep balance. Then there is the raised heel giving you a bit of advantage while you pick up the weight putting pressure on your ankle. It ultimately makes you immune to ankle pain-causing from heavy lifting. Long story short this shoe was made keeping weightlifting in mind.

Easy movements with flexibility

Inov-8 have got their flex groove technology installed in the shoes. This helps in better movements of the forefoot. You can have better comfort in every step you make with your forefoot. Having that advantage can help you in the transition of different workouts. The overall heel height isn’t too high either, so you can easily choose these if you are starting off with weightlifting.


Well, this is given to make a list. This shoe offers comfort at its peak. The tongue and collar on this one are padded for ensuring comfort and taking away strain from your feet. Because of the raised heel, you can rest on the heels of your feet at times. Then there is lace-up closure with adjustable hook and loop for a secure fit. So, you can get additional features with the basic ones, which is what you expect from a complete shoe.



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10. Inov-8 Men's F-LITE 260 Knit (M) Cross Trainer

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Probably one of the most versatile shoes on our list. This shoe can do a lot when it comes to cross-training. You can feel the freedom coming from this shoe whenever you are working out in the gym. But with versatility, it doesn’t compromise on other features at all.

Super versatility

Whenever you work out, you aren’t going in for a particular exercise. You will be going through a series of tasks. Along with that, there are other activities, such as running and rope climbing. Well, this shoe can take care of it all. It can handle those quick transitions among your exercises as well as able to adapt with running movement and rope climbing. It’s simply built for all. With its features, you can use this for weight lifting and quickly switch on to other exercises, for example, planks.

Great heel support

To be versatile like this one is, comfortability might come in question. But Inov-8 didn’t leave this part unattended either. This has got complete heel support with an external heel cage wrapped around the rear. This gives the shoes a sturdy base for a better feel in the heel while lifting. And with the full toe boxes, you get stability and better control while lifting heavyweights. So, all in all, it gets you prepared for anything you are willing to do.

Complete protection

There is a welded toe bumper for better security around the toe area. So, you can quickly go for those burpees and box jumps. Then there comes the rope guard coming from the outer sole extending up to the shoes upper part. This helps in rope climbing and protect your boots also provides traction. On the bottom, there is this rubber sole with excellent traction making the shoe slip-resistant. Thus, this shoe is ready to face it all.

Maximum comfort

The shoes are extremely lightweight because of the ultra-durable knit upper. It also provides better flexibility and breathability all over the shoe. Overall the fitting of the footwear gets quite perfect every time you wear it. Then there comes the midsole with excellent shock absorption capabilities. They give you better cushioning than the standard midsole usually used in shoes. So, you get maximum comfort assured from the boots.



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Workout Shoes for Men Buying Guide

Selecting the ultimate workout shoes can often become a difficult task as there are several available options. Depending upon your workout style and requirements, you can choose the product which delivers the best comfort, grip, and fitting. It is mandatory to consider the shoes which are best suited to your workout needs.


Yes, the look of your gym outfit matters to a great extent in motivating you to workout harder. It’s a psychological fact that when you see yourself in the mirror looking good, it pushes you to look even more exceptional. Thus you should select the shoe which has a good outlook as a great pair of shoes will enhance your total look.


It is necessary to buy the workout shoe which fits you perfectly. A loosely fitted gym shoe will cause interruptions in your workout session. So always go for the ones which fit you ideally.

Also, remember to get one size bigger shoes than your usual shoe size for lifting workout sessions.


It is a must to check the friction of the gym shoes at the time of purchasing. Gym exercises include lots of fast movement. So you need a pair of shoes that have rubber soles which makes it slip-resistant. Otherwise, you might end up having severe injuries due to sudden slips.


While exercising for a long time, your feet will become sweaty. In this case, if your shoe mesh is not breathable, your feet will be infected by diseases like swamp feet. Hence, you should select shoes that have breathable mesh as it will keep your feet always dry and clean.

Type of Exercises

The selection of top shoes relies significantly on the kind of exercises you will be doing wearing it.

Compare Your Shoes with the Workout

Whether you need ideal shoes for running or everyday walking, extra cushioning and comfort can reduce stress. There are various types of shoes available for indoor cardio workouts, hiking, and outdoor activities. You must purchase the workout shoe that is the best fit. A lost shoe will make it impossible to carry your workout effectively.


Shoes having attractive design patterns are known for giving great motivation to work harder. As it allows you to look fashionable, you can carry out your workout in a positive attitude. Mostly, stylish and high-quality workout shoes are expensive, for which you need to overview your budget constraints as well.

Always Go For Quality

Although there are several cheap workout shoes for men available, it is not advised to consider them. Each pair of shoes is designed and manufactured for the purpose, and you must always go for the quality. A sub-standard product is undoubtedly less durable and can increase the chances of injury as well. Furthermore, try each shoe physically before purchasing so that you can get the best fit.


Last but not least, comfort is surely mandatory for routine exercising with your workout shoes. Due to performing physical moves and running for long, your feet can become sweaty. In this case, your shoe mesh should provide sufficient breathability and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Which size is perfect for me?

Always keep a little room for your feet when purchasing workout shoes. It is advised that you never buy shoes more prominent than your size because this could result in a potential injury while training. Taking your old shoe along for size correction can also help you in getting the perfect size for yourself.

2. When should I replace the workout shoes?

Workout shoes show signs of wear and tear on the upper and sole. Due to loads of lateral movements and extensive workout, inner materials tend to become visible. This also affects the comfort, cushioning, and grip of your workout shoes. So, if you see any of these factors, you surely need a new pair of workout shoes.

3. Design and Comfort, which is the most important?

When it comes to everyday workout shoes, comfort is more important than design. Although an attractive design is known to give better pleasure and motivation for the workout, comfort is the most valuable aspect of routing workout.

4. What sports will you be utilizing the shoes for?

Not all shoes are suitable for all sports and exercises. Always select the shoe which is specially designed for the game. You can find a vast variety of workouts, running, indoor, and outdoor games shoes. Remember that the shoes must be comfortable and allow you to maximize your athletic performance. Considering the physical demands for each sport, the most specific shoes are mandatory.

5. Which are the best brands?

Talking about the best brands, you can make your selection from Nike, Puma, or Adidas. On the other hand, famous brands like Reebok, Nike, Puma, and Inov-8 men’s collection can also be considered. Depending upon your training and workout requirements, you can select the option which delivers the best comfort, durability, and grip.


Spending some time on the research and evaluation before purchasing your workout shoe can yield excellent outcomes. Not only will you feel more comfort while training, but you can also maximize the workout results and gains. There is an abundance of different shoe models designed for every game specifically. Make sure you are selecting the right product of the best fit size so that it does not cause any future injuries.

Furthermore, pick the right workout shoes so that you are stable, get the desired comfort and grip. These are the essential factors that need to be focused on selecting the best workout shoes for men. Moreover, we recommend Reebok Men’s CrossFit Nano 8.0 that can be perfect for you.