Brooks Glycerin 16 Review

When it comes to running shoes, users look for a variety of features in one convenient package. Running can pack lots of pressure on the toes, forefront, instep, and heels. It’s, therefore, essential to ensure you wear the best possible footwear to help absorb the shocks on impact. Conversely, users also want to ensure their running shoes provide hours of comfort and stability.

Brooks Glycerin 16 shoes offer a new, re-engineered product that offers lots more durability and support than the average running shoe. So, continue reading the following Brooks Glycerin 16 review and choose the best shoe for your needs.

Our review will showcase the best that Brooks Glycerin 16 shoes have to offer. Some highlights will include:

Who Is This Shoe Designed For?

The shoe is ideal for persons who engage in regular and long-distance running. The shoes are also suitable for proper walking and jogging. They are suitable for:

Brooks Glycerin 16 Review At a Glance

The Brooks Glycerin 16 shoe is available in sizes medium to full width in black, navy, and gray colors. They are an excellent option for runners who need neutral support for medium to high foot arches. The shoes are highly-responsive and offer lots of cushion-style comforts. They come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit the personal styles of both men and women.

Besides, the shoes are highly-durable, stable, and supportive from heel to toe. The dual-mesh fabric covering of the upper provides lots of flexibility and breathability. The inner soles are cushy and conform to the shape of your feet as you run.

The shoes also offer lots of flexibility, stability, and durability. You can run over long distances with ease and comfort. The foam padding works along with the natural shape of your feet to help distribute your weight for more balance and control.

The technology and design upgrades on the shoes also help provide a more stable, safe, and reliable running experience. The midsole and rubber soles have lots of features, including reflective points and pressure zones, to help keep the feet stable and comfortable over long distances.

Extra padding in the footbed also helps cushion the feet, toes, and heels from bruising, soreness, and pain. When compared to similar brands, many customers prefer the Glycerin 16 shoes for their overall high comfort and support. The design combines cutting-edge technology that keeps your feet well-cushioned as you run. Finally, this Brooks Glycerin 16 shoe review provides you the details about the shoe that is very much effective for you.


The shoes have so much to offer in terms of comfort, style, and design. Here are some of the features:


The shoes are highly-responsive during movement. They can expand or contract depending on your foot movement for much-needed comfort and support. The DNA Loft design offers extra-soft cushioning that’s flexible and long-lasting. The foam technology also provides lots of bounce that keeps you well-balanced as it adapts to the foot’s natural rhythm.

Moreover, the shoes also feature Omega-type grooves on the outer sole. These help to enhance the overall flexibility to help reduce pressure and pain. The well-placed pressure points also allow better heel-to-toe transitioning. They help spread the pressure more evenly on impact.


Many users like the overall durability of the product. They feature high-quality, breathable mesh fabric over the rubber sole. These fabrics combine to make the shoe stand up well under pressure and regular wear and tear.

Besides, two sturdy rubber-style scratch-resistant materials blend to provide added grip and traction on dry and wet surfaces. If you want to know more about this shoe, read this shoe reviews from Amazon.

Superior Comfort

The shoes consist of dual-mesh jacquard material, which makes them breathable by regulating the temperature with more air-flow throughout the upper. They also feature a bootie-style design that provides extra cushioning.

The collar and tongue also feature additional padding for extra comfort as you run. Furthermore, there’s DNA Loft-style foam support in the midsole that helps keep the foot comfortable from heel to toe while running. The foam also expands with the contour of your feet to create extra room when moving.


The foam design of the DNA Loft construction helps provide consistent on-the-road performance. The flexible foam allows lots of flexibility and cushioning that responds well to the rigors of running over long distances. They are also sturdy and hold up well as adjust to help maintain a smooth, comfortable running action.

Besides, the shoes also provide excellent support along the pressure points to evenly balance your movements to reduce pain and discomfort. Overall, they offer exceptional grip and support on the outer sole to handle most weather conditions.

Fine Fit

The Brooks Glycerin 16 running shoes also come in medium and full-width sizes for a generally good fit. They also provide extra room in the toe box for runners who have more extensive foot sizes. The footbed is plush and offers a snug, sock-like fit. The soft, interior lining helps stabilize the feet and allows them to adapt comfortably to your running style.

Some users also remark the shoes fit far better than some other comparable brands. The 3D-style mesh Print upper design provides a cushy, comfortable fit that moves with the natural movement of the foot.



The Benefits Of This Shoe

The Brooks Glycerin 16 is very much beneficial for men. The waffle-style tread system and sturdy rubber sole provide excellent traction in most weather conditions. Further, the shoes also comprise durable DNA foam, rubber, and air to create a super-soft, sock-like upper that’s comfortable and long-lasting. Some of the benefits of the Brooks Glycerin 16 include:

Reliable Grip And Traction

The shoes deliver excellent traction, especially on wet road surfaces. Studies also show a high number of users are happy with the shoes’ overall comfort, durability, and stability. Customers also especially like how well the shoes perform over long distances. The thick tread on the sole provides a sturdy, stable shoe that absorbs pressure.

Comfortable Footbed

Along with a foam-style midsole, the shoes have a very soft footbed. They feature an inner sock liner that hugs the entire foot to adjust to your normal stride. Customers also like the extra room on the toe box, and broader mesh upper. 3-D Print upper technology offers two layers of breathable jacquard mesh fabric for more relaxed feet when running. A range of trendy, stylish colors suitable for both men and women.

These shoes come with dual jacquard mesh technology. The DNA Loft cushioning is introduced for long-lasting comfort. The interior stretch design is included for a roomier interior. Slip-resistant rubber soles are for running on dry and wet roads. Besides, reflective points are for night running. Pressure zones on the midsoles are available for extra stability and safety. Neutral support is applicable for medium to high foot arches. Breathable, durable mesh-type material is used for controlling moisture.

Stable Midsole

Close to 100 percent of all users love the plush cushioning on the midsoles. Several comfort points along the midsole make moving a lot smoother. DNA Loft support makes the shoes more durable, flexible, and responsive. They still maintain high comfort levels, even in severe conditions. Stretchable bootie cushioning adapts well to your running stride and quickly adjusts under pressure. They offer lots of long-term comforts, stability, and support.

Excellent fit

Most customers agree that the shoe fits well from the get-go, with little or no break-in period. They can endure regular running, marathons, and long-distance training. They also provide well for slow jogging and daily walking. Sizes vary to fit both men’s and women’s unique foot shapes and shoe sizes.

Design And Technology

DNA foam technology provides a plush comfortable midsole for a more flexible heel to toe transition. Layers of sturdy rubber on the outsoles offer lots of traction. The foam design also conforms to the natural shape of the feet for a more comfortable fit and to help reduce pain and soreness.

The outer rubber sole features slip-resistant treads for additional safety and overall stability. Several pressure points along the shoe help distribute body weight evenly for extra support on impact. For more details, read the Brooks Glycerin 16 review attentively.

Other Benefits

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What are some of the specifications of the shoes?

A: Some of the specifications of the Brooks Glycerin 16 shoes include:

1. 10mm heel drop for both men and women
2. 32mm heel height for men and women
3. The average shoe weight for women is 265 g, and for men, 310g.
4. The forefoot for men and women is 32mm.

Q: How comfortable are the shoes?

A: The shoes offer exceptional sock-style interior lining that cradles the whole foot for long-lasting comfort and support. They fit snugly right out of the box since the footbed is cushy and super-soft. The extra-soft foam also provides lots of bounce and stability. The foam inlays mold to the foot’s natural shape for a more comfortable fit and overall balance.

Q: How well do the shoes perform?

A: The shoes are very lightweight, flexible, and responsive. They offer lots of support when switching from heel to toe, and between forefoot and mid-foot. They also provide a smooth running experience that helps minimize soreness and pain. They are soft, yet sturdy enough for running a half or full marathons and other long-distance courses.

Further, they are also suitable for older runners since they provide extra padding to help support aching knees, shins, and heels. The average runner can get up to about 52 miles with the shoes.

Q: How safe are Brooks Glycerin 16 shoes?

A: The shoes offer the right level of stability and overall safety. They also wrap around the feet to provide extra support, especially in the toe and heel areas. Small, reflective points around the shoe also help provide a measure of safety when running at night. The super-sturdy, dense tread count on the rubber soles also offers lots of control and traction on varying weather conditions. The durable, high-quality design and materials also help provide a reliable shoe.

Q: How well do the shoes fit?

A: Generally, the Glycerin 16 shoe fits a bit smaller than some other brands. Many users recommend buying a shoe at least half a size over your regular wear to get the best possible fit. However, they require almost no break-in period. They fit snugly on the forefoot and heel with lots of space for the toes and wider insteps.

The laces are adjustable with a more secure fastening around the midsole. The 3-D Print design also provides additional fit and comfort over the feet. Men’s sizes range between medium and wide, while women’s sizes start from narrow to medium and wide.


Studies show that most users who support Brooks Glycerin 16 running shoes are delighted with the current improvements. They like the design, colors, fit, and comfort levels. Customers especially love the layers of the sock line comfort and cushy footbed.

They also enjoy a shoe that offers a high degree of flexibility, stability, and durability. They are suitable for men and women for long-distance running, regular jogging, walking, and marathons. Overall, the shoes offer many advanced features in design and foam technology.

So reading the Brooks Glycerin 16 shoe review, many users recommend them for their superior cushioning, and the way they transition to support the forefoot and heels.