How To Clean Basketball Shoes?

Do you remember the day when you own your first basketball shoe? Then you also remember that feeling when you uncover that new shoe. Removing the lid from the shoebox and unveiling the paper curtain, a stream of blood runs into your face. You just scream out of joy.

But day by day, that new basketball shoe lost all attention. You just put it on and throw it after returning home. And it takes place at a corner after a while being unnoticed. However, if we just know How to Clean Basketball Shoes and take care accordingly, it will last long surely. And saving the pocket is a bonus as these shoes are not that cheap.

How To Clean Basketball Shoes

Cleaning of Basketball Shoes

Whatever the cost is, your basketball shoes just get dirty eventually. In the same manner, I must say. Whether it’s few bucks or 100 dollars. Dirt doesn’t count the price. Therefore, it needs proper cleaning as it demands.

However, you can follow the same cleaning for almost all basketball shoes. Yet the white one needs some extra care, of course. Now, you may find some questions at this point.

How frequent should you clean your desired pair?

Yes, it could be a headache. We all are a part of a hectic life and so many things to do in a concise time. Still, it’s a little attention that your shoe seeks, after all, it’s all yours.

So, generally, it depends on how often you use your shoe, right? If you are a basketball player like me, you must have used your shoe in court only. To maintain the cleanliness of the court, I follow this rule in the ground.

Therefore, your shoe rarely needs cleaning. You can easily skip a daily routine for it. As the outdoor dirt or weather obstacles don’t possess it.

On the other hand, there are commoners like my brother who only use the basketball shoe as a fashion statement. They use it as regular wear. Indoor or outdoor doesn’t matter for him. He is an all-day guy.

Dust, muds, and scratches- all are very simple over the shoe. OH, and of course, the chewing gum as well. Actually, You can’t expect it neat and clean after all the consequences it faces with a teenager like my brother.

Well, then you decide how frequent his shoe needs the cleaning?

Why do you need to clean the shoe instead of only dusting?

Your basketball shoe should be an integral part of your outfit. In sports or anywhere. It must enhance your personality plus the performance on the field—the must-have durability at its best for your shoe.

How can you get the maximum from your basketball shoe? The answer is exact. Proper maintenance only can offer such credibility. And without proper cleaning or storing, how can you handle that?

Now think, if you just throw the dirty shoes out of your feet and keep as it is, you will undoubtedly need another pair. Just what my brother did, and that’s also very soon.

Keeping your basketball shoes for long in the gym duffle may change the shape of the shoe and form bacteria or fungus. It only leads to bad odor and foot infections.

Apart from durability, your shoe needs cleaning whenever it gets dirty for healthy and happy feet. If only dusting can do, don’t go for deep cleaning. On the other hand, don’t leave it unclean if it had mud stain on it.

Cleaning Steps:

If you read the steps later, you will laugh for some time, I guess. You might find idiotic for having such a headache for this. Trust me, they are this much simple. The very first thing I do before cleaning is, I separate the laces and insole. They create a barrier on the way of a good cleanse.

Now, these are common steps you can follow for every basketball shoe:

Well, did we miss something?

Yes, you get it right, the insole and lace.

You can clean them with the gentle cleanser you make. But before that, soak the inner and string for a few minutes. Later rub and clean in tap water. And let them dry.

Use a vinegar and water solution for the insole. Use a half cup of vinegar with 2 cups of water. Soak the inner for some time. It eliminates any kind of odor. Also helps to kill bacteria.

After a few minutes, clean those in the tap water and air dry.

Few more tips for your basketball shoe:

Your shoe may have different materials for uppercase. I could be white in color or leather or mesh. So here are few additional tips on the way of How to Clean Basketball Shoes:

How to Care for and Clean Basketball Shoes


Remember that the more you carry forward the stains or dirt on your basketball shoe, the more time it takes in cleaning. Feasibly, the stain never goes likewise. So keeping it as a new one or similar is your responsibility. Also, cleanliness should be an essential part of our lifestyle. Not only household footwear as well.

So don’t delay to make your basketball shoe shiny and glace as you like it. Shine up with shiny shoes. Happy Cleaning!