How to Clean Black Shoes?

We all know that maintaining a black shoe is quite tricky. The severe marks and spots appear on the boots and make horrible looks of them. However, there are several options to remove all the stains and keep the black shoes new for a long time.

Today, we present such excellent cleaning tips that will make your cleaning process easy as well as you can apply these tips and tricks on the other shoes like black canvas, trainers, and leather footwear.

Therefore, read the below content and learn how to clean black shoes with some simple steps.

The Reason for Getting Fade of Your Black Shoes Early

how to clean black shoes

Naturally, the black things get fade early than the other colors. And it takes less time for the black shoes. Mostly, water and light damage is causes of diminish.

Water Damage: The biggest offender is water that makes the black shoes fade. Most importantly, the winter and cold weather are also blamable for it. Moreover, water is an excellent problem for suede and leather footwear.

Light Damage: Light can damage the black color quickly. Therefore, do not put your black shoes in the sunlight directly.

The Ways of Restoring Black Shoes

By following the below tips, one can restore black footwear quickly. Also, it will remove the diminished look from your shoes. Follow the Below Steps:

Cleaning Process of Your Black Leather Footwear

Tips to Protect Your Black Leather Footwear

Now, we will present three unique tips to restore and protect your leather footwear.

Use a Quality Balm or Oil: The shoe balm or oil is the best product for leather footwear. These are the things that make the leather footwear nourish and shiny. Also, it prevents the shoes from cracking and drying. Moreover, they make the footwear softer and comfortable to use. Therefore, you have to apply balm and oil every two months.

Keep Away from Direct Heat: After clean the shoes, we often leave them in the sunlight directly. Now our suggestion is never to do this. The direct heat is the cause of stiffness and cracking.

Polish Regularly: Last but not least, you must polish your shoes regularly. It protects the footwear and makes them long-lasting.

Cleaning Process of Your Black Suede Footwear

You can clean the black suede with some simple steps. Just look at the below to get them:

Tips to Protect Your Black Suede

We will mention two methods below to protect one’s black suede footwear.

Spray the Footwear: Select one suede friendly spray for your black footwear. Then spray it on the shoes regularly. It helps to prevent discoloration and stains.

Skip Wet weather: We always suggest keeping the suede footwear inside the house during the cold or winter season. Also, it is best not to wear them on a rainy day as well.

Cleaning Process of Black Canvas and Trainers Shoes

If you follow the mentioned step, then you will able to keep the black canvas and trainers clean and beautiful.

Tips to Protect Your Black Canvas and Trainers Shoes

Though it is difficult to protect the black shoes, a proper take care and useful tips can help you to make it possible. Therefore, read the below two ways to safeguard black canvas and trainers.

Waterproof: To protect the canvas footwear against the items, scrub beeswax into the shoes. Also, use one hairdryer that helps to melt the fibers. Moreover, you can search for more water-resistant techniques.

Spray Regularly: The shoe spray is the magic product to remove the stain and dust. But always try to use fiber protector spray. Most importantly, apply the spray as often it is required.

How To Clean Black Shoes Additional Tips

Sometimes, you may apply all the above tips, but still, the shoes are dirty. Then you have to follow some other ways. And we are going to provide them. First, one can use the upholstery cleaner or foaming carpet. Just rub the footwear with the soft dry cloth.

Additionally, the best cleaner is Lincoln EZ, and it is effortless to get online. To clean the shoelaces, keep them into the cleanser. Then, use Elmer’s glue and leave them to dry.

Besides, to clean the insoles and remove the foul odor, use baking soda. Then, leave them for a night, and next morning clean them. Moreover, you can use one vacuum hose that removes the remaining particles of baking powder.

Lastly, use the shoe spray to protect the shoes from dust. Hopefully, you will get clean and odor-free shoes after applying these methods.

How to Clean Black Vans Shoes at Home


The canvas footwear gets dirty quickly, like clothing. Also, this footwear cannot toss into the washer as well. The glue of the soles may seep out after getting much water.

Also, the footwear may shrink into the high temperature of any dryer. Instead, you can apply the method as mentioned earlier to clean the black shoes.

Indeed, we research on the safest cleaning method for black shoes and select the best among them. Therefore, if you apply these methods, you will get a perfect cleaning result. Also, you will able to use black shoes for a long time.