How to Clean Nike Running Shoes?

Do you have an excellent pair of running shoes from Nike? Did you buy them before a few months ago? So, tell us that, how do your shoes look like now? If you find that your newly purchased shoes look like the oldest one, this content is for you.

Here, we will present several cleaning tips to keep the shoes beautiful for a long time. Also, these tips will make your boots long-lasting.

Moreover, we will provide some cleaning tools that are perfect for running shoe’s cleaning. Therefore, you have to read this effective content to know how to clean Nike running shoes.

The History of Nike Shoes

how to clean nike running shoes

Now we will present a short history of Nike shoes. Firstly, the founders of Nike are Phil Knight and his coach Bowerman Bill. Phil was a school student. The first name of Nike was Blue Ribbon and Sports. In the starting year, they sold around 1,400 pairs of footwear.

As well as the first earned was $8,000. Finally, they started a shop in 1966. In the present time, the number of shops increases up to 1,100. Moreover, the company expanded its products to include several sports.

Also, they acquired many shoes and clothing companies, like Converse, Bauer Hockey, and Cole Haan. Nike is one of the familiar brands in the world.

More Information on Nike Shoes

Here, we want to present the classification of Nike shoes. Firstly, they have several models for women, men, and children. Nike provides sports shoes, as well. They have a variety of shoe collections for basketball, running, skateboarding, tennis, and golf.

Most importantly, you will get stylish casual shoes from Nike. Also, sandals and slide shoes are available here. Indeed, you can wear casual shoes on a daily basis. The famous shoes of Nike are Air Jordans. Honestly, this is fantastic footwear that you must try once.

Method 1: Clean Your Shoes

Remove Dust from the Shoes

First, you must remove dust from your shoes. And one soft-bristled brush can be the right choice. Just take the cleaning brush and rub it everywhere on the shoes gently.

Do not forget to rub the outsole of the shoes. Moreover, to remove the tough stain, one can use the screwdrivers, paintbrush, or cleaning kit.

Plan for the Cleaning Suds

To clean the shoes, you have to make the perfect cleaning suds. Now we will present the recipe of suds. First, take hot water and laundry detergent. Then mix them properly but do not overdo the mixing. Just make one mild soapy liquid.

Most importantly, do not take hot water to clean the Flyknits of Nike. Because hot water is not suitable for these shoes, it can spoil the shoes’ fabric. But one can use any cleanser and detergent to clean Flyknits shoes with cold water.

Give Sponge Bath to the Shoes

The sponge bath is a special treat for the shoes. To get the treatment, you need one sponge. Also, one can use one washcloth, microfiber cloth instead of the sponge. Just keep the sponge in the cleaner and scrub gently on the shoes.

But do not take much liquid. Once your boots are dust-free, then clean the sponge or the cloths with hot water. Then use the sponge again and wipe the shoes. It will help you to remove the soap from the shoes.

Let the Shoes Dry

After cleaning the footwear, let them keep in a ventilated place to dry. Also, you can leave the footwear in the sunshine. Besides, the blow dryer is also perfect for drying the shoes. But you have to use cold features.

Now we will present the essential part of the drying that you must follow. To keep the original shape of the footwear, use paper towels. Also, you can use the tumble fabric sheet that helps to dry the shoes faster. Moreover, they freshen your boots in a bit.

Method 2: Clean the Insoles of the Shoes

Wet Shoe’s Insoles

Insoles are another essential part that needs perfect cleaning. Most importantly, you will never want to wear dirty with a foul odor. Therefore, take some soapy water and soak them in the water.

Scrub Your Insoles

Once the insoles get wet, then rub gently to remove the dust and odor. One thing one must remember that do not rub the insole hardly. It can cause of the damaging and peeling. Also, you can use a small brush or toothbrush to pet them.

Rinse the Shoe’s Insoles

Coldwater is best to remove the soap from your insole. Do it gently and ensure that you remove all the particles of soap.

Leave the Insole to Dry

Lastly, you have to keep the insoles is a ventilated place to dry. Moreover, one can use a towel and press on the shoes to dry fast.

Method 3: Clean the Shoes During the Journey

Keep Baby Wipes

One of the fantastic elements is baby wipes that help to present a beautiful look to your shoes. It makes your shoe dust-free in a while.

Keep One Pencil’s Eraser

An eraser is a fantastic tool that removes any kind of scuffs from the shoes quickly. To do this, scrub the eraser and see the magic.

Buy Inserts

One must buy several items to store the shoes. It often happens that you want to keep the shoes for a long time. But you do not know the rules, and your shoes become cranky.

Therefore, buy some cardboard and stiff paper. It ensures you the clean and perfect shape after unboxing them.

Replace the Laces

Sometimes your footwear does not look nice after a proper cleaning due to the old laces. Here, we recommend replacing the laces. Buy one new matching laces for the shoes. Nothing can present a fresh look instead of the original laces.

How to Clean Nike Running Shoes


Usually, your shoes will get dirty after wearing them. But you have to take care of them in a proper way. However, we tried to present all the useful tips to clean the shoes. Believe in us, and try these ways to keep the boots like new forever.