How To Clean Tennis Shoes?

Most people think that athletes and tennis players only wear tennis shoes. But this is not the right concept. Instead, these shoes are perfect for everyone. Also, it depends on the people’s choice. Usually, sports players select their shoes according to their specific sports.

Besides, one can choose any boots that they like most. But the regular good-looking canvas, sneakers, requires extra care. Moreover, you have to take care of them every month. On the other hand, athletic shoes need simple steps to clean them.

Most importantly, you can clean these shoes very quickly in a short time. Additionally, two types of tennis shoes are available such as fabric and leather tennis shoes. Luckily, you can wash both the boots by using the washer.

The most important thing is you have to know the proper cleaning process of the shoes. Therefore, you can read this content to know how to clean tennis shoes.

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First, remove the dust and stones particles from the outside and inside of your shoes. Then wash your boots to follow the instructions.

Things You Need to Clean the Shoes:

You have to use proper materials and tools to give an elegant and clean look to the shoes. The list of these items is below.




Now read the below instruction to know the cleaning process of the shoes.

Remove Laces

You have to remove the laces before you clean the shoes. Then, keep the shoes in your net laundry bag. Keep the laces aside to wipe them with the shoes. If the laces are weak, then leave them and buy the new one.

Clean Insoles

First, remove your insoles from the shoes and rub them with a soft cloth. If the insoles are too dirty, then use the cleaning solutions. However, you have to apply the cleaning solutions properly.

First, take a cup of hot water and add baking soda around one tablespoon. Just leave the insoles in the cleaning solutions while you clean another part of your shoes.

Lastly, use baking soda directly on the insoles to remove the bad odor. Most importantly, you can often try this method to protect the bad smell. Even if you do not need to clean another part of your shoes.

Wash the Shoes

One thing you have to do first and that is removing the soil and dust. By using the cold water, one can remove the dirt. After that, keep your shoes in the net laundry bag to get a heavy wash.

Then use hot water with detergent and rub the boots. Additionally, the towels are perfect items for rubbing the shoes. Moreover, one can use the washer, but before using it, you have to ensure the spin speed.

Tip: The first tip is to use hand wash to clean your new and expensive shoes. Besides, one soft brush and mild detergent are best for them. Just rub the outside and inside of every shoe gently, then wash with the normal water.

Dry the Shoes

At first, remove your shoes from cleaning solutions and let the remaining water drop away. Then keep them in a ventilated space on to dry. To do the drying process quickly, you can use the drying rack.

After that, stuff the shoes loosely and use a white cotton hand towel or tissue to retain the shoes’ shape. Also, it will help to prevent the transferring of color. But do not use newspapers due to the ink of the paper can transfer and stuck on the shoes.

Most importantly, using one dryer will help you to finish the drying method. One thing you must know that you always keep the dryer set in the cycle of air-only.

Tip: Never dry the leather tennis in sunlight directly. The sunlight can cause cracking of the shoes. However, one can use a fan to dry the leather items.

Protect and Polish

After drying the shoes entirely, you have to protect and polish the shoes. Use black, white, and colored polish to give a protective touch on the leather items.

After cleaning the shoes, use one leather conditioner that helps to prevent cracking. At the same time, one can use one protective fabric spray for canvas boots. This spray helps to repel dust between cleaning.

Treatment for the Scuff Marks and Stains from the Tennis Shoes

Baking soda is a magical item to remove any scuff marks from leather tennis. Just make a smooth mixture of baking powder with water. Then apply this paste on the marks and rub gently. This simple step will help you to vanish all the dots.

Another useful item is matching permanent marker. Mainly, it works well for dark color shoes. Here, you have to take one pen that contains similar colors like your shoes—the hide the marks as well as other blemishes.

How to Repair the Shoes

To join any parts of the shoes like soles, you can use shoe glue. After applying the shoe glue, leave the boots to dry for 24 hours. If there are any cranky items, then it will be better to replace the things.

Is It Possible to Use a Dishwasher to Wash the Shoes?

Usually, the dishwasher is not preferable items to clean the shoes. Though several people use this item, this may harm your footwear. Generally, the detergent and the dishwasher contain harsh particles.

That can because of the fading of your leather. Also, the drying process wants high temperatures that make melt part of your shoes.

Disinfecting Process of Tennis Shoes

It often happens that the users of tennis shoes suffer from fungus and bacteria. If you want to keep away from the bacteria, then you have to disinfect the boots while cleaning. One active disinfectant is pine oil. Also, it is very safe to apply and works amazingly.

Moreover, this item does not damage the material of the shoes. Additionally, the Pine-Sol, Lysol Pine are working fantastic too. Most importantly, you have to use these items with hot water.

Besides, apply these solutions during the cycle of washing. If you apply it to rinsing, then ensure the warm water as several machines automatically provide cold water while rinsing.

How to Store Tennis Shoes

Sometimes you do not want to wear your shoes and keep them store for a long. So, a shoebox can be your best choice. Before you save the shoes, make sure that the shoes are clean enough.

Cleaning Process of White Shoes

The white shoes always require extra care than other shoes. Prevention is the thing that you have to do first. Even the experts recommend treating the shoes with shoe spray on the water repellent and stain. Most importantly, you have to do it every after week to protect the shoes.

Usually, people consider cleaning their shoes for lousy weather. But the thing is the weather does not matter to wipe the shoes. Instead, you have to clean the boots regular basis. Indeed, it helps to make your boots long-lasting and beautiful.

Another fantastic tip is making a habit of spot- cleaning. It might indeed seem like tedious, but doing this method will give you a great relief. Even if you do not think about the marks of the shoes.

Most importantly, you have to know the proper spot cleaning process. Therefore, follow our mentioned step to complete the removing process. First, wipe the stains and marks as possible as you can with the cleaning agent.

Suitable Items for Cleaning the White Shoes

Now we will mention a fantastic item for white shoes. And the thing is your old toothbrush. It is best to reach the hard marks. To remove the marks entirely, take some soap and hot water.

After that, put some soap and rub the brush on the marks gently. Just by following these simple steps, your shoes will be marks free. Sometimes, you may get powerful marks; then you have to try another tip.

To do this method, you need some household items like baking soda, toothpaste, and bleach. Additionally, put these any item on the marks and rub with the brush. Hopefully, you will get one stain and mark-free white shoes.


You have to avoid something to keep the shoes beautiful. Do not even think about cleaning your shoes by using a washing machine. The washing machine may cause the discoloration of your white shoes. The most important thing is it can be the cause of permanent damage.

Also, one may notice the loose threads, tears, and breakdown of the shoes. In brief, the shoes will never look like the before after washing in the machine. Just skip your cleaning machine to clean the boots.

How to Use Baking Soda to Clean the White Shoes

The baking soda has an excellent cleaning agent, and it works amazingly to clean the white shoes. To wash the things with it, you have to know some tricks. Otherwise, it may be some problems with your belongings. But if you apply them correctly, then it will be your favorite DIY tricks.

Additionally, take white vinegar with baking powder as well. Now we will present the recipe for these two items. First, take one spoon (table) hot water then one spoon white vinegar. After that, add one spoon baking soda.

Then stir all the items until it makes a paste of thick consistency. Now it is time to use the toothbrush. Just put some mixture on the shoes and rub them with the brush. Most importantly, make a circular motion while rubbing.

Once the boots become covered, and then leave them in the sunlight for around three hours. After that, you will notice that the mixture becomes dry. Then remove the dry particles from the shoes with the brush. Also, you can clap the pairs of boots together. It will help to remove the hard thing.

How to Use Toothpaste to Clean the White Shoes

The toothpaste can clean the shoes as well. Honestly, it is beneficial to clean the boots. But you have to use colorless toothpaste for the cleaning. First, take white toothpaste with a toothbrush.

Then put some toothpaste-like the above method and rub them. After applying the paste, leave it for ten minutes. Then use a towel to remove the dry toothpaste particles. Moreover, you can repeat this method if needed.

How to Clean Your Tennis Shoes!


At last, we will suggest you select the best method for you to clean the shoes. Besides, we will recommend that you do not let the stain lasts for a long time. Try to clean the boots every after month.

Moreover, if you do not want to wear the shoes then rinse them properly and put them inside a shoebox. Lastly, if you follow the above tips, then your footwear will be long-lasting, protected, neat, and clean always.