How to Clean Toms Shoes?

Toms shoes are very popular, comfortable and fun. They always become very dirty due to wear. And the odor is made at one time while being dirty. So you’re wondering How to clean Toms shoes properly.

You can usually clean them by hand or you can do the cleaning on the washing machine. If you want to freshen up the leather soles, you can work with a mixture of deodorizing powder.

Here we will discuss how to clean them easily. You will be happy to know that the methods you know here will be very easy for you.

Top 2 Ways How to Clean Toms Shoes?

1. Clean Toms Shoes by Hand

Clean Toms Shoes by Hand

When cleaning Tomas’ shoes you need to be careful not to damage the fabric of the shoe. The following is a list of all of Tomas’s shoes on cleaning toms shoes by hand.

2. Use the Washing Machine to Clean Toms Shoes

Use the Washing Machine to Clean Toms Shoes

This step will allow you to easily clean your Thomas shoes using a washing machine.

The instructions for this process are listed below:

How Can You Deodorize Your Toms Shoes

Deodorize Your Toms Shoes

If your Tom’s shoes are dirty, then they can smell bad after a while. Don’t despair. There are a few steps that you can use to get rid of this bad smell. We will describe these steps below.

Baking Soda

You may have heard before that baking soda is a great deodorizing agent It’s in most of our homes. All you have to do is spill some amount of baking soda into each shoe. Then shake the shoes well so that the powder is evenly spread inside.

Then leave it for a few hours. If the shoe smells excess, leave it overnight. Then in the morning remove the powder. If needed, use a soft shimmering brush to clean the inside of the shoe. This will release the shoes from the powder that is trapped inside.

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Dryer Sheets:

Many people do not want to use powder, dryer shit is the best option for them. They will remove the odor only, giving your shoes a fresh smell. All you have to do is insert a sheet into a shoe and leave it for several hours. After a few hours when you take out the sheet you will notice the aroma.

Tea Bags

As you may know, certain tea bags can be used as deodorizers. In this case black tea works very well. It is very effective in reducing the odor-causing bacteria from tannins. All you have to do is put a tee bag inside the shoe. But before you do this you need to soak the tea bag in some boilings hot water and refrigerate it. Once it’s cold, you can put it inside the shoe. Now leave it for a couple of hours.

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Cleaning Toms Shoes Video Guide

Additional Tips to Clean Your Toms Shoes Regularly

You can keep your precious tomato clean and easily clean without the steps described above.

These are described below:


When we have Toms shoes, they should be taken care of properly. Toms shoes care is very simple and easy. We have described How to clean Toms shoes through some simple ways above that will help you to keep your toms clean and fresh.