How to Clean White Leather Shoes With Baking Soda?

How to clean white leather shoes with baking soda? It was my first query after losing my suede shoes while cleaning with bleach. I don’t have any ideas that suede shoes are more sensitive like other leather shoes.

Wearing white leather shoes is pretty much easier to match with any outfit, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s true, but how to clean white leather shoes gently is the most important question for you as well.

Bleach is pretty much harsh for your leather shoes even you are using natural bleach. But Baking soda has the natural bleaching power by which you can get your dirty white leather shoes like a new one.

Here we are going to talk about the different types of leather shoe cleaning processes with baking soda. Which are:

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How to clean white leather shoes with baking soda?

How to clean white leather shoes with baking soda?

For your cleaning process, you have to need some materials with baking soda which are given below.

Without wasting time let’s discuss the total process that you can get your shoes white color back.

Full-grain and Nubuck White Shoes

Both types of shoe cleaning process are pretty much easier and the same, which is given below.

Step 1

At first, knock the shoes and remove the extra dirt from the sole. Then clean the midsole and outsole with a toothbrush, water, and detergent soap.

Step 2

Take a bowl and pour hot but not boiling water add some baking soda to make it paste. With your sponge gently rub on the upper side of the shoes. Leave it for 10 minutes.

Step 3

Now Take a wet towel and wipe the baking soda from your shoes. Add Vinegar and baking soda into the bowl mix it well and take a towel by dapping and twisting process clean your shoes and wipe it with another clean towel.

Step 4

Let the shoes dry in a shadow area stay safe from sunlight or direct sun heat. If you put them direct sunlight it can turn into yellow.

Step 5

After cleaning you need to condition your leather shoes otherwise, they will lose their original shine. For this step, you need to use some leather conditioner if you don’t have then you can use cream of tartar or any kind of natural oil or lotion.

Take a clean white towel put some oil or lotion onto it and gently rub onto your shoes and let them stay to soak. A few minutes later just wiped the extra oil from your shoes with a dry clean towel.

Suede White Shoes

Suede White Shoes

Suede leather is pretty much difficult to clean because of its materials. Here are some steps to follow

Step 1

Brush your white suede shoes with the suede brush if you don’t have then you can use any kind of soft brush or premium brush.

Step 2

If you have any stain just take a suede magic eraser or any kind of pencil eraser and rubbed on to the stained area and remove it.

Step 3

After brushing just blot your shoes with a clean towel only wet area if they have.

Step 4

Clean your lace with water and detergent soap. After cleaning them soak your lace into white vinegar and baking soda solution.

Step 5

Clean your midsole and outsole with a toothbrush and detergent soap carefully.

Step 6

Take a bowl mix Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide with it. Now take a towel and damp into the solution. Now apply the towel onto your shoes upper side with dap and twist process. For suede, I recommend you not to rub onto your upper side.

Step 7

Take a wet towel and wipe all the baking soda solution and let them dry for a few minutes.

Step 8

With suede brush just brushes your shoes again so that extra baking soda can remove from shoes.


How To Clean Leather Shoes Video Guide


After getting all these steps you can easily get your answer on cleaning white leather shoes with baking soda, isn’t it?

Baking soda is very convenient as well as cheap so you can easily get it and clean your shoes. You don’t have to worry about the durability of your shoes with that you can get clean and white shoes just before you have.