How to Clean White Shoes in Washer

How to clean white shoes in washer? It is the most common question that I faced each and every time from my customers each day. While being a footwear shop businessman I saw most of the people like to wear white shoes. But in the meantime, they are very eager to know the cleaning process.

In our busy lives, we don’t have much time to spend couple of hours washing our white shoes by hand or manually. That’s why we want to put them into the washer and try to save our time. But when it is a Van or Converse or Puma white shoes then we have to think twice whether we have to put it into the washer or not?

Yeah, you can clean your white tennis shoes as well as other canvas sneakers in the washer and spend only 40 minutes to get them back clean and new just before. But you have to give a few days or time to dry them if you don’t want to lose their durability.

Let’s check some steps to clean your white shoes into the washer which I have given below.

How to Clean White Shoes Into the Washer?

Cleaning white shoes into the washer or washing machine are very easy and time-saving process. You can just put your shoes into the washer and go back to your daily households’ works. You can do it after finishing your office or weekend also.

Grab your materials for washing

Step by Step Instructions How to Clean White Shoes in Washer?

Step by Step Instructions to Clean Your White Shoes Into the Washer

In my shop, I always try to give all of my customers each and every instruction to clean their shoes into washing machine and showed them the manufacturer label whether the shoes are machine washable or not.

But the people who are always try to purchasing their product from online? What should they do? So, I started to write about these cleaning processes that they can get do’s and don’ts ideas along with cleaning processes into the washer.

Just check all the steps and follow this instruction you can easily wash your shoes into your washing machine without any worries and save your time.

Steps 1

Take out your shoe’s Laces and inner sole if they have and wash them with liquid soap and you can easily do it by your hand. After washing your laces put them into the warm water, vinegar and baking soda solution for a few minutes. Take out from the solution and wash them again let them dry.

Step 2

In a bowl put some baking soda and vinegar with warm water soak your shoes into the solution and wait for a few minutes. After a few minutes take a brush and rubbed the brush on the outsole, midsole and upper side of your shoes to clean all the oil stain or stubborn marks.

Step 3

Fill your washer or washing machine with water, liquid soap, and mild bleach. Put the old towel into the washer so that your machine does not make any noise or create jerking while washing.

Step 4

Put your white shoes into the pillowcase or you can use mesh bag if you have. Now throw them into the washer and set your washing machine mode in gentle or medium depending on your washer operating system.

Always try to clean your shoes medium or gentle mode with cold water. Otherwise, if you wash them in heavy mode or fast mode or warm mode you will lose the durability of your shoe.

Step 5

Turn on the washer and set the timer 30-40minitues. After that take them out from the washer and try to drain all the water from your shoes.

Step 6

Take some piece of newspaper and put them into the inner side and soak the extra water from the shoes. Let them dry into the air circulation area or in front of a humidifier or you can put them in front of your windows just be careful about direct sunlight.



Which Types of White Shoes Can Be Clean Into the Washer?

There are a lot of white shoes and sneakers according to the brands and non-brands company but without checking the material don’t try to put your shoes into the washer. The shoes are specially made with cotton fabric like canvas and synthetic fabric can easily clean into the washer without any worries.

You can clean your tennis shoes as well because they are made with either nylon or canvas materials. Here I’m giving the list of shoe’s materials that you can clean in your washing machine.

Which Types of White Shoes Should Avoid to Clean Into the Washer?

If you have leather white shoes then I must suggest you not to put them into the washer. Because leather is more sensitive and if you clean them into the washer they will get some scratch marks on it or they lost their original shine as well. The Leather that you should not put into your washer is given below.

You can put your shoes that made with PU fabric but try to avoid that because PU is softer and artificial leather and it will become lost its surface area by harsh washing.

How I Clean My White Shoes


From now you don’t have to worry about the answer to this question that is how to clean white shoes into the washer? Without any doubt, you can easily have white shoes for your tennis practices as well as your casual works.

For busy folks just try these instructions and clean your shoes into the washer and enjoy your free time.