How to Clean White Vans With Oxiclean?

A dirty and stubborn staining White Vans can ruin your entire appearance. To get you rid of this, we have enlisted the process of how to clean White Vans with Oxiclean.

White Van shoes are a symbol of style and comfort. These shoes can easily be endured to any wear and create a stylish look. Nevertheless, they require care to keep their beauty. But if they lost it what will you do to restore them?

By going through this article you’ll get a clear concept of cleaning your White Van shoes. Read the article to enlighten you on this matter. And get a quick solution.

Cleaning Procedure

Oxiclean is known as one of the best stain removers. You can use it not only for cleaning but also for removing stains from shoes. The cleaning procedure is very simple. Follow these easy steps one by one and restore the former beauty of your White Van shoes.

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Step 1: Gather your ingredients

Cleaning white Vans with Oxiclean is as easy as wearing them. To start the cleaning procedure you need the following ingredients:

Step 2: Remove the laces and inserts of your shoes

At first, remove the laces and inserts of your white van shoes. This technique will give you easier access to reach all the parts of the shoes. Moreover, it will give you the extra advantage of finding even the smallest scratches and clean it properly.

Step 3: Brush off any dried dirt

Afterward, take a soft brush to clean the shoe smoothly. A lot of dirt and particles can probably be attached in the crack, so brush off that excess dirt. This step will make easier your job.

But if you don’t brush off this dried dirt and particles it’ll create trouble in the next step.

Step 4: Prepare the solution

In this step, you need to prepare a solution. In the first place take a bowl and filled it with clean water. Then add a few drops of soap. After that add Oxiclean powder and stir it for mixing well.

You can also use the Oxiclean gel for cleaning your white vans. For this, use the Oxiclean gel stick all over the shoes and allow it to set on the shoes.

Step 5: Prepare another bowl of clean water

During this time prepare another bowl of clean water. You’ll use this to rinse a microfiber towel or cloth as for cleaning your shoes.

Step 6: Dip a toothbrush or microfiber towel in the solution to rub shoes

Dipping the brush or cloth in the prepared solution and start rubbing your shoes in the circular motion. Then rinse the brush or cloth in the clean water and again dip it in the prepared solution. Keep going through this process until you get your desired result.

Step 7: Wipe away the shoes with a clean wet cloth

Take a wet cloth to wipe away any soap and dirt that residue on shoes. If you use Oxiclean gel then also wipe away from it with a microfiber towel or sponge. Do this step carefully to remove any residue.

Step 8: Clean the laces and inserts separately

Use the same cleaning solution for cleaning your shoelaces and inserts of the shoes. For cleaning them separately use another bowl and soak the laces in it. After finishing this process, rinse the laces with clean water.

Step 9: Let them dry

Lastly, let them air dry completely. After applying all these steps set your white van shoes in a dry place. And allow them to dry completely. But don’t keep them in the direct light or heat source.

You can also use a microfiber towel to dry the shoes. Although you need to apply some pressure with your finger in order to dry them completely.

Use some stuffs inside the shoe like-newspaper while keep it for dry. Because during this time it may lost its’ shape. So these kinds of stuffs are helpful for keeping the shoes shape the same as before.

Step 10: After thedry apply leather conditioner

After the shoes are dried completely apply a leather conditioner. It will help to keep your white van’s leather supple and soft. You should try a well-quality leather protection cream. Otherwise, it may harm your shoes. So be careful in this matter.

Tips for How to Clean White Vans With Oxiclean:

How to Clean White Vans With Oxiclean - 10 Ultimate Tips 2021 2

Some tips can make your cleaning job easier and help you in this aspect. By following tips you can keep your shoes more cleanly for a long time. Let’s find out the cleaning tips.

How to Clean Dirty White Vans Easy and Fast


In conclusion, this article is designed to help you. Through this article you’ll get to know the directions as well as the detailed of how to clean white vans with Oxiclean.