How to Clean Yellow Soles With Bleach?

When the sole on our favorite shoes turns yellow, it looks very unpleasant. So how do you remove the yellow stain from the soles of your shoe? Here we will discuss how to clean yellow soles with bleach.

All you need to clean your yellow toll is actually in your kitchen. And if it is not available to you then you can easily find it from outside super shops. Here we will explain an easy way to clean your yellow soles with bleach.

From these basic ingredients, you can clean your yellow soles with bleach. Below we are detailing how you can easily whiten the yellow soles of your shoe.

Clean Yellow Soles With Bleach on the Easy Way

How to Clean Yellow Soles With Bleach - The Easy Way in 2020 1

Bleach is a great way to remove yellow stain and clean your shoe soles. Bleaching is very effective at removing yellow spots from shoe sole. Bleach should be used thoroughly to remove the stains.

Follow the methods below:

Method 1:

  • First, moisten a sponge or cotton ball with the bleach mixture.
  • Now, rub the moistened sponge in circler motion round the yellow spot.
  • If it is too yellow, you can keep it for some time before removing the bleach.
  • Wash the sponge and wipe the bleach thoroughly with plain water.
  • Now let the wet part dry thoroughly.
  • If it stays after that, order a soft cloth between hydrogen peroxide and rub the stained area well. If the stain is more intense then pour some peroxide on the stain and allow it to dry. Peroxide works as light bleach and white spots can bleach again.
  • Wash with normal water and a cleaning cloth. Now allow it to dry.
  • If the stain becomes more difficult then more powerful chemicals may be needed. Mix the RIT Dye Remover with a little water to make a mixture and you can apply it.
  • Spread the mixture in the stained area and leave it for a while.
  • Now wipe with a clean cloth and rinse thoroughly.

Method 2:

  • Mix equal parts of bleach and water.
  • Dip an old toothbrush or equivalent soft-bristled brush into the combination.
  • Pay close attention to the yellow-colored areas and leave them aside.
  • Rinse thoroughly with running water.
  • Noticed you continue to have some yellow marks? All you would like to try to do is repeat steps 1-4 until the shoe is white as new again.

Additional Tips for Keeping the Shoes Yellow Stains Free

Additional Tips for Keeping the Shoes Yellow Stains Free

Without the above methods and steps you can take to keep your shoes spotless every day. Here are some helpful tips.

  • Always check the hiding areas around the shoe to make sure you have them in the right condition. Such as the bottom of the shoe's tongue. Use a mild detergent mixed with water before using a strong chemical such as bleach to clean a stain or dirt from shoe sole.
  • There are some magic erasers that work great for cleaning stains and dirt from all over the assemblies. You can use them as well.
  • If the yellow stains cannot be removed from the sole of the shoe, then the white shoe can be used by the polish to hide color discoloration.

How to Maintain the Shoes to Prevent the Yellow Stains

How to Maintain the Shoes to Prevent the Yellow Stains

Here is how to protect the shoe from yellow stains:


The shoe sole will turn yellow as a result of Chemical residue, namely enzymes in detergent. It triggers a reaction and produces a yellow substance under the sun, which makes the shoe surface turn yellow. You can scrub your white shoes with white soap. This way, if the shoe is cleaned, there will be no residue left and the shoes will become white.

Blue Ink:

As you may know, pure blue ink contains iron that is processed by water and removes all stains on your white shoe. So you’ll first pour 3-5 drops of pure blue ink into clean water to form the water become light blue when washing the white shoes. Now put the white shoes into the water and soak them for 15 minutes. Then wash the white shoes with clean water. Also, keep shoes and shoes as far away from the sunlight as possible and keep in a cool, dry and ventilated place.


Wrap your shoes around with tissue. This will keep your white shoes away from the sun’s harmful rays.. On the opposite hand, it can make use of fluorescent to extend the whiteness of the white shoes.

Lead Powder:

You might also observe the use of lead powder if the white shoes turn yellow seriously. You’ll smear some lead powder on the white shoes after washing them out, then cover them with white tissue to dry off. I think that soon after your white shoes will combat a replacement look.

Your shoes require regular and frequent cleanings to stay them pristine and well maintained. Both the methods discussed above are effective and you’ll try those methods if you would like. And also you’ll use this same method for your shoes also. So try these methods.

Easy Tips to Remove the Little Spots From the Shoe:

Easy Tips to Remove the Little Spots From the Shoe
  • Use white nail polish to hide small scratches. It’ll blend right in the shoes!
  • Get within the habit of regularly spot cleaning with a wipe, magic eraser or vinegar. Dirt will have less of an opportunity to soak into the material and you won’t need to spend the maximum amount of time cleaning.
  • Stuff shoes with paper towels to assist them dry quicker. If the shoe has an oil stain, make a mixture of mild shampoo and warm water. Then place the mixture on the spot with a toothbrush and wash after some time.
  • Avoid an excessive amount of sun exposure. Too many rays could cause your shoes to fade or become discolored.

How to Clean Yellow Soles With Bleach Video Guide


Your spotless shoes make you look attractive. If you have yellow spots on your shoe you will have to deal with it endlessly. Especially the tops and the rays of the sun cause yellow spots on your shoes. So, we have discussed above in detail How to clean yellow soles with bleach and have some important tips.