How to Make Shoes Slip Resistant

Imagine you are on the first day of your work and when you are walking towards your work desk you slipped in front of new boss and co-workers. Isn’t it going to leave a damn lousy impression? Also won’t it make you feel embarrassed as hell? The answer is going to be “Yes” for everyone. This is why you should always get the right pair of shoes as slipping off in public places can be embarrassing as well as dangerous also.

But it is not always possible for everyone to have non-slip shoes because these are rare to find and also expensive than usual ones. Thus to fix your problem in this piece of writing we will explain the DIY process of how to make shoes slip resistant.

Top Five Tips for How to Make Shoes Slip Resistant

Number: 1

The first and the most useful tip in this list. This advice will let you boost the traction of your shoes. To improve the traction quality of shoes, you need to scuff the bottom part of your shoes. When the friction of shoes gets better, it will reduce the chance of getting slipped.

So now, do you want to know the process of providing extra traction to your shoes to make it slip-resistant? It’s a straightforward process, to improve the traction you will have to scrap the soles of the shoes. Scrap the shoes’ bottom part against rough surfaces to give the soles better traction and grip.

Remember, most of the time; the new shoe soles will be slippery as they are brand new and have smooth bottom soles. Hence wear it more often to lose the slipperiness of the shoes and then after some time scrap it on the abrasive surfaces to gain the slip-resistant quality.

Number: 2

This step is for those who do not want to take the hassle of scuffing or scrapping shoes on hard surfaces. You can use sandpaper on the soles of your shoes as an alternative option of scrap or scuff.

You have to rub the bottom part of your shoes with sandpaper to lose the smoothness and slipperiness of your shoes. Be careful while you rub the smoothest part of your shoes that comes in direct contact with the floor when you walk as this part needs the most attention.

You should target these parts the most and need to keep rubbing the shoes until the smoothest parts have become rough. You will get the best outcome if you rub the soles with 50 coarse grit sandpaper. Moreover, remember this process won’t be the best one for the type of shoes which has a hard kind of bottom such as flats.

Number: 3

Do you want to know about the easiest, the cheapest and effective tip of making your shoe slip-resistant? It is nothing just the adhesive bandage that you can find in any local nearby drug store. You just have to place two adhesive bandages in the front part of your shoe bottom. Also, remember to put on the heel of your shoes if you are wearing high heel shoes.

This adhesive bandage helps your shoes to get better grips and thus resulting in non-slip shoes. In this way, you will be saved from sudden falls and trips. Indeed it is the quickest and cheapest solution of all the time which will keep your both money and time.

Number: 4

Want to learn another easy way of how to fix your slippery shoes at home? There is also another inexpensive hack of turning your slick shoes into slip-resistant shoes. This tip includes the most common item ever to fix the slipperiness of shoes!

Curious to know what is it? It is something that you will always find in your drawer, which lets you have perfectly shaped nails. Yes, you guessed it right; it is the nail file. You have to use a coarser nail file in the same you used the sandpaper. Take the nail file and start rubbing on the smooth part of your shoes’ bottom. In this way, the soles will become rough as a result of reduced smoothness. So, this is how you can put traction on your shoes with a nail file.

Number: 5

Have you ever heard about spray pad for shoes? If the answer is yes, then you already know what it is. But if by any chance you still do not know about it then no worry as here we will tell you about it.

Spray pads can make your shoes slip-resistant. It is a substitute for adhesive pads. But while you spray pads for your shoes, make sure to pick the right one according to your shoes as there are different kinds of spray pad available for different types of shoes.

5 Things to Look for in Slip-resistant Footwear


If you are someone who is having a hard time saving yourself from falls and trips every now and then. Then read this article about making shoe slip-resistant and to follow it should be a strict ritual of yours.

In this piece of writing, we have explained in detail about all the best tips out there to make your shoe slip resistant. Therefore, to avoid getting slipped and being embarrassed in front of others read and follow our advice by heart. Thank you!