How To Protect Leather Boots?

Suppose you spent lots of money to buy your favorite boots made of leather from your desired country. However, only because of the lack of proper care, the boot gets destroyed after a while. Would you feel great about that? Not really, isn’t it?

This is why it’s necessary to know all the protective measures to protect your favorite pair. In this content, we are going to tell you how to protect leather boots that will help you to keep your boots safe for a longer time.

Avoiding Damage from Rain and Snow

how to protect leather boots

Water might destroy your boots without you even realizing it. Also, many elements are like snow, spills, and many other things that may take over your boots. Before all this starts happening, You have to know how to deal with this.

Just spray some liquid all over your shoes before it gets affected. Doing it only one time in a week is enough to keep the shoes safe. Although it seems to be difficult to spray the liquid on your shoes, this is just as simple as applying your hairspray.

Moisturizer is Important

Since leather needs regular miniaturization to hold back the shine and to last long, it would help if you adequately moisturized them. However, it might be a difficult task for you, but not that tough if you take the offer given by Leather Spa that comes within just 10 dollars.

There are so many offers out there that will give your boots a moisturizing spa that will help it survive extreme cold and make it a long-lasting pair.

Repair the Stains Quickly

You cannot go out, get stains by the snow on your boots, and keep it for damage. You have got to clean the stains right there after coming back from outside. Hence you got to use the stain remover as early as possible right after getting the stain and keep it overnight to dry and fix the stains.

Thus your boots will hold the shine and stay stain-free for a longer time. Although it sounds like a straightforward task, do not underestimate it as your boots won’t be able to handle the damage caused by snow stains.

Rubber Sole for Durability

Now, talking about durability, the soles are the souls of shoes. Keeping that in mind, you must do a crucial favor for your favorite pair. Fortunately, there are many rubber soles available in the market, starting from low range to high ranges.

You need to choose the correct sole for your shoes and use them as an extra. Hence it will protect the original sole and make it last longer.

Check Your Heels

On another note, watching out your heels once in a while is crucial. Destroying them totally and waiting for it to be unable to walk is not a cool idea. Instead, it would help if you watched it out frequently so that you get the chance to repair it before it’s done.

It says that the more you let your heels get weaker, the more you have to spend on them. Therefore, a wise person will always watch it and repair it as early as it needs a fix.

Suede Boots are Better Deals

On the other hand, we have another idea to have long-lasting boots and also not spend much on it. Suede boots are your best friend in this case. Sewed boats can handle all the hassles easily that the leather boots couldn’t.

Therefore, investing your money at this is always wiser than investing it in leathers. Moreover, Suede boots need an eraser to be clean every time they have stains on them. Therefore, removing dirt and stains are just a cup of tea for you.

Leather Creams for Faded Boots

When there’s a visible scar or acne in your skin, you need make-up, right? In the same way, your boots need something like that which is called Leather Creams.

Besides, more than 25 colors of leather creams are available in the market. Therefore, whenever your boot needs a touch-up, go to the market, buy the correct color for your boots, and apply it.

However, if you find it tough to do at home, you can go to a boot shop and take help from the professionals. They have more collections of more pigmented colors that will be able to cover all the tears and fading from your boots firmly.

Wipe it After every Wear

Lastly, cleaning your boots after every time you wear them is also very important. Whenever you are coming from outside, there must be some dust or dirt in your boots. Therefore, we have to clean it every time.

Or else, the scars or the stains are going to be long-lasting, and you would find it difficult to remove them. Therefore wipe down every time after you come back home.

How to Correctly Clean & How To Protect Leather Boots


Follow the above-said rules, and your shoes will be new for more time. If you need to solve them, try to find someone to work well. Also, try to exchange your laces for a new lease of life every six months.