How to Wash Gym Shoes?

To get rid of the smell and dirt from your shoes of the gym is easy. It will help if you put the gym shoe in a washing machine. For washing the Shoe, put the Shoe in the machine and make sure the setting is correct.

Moreover, after washing the Shoe, make it air dry. After the process, the Shoe will look like new. So, let’s know how to wash gym shoes with some effortless.

First part: Prepare the Shoes

how to wash gym shoes

Before washing the gym shoes, bring out the soles of the Shoe. Take out the soles and keep the sole in the box, which is full of baking soda.

The reason is the gym shoes will spread terrible smells, and this is a typical issue. If you keep soles in baking soda overnight, it will be better. So, bring the soles out the night as you want the shoes to wash.

Clean Excess Dirt

Further, if the gym shoe is very dirty, try to clean the dirt before you wash the Shoe. For cleaning the Shoe, you can use the old rag. It will help you to clean the grass and gross dirt.

So the washer will not be full of that kind of dirt. Sometimes the dirt is very crusted on. For this, rub the shoes against one another to clean this kind of dirt.

Remove Shoelaces

Moreover, the dirt is around the eyelet of the gym shoes. So you need to remove shoelaces before you wash the Shoe. If you do this, the washing process will be easy. For avoiding unnecessary problems, you should try this process.

Keep Shoelaces in the Mesh Bag

Though, make sure you need to use the mesh bag for keeping the shoelaces. The reason is the shoelaces will not tangle up. Because of the mesh bag, you can put the shoelaces in the machine freely.

For washing some stuff of ladies’ use, this mesh bag useful. Also, you can get this bag in the house goods store of the laundry aisle.

Use Stain Remover to Clean Bad Stains

Furthermore, the gym shoe may have soiled areas. Clean them up with the laundry product like Shout.

All you need to do is apply the product or spray in the stained or dirt area. Plus, do this before you keep the shoes is the machine for washing.

Check the Shoe Is Washable in the Machine

Moreover, before washing the gym shoe, you need to know about the material of the Shoe. The reason is all kinds of shoe material are not suitable for washing in the machine.

But if you still wash the Shoe, it may ruin. For example, the leather material needs to take extra care. Besides, if the gym shoe is leather material, you need to clean the Shoe by hand.

Second Step: Use a Washing Machine

Keep Shoes in Washing Machine in Other Line

While washing the Shoe, for more support, try to fill the machine with old linen clothes or towels. It will create a more suitable environment for the Shoe.

However, it will support the shoes to be safe as well. Although it will help to create less noise during the washing, it cannot bother you.

Use Liquid Detergent

For washing the gym shoe, you may use regular usage detergent. Take the perfect quantity of detergent for washing the Shoe. Besides, you need to use or apply liquid detergent.

But if you use powder detergent, it can stick inside the Shoe. So always try to avoid the powder detergent for the best wash of the Shoe.

If you use more detergent, which is unnecessary, it will not work to clean the Shoe more. It will just leave the detergent, and it will make the shoe stiff. For this, you need to be aware of the quantity of detergent.

Select Cold Water and Gentle Cycle

A gentle cycle will not spin the Shoe much. Plus, it can reduce the quantity of banged around it get.

If you use cold water, the shoes will remain the same. But if you use hot water, the shoes may shrink, and it will be useless.

Third step: Dry the Shoe

Remove the Laces and Shoe from Washing Machine

After finishing the wash process, immediately remove the laces and shoes so that it does not become moldy.

Air Dry the Shoelaces and Shoe

Never use the dryer for drying the Shoe. If you use the dryer, it can ruin the Shoe, or the glue will get damaged, which keeps the Shoe attached. Keep the shoelaces and Shoe in the open air so that it can dry naturally.

Keep the Shoe in Open Air Overnight for Drying

However, you may keep the Shoe under the air vent, fan, or a dehumidifier for drying it more quickly.

Never keep the shoes in direct sunlight. It’s because it can shrink the Shoe, and it will not fit properly.

Insert Newspaper inside the Shoe to keep the Shape

You may worry about the Shape of the Shoe. For this, make a ball by the Newspaper then keep it in the Shoe.

For this, the Newspaper can soak the moisture; also, it helps to dry the Shoe fast.

Clean Baking Soda from the Shoe

The drying and washing process is over the Shoe. Now take out the soles from the box and clean them. For cleaning the soda properly, brush the soles smoothly.

Re-insert the Insoles and Re-lace the Shoelace

After washing and drying thoroughly, put the insoles and shoelace back in the Shoe. Your Shoe looks like new and you will feel better wearing it.


Sneakers are the most comfortable Shoe. When you wear sneakers, and it fits well, you feel more comfortable while walking or anything else. After wearing this for a few days, it may seem like dirty and can spread a horrible smell.

Besides, most of the gym shoe is easy to wash or clean. For cleaning this, you need to use the detergent, and you already have it. Now follow the above steps to clean it.