Nike Flyknit Racer Review

Are you a track athlete? Or a racer or someone who needs comfortable sports shoes for everyday use? If the answer to these three questions is affirmative. The new shoe launched by Nike should be your ultimate choice.

Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the super shoe, Nike Men’s Epic React Flyknit Running Shoes. You can also call this shoe all-rounder shoes. It has got some unique features, which makes it one of the best running shoes.

In this article, we will tell you about the features, pros, and cons of this shoe line. In easy words, this article is about the Nike Flyknit Racer review.

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Features & Benefits

Lively Mid Sole

The midsole is an essential factor of any shoe. And indeed, for this shoe, Nike did not leave any stone unturned to make it the best. If you wear this shoe, you will feel a cushioned and lively midsole. The react midsole makes it different and better than other shoes. So if you want to have a dynamic shoe, then this shoe is an excellent option to consider.

Rubber Outsole

The shoe has a rubber outsole. And this is what makes it the best for long-distance. The firm outer sole is able to turn your long rides into bouncy ones. This feature of the shoe is loved by all. As even in long runs, people can enjoy a softish ride.

Exact Fit

One of the unique qualities of this shoe is its fit. The knit of the shoe help the shoe to be custom fit. Yes, you heard it. This shoe will never be too loose or too tight on your feet. It has a unique feature to fit perfectly. No matter what kind of feet you have, it will fit like a sock.


It has a spectacular design. You can see an orange highlighted design on the bottom part of the shoe. This firm plastic orange highlight is used for a particular reason. It provides strength to the midsole.

The back part of the upper section has a yellow tab. And this makes it look more stylish.

The color of the shoe is pretty much contrasting. It has multiple shades of blue on the upper part with an orange highlight. The bottom part, the epic react sole, is a mixture of white and light blue.


If you want a shoe that will give you a smooth ride and also durable, then this shoe is for you. It is created with strong synthetic fiber, which makes it so long-lasting. Thus if you get this shoe, you will not have to buy shoes again and again.

Wide Upper Area

The shoe has a more prominent upper area in comparison with other Nike shoes. The width of the top area is just perfect. It is not too big or too small. So indeed, this shoe comes as a blessing for people with wide feet.


The shoes of the Flyknit racer line are made in light-weight construction. Because these shoes are specially designed for races, thus you can get this if you wish to run for longer hours without taking much stress on your feet.

So these were the seven best features of this shoe. All of them combining together make it one of the best Nike shoes. Now, let’s move forward to see the pros and cons of the shoe.

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Nike Flyknit Racer Review Video Guide


The Nike Men’s Epic React Flyknit Running Shoes is indeed one of the best-launched shoes. It has every feature which a shoe needs to be everyone’s favorite. Starting from snug fitting to being light-weight, it has it all. So, we hope our article will help you in big time.

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