Pure Boost Vs Ultra Boost Reviews

Are you an Adidas lover? The answer to this question would be mostly yes. Adidas is one of the top-notch brands of the modern era. This brand is well known for producing the most stylish and unique shoes.

So do you want to get introduced to the latest collection of Adidas shoes? In this article, we will talk about the famous Adidas pure boost and ultra boost as they have been the talk of the town for a long time due to their similarities and differences.

Here we will do a Pure boost vs Ultra boost compares session so that you can get a clear idea about both these shoes.

Adidas Pure Boost

Pure boost comes as the pioneer to the Ultra boost series of Adidas. This one has got a more sporty and simplistic look to it. These are high running shoes for everyday use. It has got close to the ground feel to it. Also, it comes with all the cushioning and power as you would expect from a running shoe.

Features & Benefits

1. Design

The design of the shoe features a classy simple look. It has got a sporty look. It looks very sleek and has got two-toned knit upper with circular shapes. The offset is kind of low. And the boost midsole is always there for comfort.

The design is seamless, so you don’t get any irritation. For the outlook, you get a pure color base with three stripes on both sides. It looks really sporty, and you can use these for casual wear as well. There are many color choices on this one as well.

2. Fit

In the Adidas pure boost, you get much more room just like slippers. The toes aren’t much congested and offer quite a lot of breathing space. The forefoot area has got enough space for your feet movements. From the upper, you get a perfect fit as they are able to adapt to different foot shapes.

The heel counter on the shoe is narrow, which gives a decent fit in the boots. Overall the shoes provide a good fit while keeping the breathing space into consideration.

3. Stability and Support

Adidas pure boost has a full platform in the forefoot area. This gives the shoes more confidence on the ground. The boot helps reduce the risk of pronation with its native support and stabilization. As it has got a low stack, you get a higher level of stability. The stiff plastic on the heel counter provides better support on the heel area as well.

Last but not least, the outsole with a web pattern gives excellent traction on the ground covering a large area overall.

4. Breathability

This shoe has got the right amount of forefoot and midfoot pores that provide better airflow throughout the shoes. The boots are very much well ventilated. So, you can wear them for long hours without worrying about sweaty feet.

5. Comfort

The Pure Boost DPR has complete cushioning in the forefoot and midsole area. It’s very soft and quite responsive. The boost midsole has excellent shock absorption on them. There is suede lining all over the shoes for extra comfort. But the padding in Pure Boost is only limited to the heel area of the shoe.

The outsole of the shoe is quite flexible, but the upper of the shoe isn’t that flexible. Overall the comfort factor is excellent and convincing enough to give this one a try.

6. Durability

The durability of the Pure boost deserves a lot of admiration. As the upper of the shoe is circular knit, which is a very sturdy construction of a shoe you get durability ensured. Even if you go on rough runs around the park, the boots will still sustain quite a long time.

7. Size

The sizing on this shoe runs true to size. So, you can expect a perfect fit for the boots. But if you are choosing this one for daily outfit choices, you can go half a size down to match up your needs.

8. Specialities

One of the critical specialties on this shoe is the stretch web technology. This comes in the outsole. Basically, it’s a material made of a rubber compound that helps in reducing the impact placed on feet. This eventually provides better cushion, better gripping and better cushioning as well. Then there is boost technology inside the shoes. You get better shock absorption and the right amount of energy return from this one.

And the circular knit technology takes away the cake with its durability. Also, it makes the shoes much more breathable. The construction is seamless so you wouldn’t feel any irritation from the boots at all.

9. Price

Considering all those factors and features, these shoes aren’t priced much high. I would say that’s a pretty good deal you get.

Well, this one is an excellent shoe without any doubt. But we are yet to look at the Adidas Ultra Boost. Then we will come to the final decision on this comparison and see which one takes the cake away.

Adidas Ultra Boost

So, here we have the Adidas Ultra boost which is an upgrade to the Pure boost series of Adidas. It has got a very stylish and modern design along with some unique features. All in all, you get something more from the ultra boost for your everyday running needs.

Features & Benefits

1. Design

In terms of exterior looks, this one is very stylish to look at. It has a curvy structure and got a TPU cage on the sides. The upper is Primeknit and looks very smooth. Also, it has got a kind of high-top design to it as well. The overall design of the shoe is trending these days.

So, you can surely keep up with the trend if you own one of these. And they also come in many kinds of color variants. You can wear them just for running or even for styling your outfit as well it’s all up to you.

2. Fit

Unlike the Pure boost, this one is a snug fit rather than a loose fit. You get a little bit of room in the toe area of the shoe. But it isn’t as spacious as you would get on the pure boost. Keeping all these things aside the shoe doesn’t feel too much tight either. It lacks space, but it doesn’t compromise on breathability as well. So, the fitting on the shoe is just perfect. And without a doubt, it’s just great for running.

3. Stability and Support

The most eye-catching part of the shoe lies on the bottom of the shoes. There is a component called torsion shank attached to the midfoot. So you get complete stability and great grip on the surfaces from this shank. Then obviously there is a webbed continental outsole that provides excellent traction all over the outsole.

So, you are entirely safe from slipping down. There is also this lockdown fit that comes from the supportive cage on both sides of the shoe. They give a tight and perfect fit, so your boots stay on your feet all the time. Also, there is a fit counter around the heel counter which helps you from wobbling.

4. Breathability

The prime knit upper on the shoes are great for breathability. They provide you with the maximum airflow and keep your feet dry all the time. You can comfortably wear them all day long.

5. Comfort

From the prime knit upper, you get excellent flexibility that can cope up with your various feet movements. So, you can even use these for your workout routines as well. Around the heel are there is a padding that extends up to the midfoot area. So, you get excellent comfort throughout the shoe. Then there is a patented boost technology in the midsole. It’s a bit firm, but it has proper responsiveness. This helps you to get feedback in every step you make and reduces the impact of your actions. And it has got excellent flexibility as well.

6. Durability

The outsole on the Ultraboost has got a continental rubber. This is proven to be one of the most durable outsole materials. Also, it’s very long-lasting and works excellent on surfaces. But the prime knit upper isn’t as durable as the circular knit upper on Pure boost.

7. Size

This one also runs true to size. Especially for the people who have wide feet would love the sizing and fitting of the shoe. But those who have narrow feet should go half a size down to get the perfect fitting.

8. Specialities

It has got a lot of unique technologies used in the shoe. The Adidas Torsion system gives you excellent arch support and has stabilization. Also, it ensures to adjust the midfoot to the ground naturally. Overall you get smooth transition of the heel to toe. Then there is the boost technology used for better cushioning and shock absorption. Also, it provides the right amount of energy return. Also, the continental rubber sole offers excellent gripping support with complete durability. So, you can run faster and get the most out of the shoes for a longer time.

Finally, the prime knit is there to get rid of the seams on shoes. It feels comfortable on the feet also comes with excellent breathability. The upper is very much flexible at the same time.

9. Price

The price of the shoe is quite low if you consider all these factors in one shoe.



Adidas Pure Boost VS Adidas Ultra Boost Consideration

Now it’s time to come into a conclusion consider some of the factors. Both the shoes are an excellent choice for running there is no doubt about that. They differ in some factors, let’s take a look at those, and the result will be apparent to you.

The purpose: Ultra boost is designed to perform in the long runs. Whereas pure boost is only suitable for short routes and casual wear. But ultra-boost can do it all whether it’s a long run, short-run or casual wear.

Looks: The looks on Ultra boost is much more stylish than Pure boost.

Comfort: Both the shoes are equally comfortable. But if you want elasticity on your shoe, then Ultra boost is a much better choice.

Secure Fit: With the caged system from the sides of the midfoot Ultra boost ensures a more secure fit than pure boost.

Durability: Ultra boost has an extremely durable outsole, whereas Pure boost has a durable upper.

Adidas Ultra Boost vs. Adidas Pure Boost


So that all that you need to know about Pure boost vs Ultra boost.

If we completely take a look into both the shoes, Ultra boost does offer you quite a lot of features for some extra bucks. Pure boost does excel in upper durability and better spaces on the shoe. But just the two of these are well compensated on the ultra-boost with many other features.

So, it all comes down to you. If you want to spend the extra money and get all those features, then there is your winner.