Best CrossFit Shoes For Wide Feet

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CrossFit has turned into a general trend to the physical fitness enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter you’re teens or sixty-year-old individuals; you’ll love to use these best CrossFit shoes to make you attractive and free of injuries. While looking for the well-equipped fitness CrossFit is for yours.

In recent years, cross-training and functional fitness style exercises have got huge popularity. Cross-training stands for combining several exercises all in a single bout because of the uninitiated.

While coming to the cross training-like workouts, they can come with different disciples. These include cycling, squats, swimming, power cleans, box jumps, rope climbs, and deadlifts.

You have to use shoes that will keep you up the several exercises based on your preferred workouts. This is why I’m going to share the top 10 best CrossFit shoes for wide feet. Although I don’t own these products, I’m an expert with wide research on the items.

Check Top 10 Best CrossFit Shoes For Wide Feet

1. New Balance Women's 608v5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

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New Balance is a successful and long historic shoemaker in this industry. They have provided different types of running and training sneakers and shoes with premium quality.

The Women’s 608v5 of this manufacturer is another great addition to their production line. Some unique features of these shoes have made them more acceptable than their predecessors.

The outsole is made of flexible rubber and non-marking as well as durable. As a result, they help you to move generously on different types of surfaces. Also, you’ll get the heel pad with ABZORB® cushioning technology that has applied to the shoes’ midsole.

This feature has enabled the shoes as an exceptional shock absorbent. The upper side of the shoes has made of leather to provide you a safe foothold. Indeed, the shoes are not very flexible, they feature several holes for enhanced breathability and additional overlays for better support.

Also, the 608v5 comes with the collar foam with the design of dual-destiny helps to avoid your ankles irritation. Moreover, you’ll find 3 widths in this upgraded model available in just about all sizes.

While women can choose 5 – 12 US sizes, men can pick 6.5 – 18 US sizes. You’ll get the highest comfort because of its polyurethane insert offers to cushion for the whole day when you wear them.

Apart from being comfortable and available in different sizes, you can use these workout shoes for wide feet and some other purposes. These include fitness classes or gym, for light jogging, and walking.



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2. New Balance Men's Mx623v3 Training Shoe

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These pair of shoe is one of the top level CrossFit shoes for wide feet and is a significant part of the equipment to accomplish your cross-training with success. And you’ll get the comfort plus durability desirable in attaining the high-quality workout with the Men’s MX623v3 Wide Width Cross Training shoes from the New Balance.

Instead of purchasing a pair of cheaper shoes, it’s better to take a look at this model that’s affordable in price. This pair of shoes has designed for the sportspersons to provide more comfort and cushioning.

Especially it’s great while doing tiring workouts and be stylish in the practice that makes a great tribute at your gym time. You’ll find 7 different colors of these shoes to choose your desired one from.

With their modern design, the shoes enhance your look with fashion from all the ways. Like the previous one in the list, this one also has midsoles come from the ABZORB® cushioning and Injection-molding technology.

This is why it provides the impact on forefoot and heel cushions when you’re doing weight lifting or squats. Coming with the removable insole with a pad that adds more support and cushioning.

Also, it keeps your feet dry and cool because of its moisture-wicking lining. Moreover, you’ll feel it lightweight comfort with the Phantom liner while offering extraordinary fit.

It’s because the total weight of the shoes is just 365g (12.9 Oz) making it extremely light feel on your feet. There are references to get a 10mm drop as the most appropriate due to its variances made during the manufacturing and development processes.



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3. PUMA Men's Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

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When you start going through the cross-training, you get a well-balanced fitness level. It enables you to do weight lifting, cardio, and many more workouts at the correct place.

For these types of workouts, you should have a special pair of shoe that helps you to avoid unexpected injuries, discomfort, and pain. In this case, The Men’s Tazon 6 of PUMA is your right choice that has made of fracture graphics.

As a result, you’ll get them with a stylish modern look. Coming with several dark and neutral colors, the shoes are nice looking. Because of their lace closure, they fit well and keep your feet safe.

While coming to the weight, the shoes are just 312 grams (11 ounces), so they’re very lightweight. The synthetic made upper part has made the shoe a different look than other brands and models’ running and athletic shoes.

This material is a bit less breathable than the mesh. But, the shoes still come with good breathability. Thanks to the perforations throughout, they have made easy to flow air. Thus, you’ll get your feet as cool as fresh without getting sweat or moisture.

So, the shoes are suitable for daily use because of these features and shiny design. Apart from making with synthetic leather, the shoes have made of a T-toe construction.

While having rubber made outsole, they have better grip along with higher durability. EVA foamed heel of its outsole gives you great cushioning and support along with an effect of ‘bounce-back’.



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4. Reebok Men's CrossFit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

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The reviews have proved that CrossFitts can’t get more from these shoes. But, almost everybody talks wildly about the Reebok Men’s CrossFit Nano 8.0’s performance with their building comfort as the right CrossFit shoes for wide feet.

These shoes have designed perfectly for CrossFit regardless of doing runs, plyometrics, or sprints. It is also recommended for orange theory for fitness. The shoes provide you the great constancy with their nominal drop outsole. Also, their large to the box is good for keeping powerful movements.

Moreover, you’ll get all other good and practical features like security, durability, and flexibility. All are essential for the ultimate performance in CrossFit workouts. They’re especially expected because of their tough structural lifts such as snatches and clean.

You’ll get firsthand experience on how these top-rated CrossFit shoes will afford plenty of support and traction while training. You don’t need to be anxious slipping on during training period with this type of traction level.

The shoes also come with a remarkable gripping system that’s just available for higher budget CrossFit shoes. Furthermore, these shoes work perfectly while fashionable across an array of surfaces.

Among other features, the major ones are including the shoes are fully man-made, imported, and synthetic sole. Besides, it’s just 284 grams (10 Oz) weight that has made is very lightweight.

Its sturdy design is as durable as support your food effectively. So, you’re all set to purchase these high-performing CrossFit shoes that are ideal for the most types of workouts. This is why I suggest this pair of shoes that come with your personal preference and comfort.



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5. Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Shoes for CrossFit & Gym

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In the health & fitness industry, Nordic Lifting is a renowned name. It usually offers different accessories and gear within a reasonable price. Likewise, their weightlifting shoes are also just it with a solid pair of beginner’s lifting shoes in your budget.

These weightlifting shoes have made with the techniques to make the most of your lifting as well as CrossFit performance. You’ll get premium accessories for your weightlifting workouts.

With reinforced stitching, the shoes have carefully made with the best quality materials. For great support and foot stability, they have equipped with a tough Velcro strap.

Especially, these shoes will be greatly useful for Weightlifters, CrossFit enthusiasts, powerlifters, and who works with open weights. Also, it’s suitable for the professional athletes who are in search of maximizing achievement in the gyms and fitness centers with premium sports equipment.

These weightlifting shoes not just improve your lifting performance, they also suitable for weightlifting gains and better CrossFit. Along with a year warranty of the manufacturer, the shoes are durable in quality even if they’re under huge stress.

Coming with heel support, these CrossFit shoes have specially designed heed that offers you stable cardio and lifting efforts. The pack includes 1 pair of weightlifting shoes and 1 premium box. So, I strongly suggest buying this great pair of shoes that will be a good investment for your money.



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6. QANSI Men's Sneakers Non-Slip Work Shoes

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Regardless of being a new brand and unheard of many people, QANSI is one that has quickly made its name in the sneaker industry. These are one of the top CrossFit shoes for wide feet shoes that are the right ones to get on with the gym.

Also, you can wear it with your jeans after that because of their stylish design. They’re available in a large range of colors that ensure you to find your desired one matching with you look and chic.

Coming with a simple breathable lining, the shoes offer great support and comfort. It’s because the shoes have made of the materials that are safe for your feet. While coming to the support insole, they offer support when you move on them.

Like some high-quality and renowned brands, these shoes are also lightweight with just 455 grams (1 lb) of weight allowing you to move your feet the way they need to.

Since they have slipped on and lace-up design, you can put on them easily and fit nicely with the anti-skid sole. In the base of these shoes’ sole, there have patterned with flexible grooves that strengthen the ability of the shoes.

Thus, these features help you get used to the most type of roads and are easy to bend because of their groove sole. Another great thing about the shoes is that they have flexible EVA sole that provides you enough buffers for your feet along with the ground.



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7. Ryka Women's Influence Cross-Training Shoe

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These shoes have designed for just the users who have arched feet and heels with narrow CrossFit shoes along with wider forefeet. Also, they’re suitable for people with bunion as well as peripheral neuropathy with a critical fit.

The product has made of a rubber sole to avail your comfort and protect your heels when you use them for a long time. Coming with collar, padded tongue, layers for fuse support, and flex foil is all for enhancing your movement while using these shoes.

The shoes have the mobility to their side-to-side and their sole’s pivot point makes them ideal for participating in a dance event. This feature gives a stylish look to the customers and they have made satisfied more than 89% of their users.

You can keep getting up squat with substandard products if you’re looking for CrossFit shoes that are a bit budget-friendly. No matter its cost somewhat lower, it looks higher in quality.

But, it needs to take you a second mortgage to afford one pair of them. If it’s your issue, this model of Ryka is a simple solution for you. It’s because they’re not just coming in a large range of different sized shoes, they also are within your budget.

Also, these cross-training shoes are great in style and the best in quality that is the right balance for everything. This is why I suggest this item that’s suitable and comfortable for your feet.



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8. Nike Women's in-Season TR 8 Cross Training Shoes

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This product is a hybrid-type of a training shoe and has resembled a Nike Free Metcon, but it performs like other Nike free shoes. Indeed, it might be almost impossible to tell the variations in building apart without getting a closer view of these firsthand shoes.

Before going to another feature, I’ll say straight: if you’re searching for the shoes with CrossFit feature with great stability for weighty lifts, this pair of Nike is for you.

Also, it ends up your search here if you’re looking for shoes for wearing casually, quicker workouts, and running on treadmill. Throughout the review, I have broken down these shoes to analyze how they’re different from most other shoes of Nike.

This is why I took an extremely closer look at the model with its construction, features, prices, pros, and cons. after making a performance test; I assure how really the shoes hold up in different cross-training chic against some other CrossFit and training shoes.

The design of the toe of this model is the same as its previous model, Metcon. A bit different is that it comes with a large outsole edge and it covers the midsole’s medial side.

Another good thing about the shoes is that it’s more durable than many other models with the front-side single lip. The product also designed with a thicker toe cover and its mesh gives a feel of the double-layer with thicker inside and with mesh outside. That’s why I like and suggest you buy these shoes.



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9. Inov-8 Men's F-Lite 235 V3 - Ultimate Supernatural Cross Training Shoes

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The F-Lite 235 V3 of the Inov production line is one of the best buy shoes for cross-training and CrossFit. They get the popularity because of their improved technology helps them go with the feet.

And due to the passes of time and years, the shoes have sustained to strike their contestants with their amazing performance. There are some factors that the shoes move when you’re going to do some tough activities along with CrossFit exercises.

While having such routines, it needs the shoes that don’t become an issue rather than enhance and adapt your movements. However, these shoes come with packed of some outstanding features in the company with the latest technology.

In turn, they protect your food and provide plenty of comforts, support, traction, and stability. In terms of upper parts of the shoes, these are the best choice for running and CrossFit with a protecting overlay.

The overlay of the shoes’ top is extremely versatile and breathable because of mesh fabric. This upper pattern of the shoes ensures that you’ll not lose traction while doing exercises such as rope climbing.

As a result, you can use these shoes perfect for rope jumping. Among other features, these shoes have a 4mm drop that means they’re the right choice for the drop of the heel to toe to protect plantar fasciitis.

Although the shoes are minimally constructed, they’re highly durable and comfortable. When it’s regarding the size note, they have a 5 on the fit scale from 1 narrow to 5 wide.



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10. New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Cross Trainer

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People are always looking for unique styled and smart looking shoes that are also affordable in price. Also, they look to keep their feet stay dry and cool all day long. If you’re one of them then the FuelCore Nergize is your perfect choice.

These shoes are made of 100% synthetic material that’s as great in look as comfortable and stylish. Also, they’re available in 30 different colors, so you can choose your desired color from the wide range of wide width cross-training shoes.

This is why they come with a unique look unlike many other models of the same type of shoes. As the manufacturer uses the latest ‘REVlite’ technology, the shoes have super lightweight cushioning.

This is another bonus point for nurses who always need to wear shoes. Also, the comfort level and the style of these shoes are extraordinary. Apart from being lightweight, they’re highly breathable.

Besides, the shoes are fast to put on as well as remove too. They have turned into the go-to exercise footwear for lots of ladies because of their superb value for investment.

Moreover, they’re easy on and easy off design have the extra support of lace-up for a cozy fit with responsive cushioning. These features enforce me to suggest this pair of shoe and I’m assuming that you’ll be highly satisfied with these shoes.



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CrossFit Shoes For Wide Feet Buying Guide

Below are some points to identify the best pair of crossfit shoes for wide feet that I have rated top ones in the industry. I strongly believe all points are very helpful while looking for top-quality CrossFit shoes.

It’s because I know that this is not a cheap investment. Well, let’s see what the points are remaining out there to consider before you purchase your preferred pair of shoes.


A pair of best quality CrossFit shoes for beginners and expert should have a strong base that will make hard contact with the ground. This is most alike to a tree that has planted roots into the earth. Usually, this type of shoes equipped with a bit raised heel.

As a result, it enhances your general mobility and enables you to sit on your heels deeper. Also, it distributes your entire body weight uniformly and lets you drive your weight above the head effectively.


In CrossFit, getting better support is very significant while lifting something heavy. This is why I don’t recommend any running shoes as they don’t have the same base of support.

You’ll find a practical focus on lightweights and comfortability that keep away running shoes from getting the better option.


Those who are the best CrossFit trainers, they can survive all workout rigors. When you’ll have a good pair of CrossFit shoes, it’ll not come with the limitation of any specific exercise.

Just not because of using running shoes, it doesn’t seem right to use huge and heavy ones for the running and sprinting pieces of CrossFit.


While deciding on the best shoes for CrossFit, their bulky weight is not the most considering factor. But, it’s somewhat a deciding factor before you finalize your purchase. So, find out some unique features that set the shoes apart from the crowd of different brands.

For example, CrossFit shoes with the zero-drag heel are very useful to handstand pushups. Also, Reebok’s U-Form technology is legit as it gives you the perfect flexible fit right beyond the box.

Style & Design

Your outer look always plays a vital role in the way you act to. It means that style is a very important thing that avails your confidence and comfort. If you have a lack of confidence in you, it’s quite tough to come out of the limits.

Although this is a considering factor, I don’t suggest you choose from some ugly ones. So, style and design always matter but don’t ignore the comfort with them.


As you know CrossFit is enough flexible kind of training. So, you must use one of the best CrossFit shoes for wide feet. You can purely focus on heavy lifting like jerks and clean one day.

And you can choose something else like light jogs or sprints some other days. I took these variables while I was forming the list.

My final verdict: if maximizing your running comfort is your major focus, you should go with the QANSI Men’s Sneakers Non-Slip Work Shoes.

If you like to focus on classic type cross-training shoes, then the New Balance Women’s 608v5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer is the right choice.

And finally, in case of a sole with zero drops and traction is important, simply choose the Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235 V3.

Apart from these, you can choose any other shoes on the above list as all of them have been chosen after wide research and thorough check-up.